Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bachelorette: Foregoing the Fantasy Suites

This episode of the Bachelorette was tough to watch.  My heart hurt for Emily for having to decide who to send home.  But she did the right thing.  Sean is the perfect man but there was always something missing.  He says the right things, he is tall, muscular and handsome, but the chemistry was off.  He just never seemed into her enough with the kissing.  I think that's a red flag.  But I loved his letter to Ricki and I he was so classy in his departure. 

I totally felt for him when he said he had so many emotions going on including being embarrassed.  Because being dumped is embarrassing.  Your pride takes a hit.  And it's embarrassing to be on national tv and get dumped.  Poor Sean.  Too bad Roberto is our next Bachelor (US magazine is reporting) or Sean would be it.

I have to say, I was so glad Emily did not have the guys sleep over in the fantasy suite.  Sammie was watching the show with me (yes, I'm an awesome mom...she is seven.)  And I panicked when I saw the little envelope come out with the key.  Luckily, Emily kept it classy on tv (not going to assume she wouldn't have slept with these guys in any other setting) but I was grateful to see the guys leaving the suite later that night.  It was especially impressive that emily never even gave Arie the fantasy suite card...she knows she can't control herself around him.

Jef with one F's speech to Emily about the Fantasy Suite was so cute.  I loved his statement that he and Emily would have their own fantasy suite every night and that he wanted to wait for the right time.  I laughed out loud when he said they needed to "bridle their passions."  That is such a Mormon phrase!  haha.  I really like Jef.  He is the one for Emily. I hope Emily can see that.  I liked his list of questions for her.  He seems intelligent and honest and the most normal!

Arie looked really cute in his swim trunks but he really needs to come up with things to talk to Emily about.  The non stop kissing gets old.  I couldn't believe his answer when Emily asked him what his Tuesday morning looked like.  He just doesn't live a normal life.  He goes out to eat for every meal...goes out with friends every night...I can't see how he would fit into Emily's world.  And then the part where Arie was telling Emily his philosophy on being a dad to Ricki and how he needs to start off being her buddy and ease into being her dad....I don't know folks...that just sounded ridiculous to me. There was a moment when I lost my mind for a moment and thought Emily might send Arie home, but I'm glad she didn't.  I still like Arie more than Sean---but his kisses are gross:

I did love that bit at the very end of the show where we saw Arie trying over and over to get his video message to Emily right...that was hilarious.

Finally, this is the most trivial question of all...but is Emily wearing a hair piece (fake pony) at the rose ceremony?  The pony tail just seems so blunt and doesn't seem like her own hair.  She wore it for another rose ceremony this season as well.

Okay ladies, The Men Tell All is next guarantees on a post.  unless Kalen totally pisses me off. I usually can't stand that show.  But the finale is going to be good!  Do you think Emily will introduce Arie and Jef to Ricki?  Who is going to win Emily's heart?  Was Emily's pony tail fake?  Everyone weigh in.


Ashley said...

I think Sean had the best departure scene ever. Very classy and respectable. But I don't want him for our next bachelor and I don't want Roberto either. Fliess needs to get off his can and find us a legitimate Total Package.

I have really turned on Arie. I just don't think he's very smart and I don't think he and Emily would last at all. To Sean's credit, I think he would have done anything to make it work. Jef is a gamble but a better bet than Arie.

The Men Tell All is such a waste of time. I also didn't like how they tried to make us think she is going to pick nobody just to stir up some drama.

Ashley said...

The other thing I thought was strange was how after Emily and Sean walked out, she just sat there waiting for him to speak. The dumper has the responsibility to speak--I felt bad for Sean there!

Laura B. said...

