Thursday, July 19, 2012

Because It Can't Always be about the Bachelorette

Here is what my kids have been doing the last few months...feel free to bail now.  I wouldn't want to read this either!


1.  Luke is on the swim team at the gym.  He also does speed camp (I have no idea what he does there but I know it was cheap and he rides his bike there twice a week so I'm a fan.)  He still takes piano lessons and now takes tennis lessons too.

2.  He went on a trip to Washington DC with Sammie and Sam back in the Spring.   I had to get over the fact that I wasn't there to comb their hair but they had a great time.  Most of the photos looked something like this:

3.  Luke turned 9 and had his birthday party at Boondocks.  I am an awesome mom and forgot to order a cake.  I told Luke cakes are played and donuts are so much cooler.  He totally went for it.

4.  Luke continues to be a sweetheart.  He recently got his hair cut short into something I called "controlled chaos."  He loves wearing a blazer to church and begs to wear it every week.  (remember my thoughts on blazers...woo hoo!)


1.  Sammie's great love right now is tumbling.  She is constantly doing handstands, cartwheels, back walkovers and back handsprings when our babysitters spot her.  I think she loves it even more than dance.

2.  She had a dance recital in the spring and was adorable.  She had a little solo part at the end and if you know anything about Sammie's emotional instability, this was nothing short of a miracle. 

3.  Sammie continues to take piano, tennis lessons and swimming lessons.  She also did very well in her school's jogapalooza.  She is scrappy but fast.  She is my most athletic kid.

4.  Sammie still continues to be high maintenance and requires the most of me as a parent.  She needs lots of special girl time and I end up blowing the wad taking her to get pedicures with me and to dinner, shopping, etc. Yet, she is hilarious and cracks me up with her adult talk.  She is addicted to the Bachelorette and was pulling for Sean.  We argued about that but I take hope in the fact that she thought the Ox was a total tool.


1.  Ryan takes swimming lessons and that is all.  But that is enough considering all the stuff the older kids are doing.

2.  Ryan loves his buddies more than anything in the world.  He asks every day for a friend and is pretty low maintenance when he has someone over.  He goes to a playgroup every Monday.

3. Ryan played soccer in the spring and Sam was his coach.  Ryan thinks he rocks at soccer.  He would always say things like "I don't know why I am so good at soccer..I just started."  Oh, to be that confident.

4.  He is still my favorite child.  He climbs in bed with me in the mornings to snuggle and compliments me daily.  He is a very very big boy.  He is going to be my biggest kid.  He already weighs more than Sammie who is three years older than him and he is the tallest of all of his friends. 


1.  Buster doesn't take any lessons yet..hallelujah!

2.  He is obsessed with dinosaurs.  He actually plays with them all day long.  He likes to make them piggy back which looks a little too much like they are mating.  I find them like this and it makes me laugh:

3.  Buster still loves his "ba-bas" and being a big baby.  He loves Diet Coke and give me the sweetest kisses ever.  He is obsessed with watching Winnie the Pooh in the car.  Sometimes he looks like he is in a coma..he is so mesmerized.  Zombie child:

4.  He is a pain in the butt most of the time but he is so dang cute, he gets away with it.  To this day, complete strangers stop me to tell me how cute he is.  He blows kisses at everyone and makes friends wherever he goes. 

That's it folks.  If you are still deserve a medal.


Jill said...

I'll be expecting a medal soon.

Your kids are all kinds of cute and apparently very busy! Running kids around sucks the life out of me, so you're a champ to do so much.

Are those dinosaurs making baby dinosaurs?

Hansens said...

Ryan may be your fave, but Buster is mine:) So adorable. I too have only one girl, and while I felt bad about not giving her a sister for a year or so, now I love the fact that it is just she and I cruising around together as besties.

Liz said...

So I really want to know what "speed camp" is. Sounds right up Quinn's alley. You are so busy! Laughing so hard at the x-rated dinos.

(please tell Sammie that she still has to love dance class too....I need her!)

The Mostess said...

I'm still here. I want a medal made of Rocky Road ice cream, but only the good stuff from Haagen Dazs. Ashley said she "has some for me tonight" and I'm afraid ti will be Blue Bunny. I will still eat it, but only to be polite.

Sammie is hilarious.

Luke looks like such a sweet, dedicated son. I love it.

The 3rd kid (whose name is evading me at the moment) looks like a total doll, and very easy. I like the porny dinos.

BUSTER. I need me some Buster. B and Buster would smooch all over the place, charm all strangers, and win a pageant doing scenes from Grease together. I will take the liberty of signing them up.

Emily Redd said...

Darling...I love to hear what they are all doing! Sammie said next year she was going to be on the swim team so that is hopefully she and Kate will swim together as I am already decided that I will NOT drive to the Salt Lake Country Club EVERY single morning to swim and's exhausting!

alexandra said...

this was hilarious and made me feel bad that i have failed to tally up our current goings on. my favorite part might have been that ryan wonders why he is so good at soccer when he just started playing, coupled iwth that perfect photo of him in a huge t shirt. i also love that you dont know what speed camp is but luke gets himself there on his own so you like it. so funny. you are a busy woman!

Linda said...

This is a gramma's favorite kind of blogpost! Who wouldn't love it?
I've been laughing at the dinos. The fact that they are both grinning. . .

Denise Wilkins said...

They are so cute!

Ashley said...

I love these posts. I was so impressed with Sammie's tumbling. She is really good! Benny still tries to do cartwheels like her. And that is hilarious about Ryan being so impressed by his soccer skills. You have good kids.

Elizabeth said...

Fantastic recap and excellent pics! I loved it all and I have even more respect for your Mothering Skillz now!
The donut cake looks divine.

Natasha said...

Love the donut/bday pic. Last year my 8 year old requested a donut cake so I just stacked a couple dozen in a pyramid type shape and poked candles in. It was a hit and oh so cheap!

Sabrina said...

where do you get your daughter's bows?! i NEED them.

you have such a cute blog! i love it!

Sabrina said...
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brooke said...

Hi Sabrina,

I get most of Sammie's bows at a place called Cookie Cutters...they cut kids' hair. I got her big pink flower headband at the Gap. Hope that helps!