Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bachelorette: Men Tell All

The Men Tell All is always a let down show.  But the cast of characters this time around made it mildly entertaining.  Did you all see the Wolf's pink pants?  Wow.  Let me first just say, Emily looked beautiful but did anyone else think she has abused the Botox a bit?  I thought she looked cuter during the show when her face actually moved.

The Ox was hilarious.  I will say this for him.  He may be as dumb as an ox, but he always makes me laugh.  His little winks are so gross.  He is such a piece of work but I kind of love him for who he is...just a big, conceited dumb guy.  I don't even think he realized Chris Harrison was making fun of him.  I hope they do make him the Bachelor of Augusta:

Oh Kalen, Kalen, Kalen.  I want to reach through the tv and smack your face.  You are such a tool.  I can't imagine this guy is ever going to date again.  I loved the way Emily told him he should be a politician.  By the way, I "like" Jef on Facebook.  Recently, Jef posted a photo of himself golfing and said he was going to need to borrow Kalen's rented helicopter to go get his ball.  Then, when Emily mentioned Kalen's rented helicopter on the Men Tell All, something clicked for me.  I bet Emily and Jef have been joking about that recently....Now I am convinced people...Emily picks Jef!!  I hope I'm right!

And then there was adorable Sean.  I know I have been hard on him in the past for being perfect but still having no chemistry with Emily.  Yet, he is such a class act.   I really wish he was our next Bachelor instead of Roberto.  Ashley, I already know you think he doesn't have the personality to carry the show.  But he is America's sweetheart lover boy right now.

Finally, can I just say Chris is the world's biggest man whore.  That guy drives me nuts with his beady, little, devil eyes.  He acts like such a victim and talks about how in love he still is with Emily, but all the while, during every commercial, we are being hit with previews for nasty Bachelor Pad where we see Chris getting nakie with every girl on the show.  Chris, I may just watch Bachelor Pad to root for you to lose and because I have nothing else to do.

All in all, the Men Tell All was entertaining.  I always love the bloopers--my favorite was Emily spilling wine on her dress.  Ladies..don't forget..the finale is this Sunday night.  My cousin Liz told me she is strangely invested this season.  Aren't we all!  I will be wearing my Team Jef shirt.


Chantel said...

YEAH! Team Jef!!! (Except truthfully, I really want him for myself)

GWACK said...

I actually went into my bedroom and told husband after Monday night's show, "I love Jef.". He and Emily are adorable!

Ashley said...

I hate the Tell All shows--but I am totally looking forward to watching this sometime this week as I fold laundry. I love the ox, and I really like Sean. You're right, I don't think he's Bachelor material, but he's way better than Ben or Jake Pavelka. I don't put it past Fliess to dig him up for the season after next.

KellyBelly said...

Rebes and I are also team Jef. We will be cruising through Canada on Sunday and will miss the grand moment when he is the last man standing. We have it set to record though (we have each checked the setting twice). Now to figure out how to avoid all media until we return the following Friday. :)

Holly said...

I'm with Ashley, Sean would be boring as the bachelor and we already got boring with the Caveman. I got all drama on DH last night and decided that actually Chris Harrison and Emily hook up (he made lots of comments about how hot she was) and that was the cause of his divorce and she chooses neither.

Em said...

That picture of botoxed Emily is horrible. She looks like a potential cast member for Housewives of Charlotte.

Thank you for blogging about this! I am still so torn about who I want to "win" and it is taking all of my determination not to check with reality steve.

LAURA said...

the botox really does look bad, she's only 25 for goodness sake!

Jenn J. said...

So, I told you I'd be checking in on this the moment I got back to the condo and here I am... just like the bachelorette geek I am.

My biggest beef with "Men Tell All" was that they couldn't stop promoting Chris and he took up WAY too much of the show. Like we care. Chris was always (and still is) boring. Who cares if he's on Bachelor Pad? And by the way, why isn't the Ox on that show? He's the perfect candidate for it. He would have been awesome to watch.

I really loved that Emily ripped Kalen apart. It was my favorite part of the show. He totally had it coming.

Cant wait until Sunday. Team Jef all the way!