As the self-proclaimed "Queen of Fizzle" i have such a hard time when there is any sort of discussion after someone's been dumped. It is so painful and I felt so bad for Sean.
I agree about Arie...I've turned on him too. He is darling, but he is not ready to be a dad. He has Peter Pan issues and is just not ready to grow up. He barely mentions/thinks about Ricki. She's just an afterthought.
I adore Jef. I thought the "bridle your passions" was hysterical. You can take the man out of the mormon church, but you can't take the mormon church out of the man! Love it!
I TOTALLY bought Fleiss's trickery about the finale. I was so panicked I broke my vow and had Ben go to Reality Steve to tell me it wasn't true.
I don't know why I fall for it every time...but I do!
I would love for them to show up on After the Final Rose married. Maybe that's why they are doing a live finale.
That's my prediction.

Em said...

Emily is totally wearing extensions or a hair piece with that ponytail of hers. She has also has a thing for tank tops and shimmery skirts (e.g. the muppets episode).

I love this post and all these comments. I have LOVED Arie throughout, but this last episode I started to feel that maybe he's not the one. That thought scared me for a bit because I want her to pick him and then I remembered that it's not my life and it's a tv show.

I do like Jef, but agree with Ashley that he is a bit of a gamble. But...maybe she'll get with Jef and he'll grow up and "reactivate" and she and Ricki-tick will join the church. Don't you wonder what his parents are thinking about his being on the show and going so far in it?!

I hope you watch the Men's Tell All and blog some more about the Ox. :)

Denise said...

I'm not sure she is going to pick anyone! OF course I'm a sucker and that's what they are trying to make us think in the previews. That picture of Arie kissing is nast! Yuck. The only reason I don't want her to pick Jef is because I want you to move in on that action. He rocks.

marta said...

oh brooke, your bach re-hashes are my favorite. thank you for keeping up with them! you always say exactly what i'm thinking. YES, that blunt ponytail has got to be fake. it's pretty cute and gives her a new look. didn't she wear it the same night as that ivory pant jumpsuit?! anyway, she's a doll and really seems to be taking this seriously.

i am glad sean got the boot. like you said, he's too perfect without any chemistry. however, i can totally picture the in-laws building a little 'ricki's cottage' in the backyard...

i've loved arie all along, but don't think his family really suits her.. i don't know, i'm thinking maybe jef is it for her. so so glad that ryan is gone. he was such trouble. and what about the bachelor pad?!! those commercials make me sick! please tell me if it's worth watching. xo.

Linda said...

Agree, agree, agree.
I want a hairpiece like Emily's, and I want her wardrobe. She never disappoints! I am crazy about Jef - something about him - he's kind of boyish, yet smart and suave. I loved Laura's comment that you can take the boy out of the Mormon church, but not the church out of him. He has won Emily over with Mormon tenets. . ."I want to marry you for eternity" Maybe there is hope for his reactivation. . .I do wonder what his parents (who are "doing charity work in So. Carolina" are thinking!)

Chantel said...

haha, TOTALLY a fake ponytail! I noticed that too. I'm definitely rooting for Jef! (Or maybe I should say I'm not rooting for Jef for Emily, because I want him for myself!!)

Emily Redd said...

Yep, ponytail totally fake and does anybody else think that Emily maybe had a little botox pumped into her lip since her season with Brad? Her lips just seem a little too poochy then I remember them last time.

Jenn J. said...

I couldn't agree more and was wondering about the whole ponytail thing myself.

I've been a little more anti-Arie the past few episodes. He doesn't bring much to the table other than the make-outs. She's bound to get sick of him sucking her face every ten minutes eventually.

Jef is awesome because he's real. He asks her real questions and they have good conversation. Plus, if she marries him, maybe you'll end up running into her at the mall one day. And how cool would that be?!

I hope Laura's right about the surprise live finale wedding. That would be fantastic.

The Mostess said...

That kiss looks gross.

LAURA said...

I gotta say, mormons know how to raise good boys. They are rare to come by and I think she's not used to that, and is totally digging it. He's sweet, smart, respectful, funny, kinda sexy, and like your mom said, a cute boyish quality too. I really hope they end up together.