Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Need a Life Coach

Any takers? My sister Ashley is my usual sounding board but I think I'm wearing her out. She is really good at giving sage advice. And she isn't afraid to tell me the honest truth about things. She lives in California and we talk nearly every day. There have been times when she has said, "If I was there, I would grab you by the shoulders and shake some sense into you" or something like that. Sometimes I need someone to do it.

Sam is good for it too. Sometimes I get so wrapped around the axle about stuff like the cabinets or a family issue, that I just need a calming voice of reason, a life coach. Sam is always reminding me that I'm 32 because sometimes my behavior would lead you to believe I'm 13, or when I'm really bad, 3.

I finally had to back off of the cabinets for a little while. They were consuming me. Guess what? I could do the cabinets but it would bug me that it still didn't look quite right. We don't have the money to do it anyway so that makes the decision really easy. And we don't know if we are moving, or staying or what, so now is not the time to dive into a massive home-improvement project. I realized that I'm restless. I get bored and I pick something like my cabinets to focus all of my energy on. I know I just ended that sentence with a preposition.

But I still need a life coach.


Corinne said...

i need a life coach too! if you find one give them my name too! i am in the same boat with my kitchen. i have finally decided that we are going to do a little at a time and i will have to deal with stuff being mismatched until it is finished. i need a money tree so that i can do my kitchen all at once!

Meaza said...

I am a Life Coach and one who is "in your face," "tell it like it is," with my clients. I'm a little softer til I get to know you, but I'm not one to hold back my thoughts; however, I will make every effort to be tactful.

Visit my blog at and you can read my thoughts and information.

You can also reach me by email at

My rates are reasonable and you can pass my information along to your friends and family if you like.

All the best to you even if I don't hear from you.

Love & Light

Jill said...

I like to say "give yourself a smack" when advising a friend to snap out of it.

Everyone could benefit from a life coach, but a sister or close friend can usually get the job done well.

Ashley said...

Whoa--a real life coach chimed in. Crazy.

Thanks for the shout-out. I'm a good life coach but you're also good at rejecting my advice--either flat out "I don't agree with that bc . . . " or by agreeing and then turning around and doing the opposite. You aren't wearing me out though I suppose if you have more thoughts about the cabinets you best put them in a memo. The life coaching is a two way street and while I currently cannot think of anything I could have possibly ever burned you out on, I'm sure it's happened once or twice.

Tyler said...

Brooke, I too am a life coach. I accept cash, check. No Amex please.

I take payment up front. Advice later.

Please email me if you are interested.

To give you an idea of how effective my advice is, try this for the cabinet situation:

--Try doing them yourself, but do a really bad job (talk to Ashley about spray painting). Sam will be sure to want to buy new cabinets when you finish--

I look forward to doing business with you.

lindsey said...

This is hilarious. Especially the life coach that chimed in. And Tyler.

Brooke, I'm the same way. I get fixated on things, they fester, then I get tired and go to sleep. And usually I've forgotten about them in the morning.

It's not healthy.

Jen F. said...

I'll take Amex. I think the black one is especially cool. This post merits a personal email to you later...I have lots to say!

The Mostess said...

I do this all the time. I undertake a huge project, try and figure out all of the components, and then throw in the towel. It's human nature.

Sam said...

Just remember that it is always darkest just before it goes pitch black.

For more inspirational quotes, go to

Funny stuff.

sarahw said...
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sarahw said...

I know your post says that you might be giving up on your kitchen makeover for the time being, but (since I have been picking paint colors, baseboards, a new table, etc. for our place) I found this website that has been helpful. She will make decisions for you, if you email her your design questions.

She's not so much a life coach, but a design coach.

Travelin'Oma said...

I've been daydreaming about life coaches, too. I just watched Trinny and Susannah. They come in and take over your life, wear your old clothes, do your work, deal with your kids, and then buy you a whole new wardrobe, organize your closet, and throw a giant party in your honor after you come home from having your eyebrows waxed.

They feel you up, praise your boobs, and squeeze your fat bottom and call it delicious.

This is the life coach I'm looking for.

Jen F. said...

I can't find your email...dang it. maybe i'll just have to call your life coach.

sheryl said...

The whole thing is funny! I love Tyler and Sams input! If Ashleys spray painted desk didn't me. I learned the hard way. You CAN do it! Seriously, when you come down for the marathon I will take you to houses that have done it them self! If it only costs a couple hundred dollars thats nothing compared to the joy it will bring and if you do it well, your house will sell better when you get ready. I sold my house in PA to the highest bidder because I had 3 people who wanted it. I got more than I was asking. And way more than the realator said I should list it for. It was all about the paint job. Then we bought Blimpie...what a sad ending to a happy story! :)

Carolyn said...

I can be your life coach. I am really good about telling people to snap out of it, stop your complaining, and buck up! If that's what your looking for let's go to lunch and call it good! :)

Em said...

Oh my gosh, we are kindred spirits. I don't know why I didn't read this post earlier.

I have been agonizing about whether or not to take a job. As with every other case, I make my family crazy as I obsess over different decisions and my inability to make one.

I didn't take the job. I feel good. But I could have felt a lot better sooner if I'd had a life coach, too. I always turn things into moral issues, which causes additional heart ache and angst.

Ashley's comment cracked me up.

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