Saturday, May 25, 2013

Goldilocks Bike Ride in the Rain

Last Saturday, I rode in the Goldilocks bike ride again.  I was so excited to do it because I had enlisted more friends to ride with us and I loved last year's event so much.  I knew the forecast was calling for rain so I ran out the day before and bought a light rain shell.  But I was totally unprepared for how freezing cold it was going to be.

Here is what I was wearing the day before on a ride around my neighborhood so you can imagine that I wasn't anticipating the cold:

We got there that morning--ate the yummy porridge and fruit breakfast, picked up our swag bags, and took the obligatory photos.  At this point it started POURING rain.  We were all soaked before we even got on our bikes!

I feel like I am a pretty tough person most of the time.  I can push myself when I am working out through pain and rely on mental grit. (Stop laughing Sam!)  But nothing makes me give up faster than being cold (and wet!)

Within the first ten minutes of being out there, my fingers froze and my feet got completely soaked.  I could feel the water sloshing around in my cycling shoes.  At this point, I gave up mentally.  I had hung back to talk to a friend and my group of friends were way up ahead of me. 

This is where I lose all dignity.  I decide my friends are dead to me.  We had decided to do 40 miles  but in that moment I decided I was doing 20.  I didn't know if I was ever going to catch up to my friends but I didn't care anymore how they were going to get home!  In fact, it was a good thing I didn't see a Papa Bear vehicle or I would have waved the white flag, called it quits and gotten in the car. I was that cold.

We stopped at a rest stop and I caught up with my friends.  I talked to them and they all agreed to do the 20 miles and be done.  Everyone was freezing.  The cool thing about Goldilocks is that the volunteers made it a fun event even when everyone was miserable.  There were Papa Bears at the rest stops taking our bikes from us and "parking them" and one guy even gave me his coat to wear while I was taking a break.  I was really impressed with these guys who gave up a Saturday to come volunteer in the rain!

Knowing that we only had 10 miles left, we got back on our bikes and soldiered on.  The odd thing was, once I was completely soaked and my fingers were numb, it was okay.

Of course, at the Finish Line, the rain stopped and the sun came out.  You can finally see my cute Goldilocks jersey from last year.  A very nice friend bought it for me!

They gave us darling little necklaces and we had a yummy lunch (at 10:30 in the morning!)  Next year I am doing 60 miles no matter what!  And if it is raining, I am going to be prepared with warm gloves and plastic bags over my shoes!

Of course, my favorite part of the whole thing is how girly and darling all the details were:
Even the port-a-potties were pink!

Dani (the gal in charge of Goldilocks) is so nice--she bought everyone's Zazoosh photos to make up for the rain. (Zazoosh is a photographer that takes pictures of people along the route and sells them after the race.) Here is the one of me:

And finally: my cute t-shirt from the swag bag to remember the day!


Laura B. said...

Love this so much!!! Next year I'm going to have to come down for it. If only for the tshirt!

Linde said...

Don't know if I would have even gotten on my bike in that much rain...the whole thing might have been dead to me! :). So good for you!!

SewSara said...

*gratuitous chest shot. (well played)

I love reading about your experience with goldilocks! I can't believe these huge events that Dani puts together. She has always been amazing. She even did my wedding announcements, i swear she's done it all.

You are awesome for even doing 20 miles - how many hours was that?!!
If I looked as cute in bike shorts, I would totally consider it. I am pretty sure they would have papa bear take me out of the race for fear of scaring all the baby bears. ;)

again, you're awesome.

Ashley said...

I too become completely useless in temperatures that are above or below a small, ideal range. Utah may be a rough adjustment for me weather wise! I am impressed that you soldiered on for as long as you did. It does look like the funnest ride. I'm going to get a bike soon and join you and Laura! The food is darling and the pink porta potties are awesome. You look great in your zazoosh (?) shot. You should put one of these on your dating profile to show how sporty and outdoorsy you are.

Heather said...

We were miserable too! I love this ride...all the volunteers are great and the treats are yummy. But, I am also averse to cold and wet and gave up after 45 miles :)

Linda said...

Is there any way you can "do the ride" without "doing the ride?" I mean, I would just like to be there for the goodies, the lunch, the swag bag, the clothes and leave off the actual bike ride. I would pay the full amount!

Vermont Madsens said...

WHAT?? Necklaces? We were so cold and wet at the end we didn't even venture to the finish. Just jumped in our cars and headed for warmer places. Maybe I should try to weasel one somehow.

It was fun to ride with you, even if I made you lose your group. Wise choice on the 20--the rain didn't stop there! I am with you for 60 next year.

Em said...

I love how you tagged this "I'm Crazy." I would concur. This does not look fun at.all! The cookies do look fun, I'll give ya that.

But seriously, good for you! 20 miles soaking wet! Amazing.

And can I just say how I love your new profile pic? You're gorgeous.

Susan said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. You should come do the Goldi ride in Meridian, Idaho this weekend! (July 13).
I've done the Herriman and Meridian ride and must say the Meridian ride is awesome!! There are 30 miles of the 60+mile rides that is just gorgeous! It's all country, wild life preserve, lake views and so peaceful!! There are only 500 riders and you get such incredible care!!

Susan said...

You should come do the ride in Meridian this Saturday (July 13) I've done both Herriman and Merudian and the Idaho ride is amazing!! Sign up for the 60 or more (its a flat, easy ride) and it will take you out into the country around a lake and thru the wild life preserve. So peaceful and enjoyable! The support teams are awesome!!

Liz said...

You are inspiring! Good job.

Could you just blog again.......

EMV said...

I'm starting to consider submitting a missing persons report! Where are you!?!? I'm a stay at home mom, whose guilty pleasures include popping a open a diet coke and reading blogs. Please come back!

Ashley said...

What the last post in MAY!?!? Come on!