Monday, April 6, 2009

Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is upon us. Well, not just yet, but it is the time of year when we all must venture into cramped dressing rooms with a double stroller, bad flourescent lighting and about 50 suits just to ruin our day. Add to that, that I am super-pasty, with a few more veins and stretchmarks this year and I'm ready to wear sweats to the pool.

Since I'm going to Hawaii next month to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, I need to find a cute suit. Let's get one thing straight--it ain't to impress Sam. A few nights ago I strutted out in a new swimsuit to get Sam's opinion. His response? "Can you move, your blocking the tv." I need to look good for the other women watching me as I parade across the pool deck to get another diet coke.

So, I've made a list of rules for swimsuits. Some may apply to you. All apply to me.

1. The top must be suppportive. I cannot emphasize this enough. Since gestating and nursing three babies, my bra size now ends in "long."

2. Avoid the one-piece swimsuit like the plague unless it is this one.

3. You must have a great body to wear a bikini.

4. You must have a perfect body to wear a string bikini. I will be wearing neither.

5. Tankinis (the mom-jeans of the swimsuit world according to the Meanest Mom) are going to be the most flattering fit 99% of the time.

6. Never under any circumstances should you don stiletto sandals with your swimsuit for the pool. Yes, I know super models wear these on shoots. Still. Don't do it. (Believe me--I see this happening at the local pool!)

7. Make sure you use lots of fake tan cream to cover the veins and stretchmarks.

8. Buy a cute swim skirt or board shorts to go with every swimming suit. You don't have to wear them all the time--but when you need them, they are there.

9. Skip the junior's department. It will only add to your depression.

10. Go to my friend Mandee's blog for an awesome swimsuit giveaway. The company is called Lime Ricki and their stuff is adorable. I didn't want to send you because it hurts my chances of winning but what kind friend would I be if I didn't tell you?

Good luck--see you at the pool this summer!


Amy M. said...

I have been going through the same agonizing ordeal.
By the way, the worker at Downeast seriously told me (after not having my size of swimsuit bottoms)to JUST wear a skirt because why on earth would you need both a swimskirt and bottons for my tankini?" Um...

Kimmie said...

Hey Brookie
Jen swears by Hapari swimsuits... the store is in AF...if you decide to go, drop the kids off at my house on the way and you can do it stroller free!

Laura B. said...

Love this! And love those suits at lime ricki.
So i still love one pieces even though Ben thinks they are more unattractive than a flannel nightgown.
I feel that if it is low cut enough and has a good halter it can be sexy. He totally disagrees.
And we reach a stalemate.

But maybe I'll add one of those cute tankinis to my list!

brooke said...

Laura--the reason I generally avoid one-pieces is because I feel they emphasize my jelly belly. I think you have to have a flat tummy to wear a one-piece. I bet you do look cute and sexy in them

Liz said...

The one great thing of pregnancy. I get to throw on my big fat mu-mu swimsuit, and no one laughs. Still wish my legs would look better in it.
Bill was excited to know you knew Mandee...small world!

Dave and Christine said...

I swear by my Victoria's Secret swimsuit. It's the only thing I will buy now that I have found it and its great for us who have some height.

However, I think I am going to give up on the swimsuit this year being pregnant with the twins. My air conditioned home will have to do this summer.

Mandee said...

Brooke, you are so nice to decrease your chances and share with your friends. Lime Ricki thanks you too.

What I like about Lime Ricki- they are new and not everyone at the local pool is wearing one of their suits!

Also, last year I bought the ruffle wrap black polka dot tankini from Modbe- love it. And I feel like I need to wear a set of pearls when I have it on. The aqua is cute, too. But, it's the pool uniform in my neighborhood.

I have the same problem with one pieces that you have. No amount of situps will ever cure it for me. So tankini's (or mom jeans) forever.

p.s. your mom is cute.

Linde said...

I agree with you on the tankinis. I love them. My problem on the one piece is the top portion is usually too big for what I have and it drives me nuts. If I get one with a padded bra, it gaps, if I get just a lined top I look flat as a pancake. So I like the tankini. :) How fun to be going to Hawaii!

Christie said...

Hee hee, the mom jeans of the swimsuit world. That's a good one. Totally true, too.

sarahw said...

Great post!!! I also love the tankini, they are so functional One pieces are not easy to wear. I saw the Lime Ricki brand last summer. So cute!!!

I do love my Land's End swimsuit. They are a great brand with tons of choices.

sheryl said...

Check out lands end...I haven't yet this year but they often have tall tanks.. for me tankinis are cute but with my height only a fat tummy pokes through...not cute behind the boat when the fat hangs below the life jacket! Try the onepiece that shrinks you one size...but besure they are shrinking the bottom and let the top "hang loose". Otherwise they are toooo hot! (temp not looks)

I do love the brown polka dots! GOOD LUCK!

Ashley said...

Great list. I would add that in addition to board shorts, you need a cute coverup. It's one more thing to buy but when the moment comes you are so glad you give just the right thing to wear. All hail the tankini.

Kelly said...

I wish I had something creative to add, but I don't. The very thought of bathing suit shopping literally makes me sick. There is nothing I hate worse. You added "long" to your breast description. How would you like to add the words "training and long". Training bras are to big. The things we do for our kids. Bathing suits are gross.

Amy said...

Those Lime Ricky suits are super cute! Thanks for the info. And DITO to your list

Bonnie said...

LOL.. (about the bra size).

I'm excited for you. You are going to have a wonderful time.

I don't even want to think about bathing suits right now.. Every year I think next year I will have lost weight and I can go buy a cute bathing suit! So here we are again already.

Jaime said...

Is it ok to skip swimsuit season just once? I plan to hang out in the back yard in SLC and turn on the sprinkler and play on the slip n slide. If I do this, will I skip my 30s and go right to my 40s? Oh man, I am cramping all over with fear for finding a suit. If I stop wearing pants with a draw string before Labor Day, I am good.

Please share what you find!