Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hippity Hoppity

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love the pastel colors, the candy, the spring blossoms, and of course, celebrating the life of the Savior and the resurrection. I knew I had completely failed my children when they came home from church today complaining that they didn't learn anything about Easter in Primary. With a disappointed tone Luke said, "They only talked about Jesus." I said, "Easter is all about Jesus." He said, "No it isn't--It's about the bunny."

Maybe his answer had something to do with our Easter festivities. Here are some photos:

The kids getting their buckets ready for the bunny:

Sam set up the tent and he slept downstairs with the older kids. Luke couldn't sleep because of his excitment for the bunny. I am embarrassed to admit that I could never sleep on three nights when I was a kid: Christmas Eve, Easter Eve and the night before the Nordstrom sale. I know, I'm worldly.

Our church is at 9:00 am and we are ALWAYS late. But I still made the family take the obligatory Easter photos before church:

The money shot:

As you can see Sam wore the vest. He took less crap this year than last year. I think they looked darling.

The little man:

She makes me happy:

except when she does this in half the pictures:

The egg hunt at Grandma Linda's house. Charlie and Max were visiting from California:

Look at the excitement on Luke's face:

Grandma actually hides little presents for all the kids.

Good times were had. I guess next year we need to focus on Jesus.


sheryl said...

All my "poor Sam
(LOL) thoughts have been washed away. I love the threesome! I love even more how into your kids you are! Had I known I was going to miss so much fun I would have stayed in SLC and avoided all the work here! :)

Kelly said...

After reading Sam's comments on how he feels about the whole "matchy" thing, go for it! They are look adorable!! oh how I wish we lived closer so we could all play and hang out. Those pictures, as usual, are amazing!! you all look great! I love the comments on Luke and what he got out of church. Usually, I get equally as ticked if someone doesn't bring a treat to go with the lesson. Love it!

Linde said...

That is soooo funny that all we talked about in Primary was Jesus. :) The Sharing Time was all about that. Funny what kids pick up.

Such cute pictures and I love the one of Samantha pointing with a silly face.

So very cute!! Both Jason and I noticed Sam matching with the boys. He is a good sport--I think he and the boys looked great!

Linda said...

I loved the photo of all the boys in their sweater vests. It looked like Sam, little Sam and mini Sam, since Luke and Ryan look just like him. I especially liked the look on Luke's face - he looked so proud to be part of the threesome!
You will have to continue the sweater vest tradition - every holiday!

nic said...

Your kids look darling as always. I love that Sam wore the vest.

Jill said...

I was wondering if Sam wore the vest...

Sammie looks beautiful. So do you!

Ashley said...

I am very impressed by the tent. Sammie's hand on the head thing is so funny, and watch out bc I just might eat that Dino. He is so precious.

Bonnie said...

How great of your husband to set up the tent AND sleep in it with them! You have such a beautiful family. Loved the pictures.

You all look great. Love the vests. My boys had matching vests and I used to put them on them any time I could.. for every holiday until they outgrew them. Didn't have one for hubby though.

gwen said...

Sam! Three words--NO YOU DIDN'T! I'm pretty sure I can never look at you the same again...this cracks me up! :-)
P.S. Brookie--you look great and the children are adorable!

Reximus said...

Sam needs to just hand in his man-card right now. Brooke you need therapy.

Sam said...

Gwen, YES I DID. After surviving that fateful night at the seedy Microtel Inn in Upstate New York with you and Rich in 2000, the vest was a walk in the park.

Rex, like your Mama's Boy card, my Man card is firmly intact. How is your blankie?

Mandee said...

I love Sammie's party girl shot! LOVE it!

He wore the vest. Good man.

I am sad I missed Ashley this visit! Looks like a good Easter!

Save me some Robin Eggs?

CorieW said...

Oh I wish I had taken our Easter shots before church but we were so late that it had to wait til after and we weren't lookin too good at that point. I love the vests again, but I wish we would have run into Sam at church so we could rub it in. Last year was the best!

Jaime said...

I can't believe Sam did it again. Brooke, you have way more control than I thought! They look great! Sammie looks beautiful and I love your Easter outfit too. So cute!

The Mostess said...

So all of the cute clothes!!

9 am church is the worst. We're always late, too, and I wish I cared. I don't.

The egg hunt is cute, too. What a fun Easter!

sarahw said...

The pics are adorable. Looks like everyone enjoyed Easter, especially the egg hunt. I say you have a couple of years until you really need to worry about the more spiritual side of Easter. The kids are still really young and just having fun.

Jaime said...

Ok, I really like the men in their sweaters. Shoot - they are so stinking adorable! I think my favorite part is how much Luke likes to look like his Dad. That is awesome!

What a beautiful crew! I have a lot to learn about how to prepare the kids for the major holidays. I think this year was a "practice" year for us...

Please tell me where you found the personalize Easter pails? I really like them and man, can they hold a lot of loot!

Nice job all around! Have you thought about doing some matchy matchy with Sam? You've done it already, huh?

Nabby Hazar said...

I was the same way about christmas eve and easter eve as a kid, but now is totally the nordstrom sale. The worst night ever. I just want it to be over and the store to be open. If i do sleep I have nightmares about not getting through the door fast enough. so funny. loved all your pictures.

Pandy said...

Just a note about the Nordstrom sale. If you have a Nordstrom MOD card and spend enough you can go to presales. I usually just walk in, they take me to some obscure room in the back, I rummage through the mess, make my selections, and walk out. No crowds and first choice. I pick the stuff up after the sale begins.

This could help your sleeping a bit.

Heidi said...

Brooke I want to die and come back as one of your kids! :) You dress them so cute! I love there Easter baskets, they are adorable!
Looks like you guys had a fun holiday!