Sunday, February 3, 2013

Party of One

It is Superbowl Sunday and I'm sure most of you are watching the big game.  I couldn't care less who wins.  I am just happy to be to be getting a little alone time.  I had surgery a few days ago to repair my broken nose.  Sam took my kids to Disneyland for the week so I could recover.  I had big plans to get some projects done around my house but so far there has been a lot of this:

I have some pretty sweet black eyes and a cast on my nose.  It's a good look.  But that's okay because I am not in a lot of pain.  The best news is that my new insurance actually covered my surgery.  It took three straight days of me hounding them about exceptions to pre-existing conditions, letters of continuous coverage, and other legal nonsense but they finally agreed to cover it.  Thank you IHC Select Med Preference!  I am a loyal customer for life! 

My parents have been so good to take care of me along with other very kind friends.  I feel very blessed.

I got other good news too.  Someone turned in Sammie's skis and we found Luke's poles in the garage so I no longer have to pay for those.  And my car insurance paid for my accident without increasing my premium.  I must be living right.  We even had some sunshine and days that got up into the 40s last week.  And I worked out at the gym several times.  There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, in my downtime, I caught up on all the Downton Episodes I have been missing.  This show is so good people.  It is the best thing on tv.  If you are not watching, you really should get your hands on the dvds.  Start at the beginning.  You won't be sorry.

Here's to February!  And nicer weather!  And good tv!  And looking like hell but not caring because my surgery was covered!  And brighter days ahead!


Liz said...

The 35 minute delay in game this super bowl made it just painful...and the commercials weren't super.

Nice of Sam to take them away. Does he want mine, too?

So, nose fixed, car paid for, insurance flowing, workouts is good. Enjoy some Linda pampering. I'll be by soon!

Ashley said...

This is all really great news--wow. It sounds dreamy to be home bound with no kids and a nose on the mend. can you drive yourself to drive-thrus for lunch and cokes? This is way better than a hospital stay-cation.

Jill said...

Wow, what a turn of events! I hope your recovery goes well and that you can squeeze in a project or two while the kids are gone.

Elizabeth said...

Excellent news! Heal well my friend. Ex

Linda said...

Unfortunately for the Brookie, I leave manana, so she is on her own. Except for all the great friends - thanks, girls!

Linde said...

I LOVE Downton Abby too! I'm just starting season 2.

Glad you're doing alright with the nose, insurance etc. :)