Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bachelorette: Emily + Jef = True Love

But not true love forever, because we are talking about the Bachelorette after all.  I really think this one is going to last, but if it hits the rocks in six months, I don't even care because it was so great to see it happen.  And I want Jef for myself.

I am so late in getting around to doing my recap this week, I don't even know if anyone still cares.  Here are my quick and dirty thoughts from the show:

* Emily's mom has the deepest (smoker?) voice.  I laughed every time she talked.  But she is still a pretty lady.  She has had some work done but I don't fault her for that.

* Emily's brother Ernie was not a looker.  How are those two from the same family?  He seemed really intense and not that into either guy.  Yet, he told Emily he liked both guys and was glad he didn't have to make the choice.

* I thought both Arie and Jef did a good job with Emily's family.  I'm sure the producers edited it to seem like Arie was just rambling on and on but I think her family liked him too.  I thought his gift of the dead roses was so odd.  But Emily's mother ate it up.

* Jef was so cute with little Ricki.  I have never said this before on my blog but the name Ricki reminds me of Ricki Bobby from Talladega Nights.  Not good.  I loved how Jef strapped on the pink goggles and totally played with her.  I hope he can keep that up.  It is easy to be the fun guy for an hour while you are on tv.  It is a whole nother thing to be the fun guy at 4 in the afternoon on some random Tuesday when he is babysitting and would rather watch a ballgame on tv.

* I am so glad Emily didn't have Arie meet Ricki.  It showed some maturity on her part that she didn't put Arie through that last date either.

* It was so awful watching Arie make that love potion and talking about his love for Emily when we had already heard Emily telling Chris Harrison she was picking Jef.

* I thought Arie was kind of a jerk when Emily was dumping him but Emily isn't the best at dumping people.  She just sat there and cried for most of it and I can understand that he didn't want to sit there and comfort her.  She never told him she was choosing Jef so he really had no idea if she was picking anyone.  I think he had the right to be a little bit of a jerk in that moment.

* On the After the Final Rose, when Arie talked about flying to Charlotte to see Emily and get closure, I felt bad for him.  I would prefer that he were the next bachelor (even over Roberto or Sean.)  Yes, people, I know he's a player.  I don't care.

* I loved Jef's book to Emily with his stick figures drawn in.  It was a cute personal touch without being over the top.

*I liked Emily's dress for the rose ceremony but thought it made her look bigger than she is.  I also wished they had done the rose ceremony out on the water or on the beach.  Why did we have it in the middle of the day in front of some shacks.  It seemed odd.

* I absolutely loved Jef's suit.  Not every guy could pull that off.  It had a Mad Men feel to it and I loved it on him.

*  Jef is every way.  I love that right before he proposed he said, "what I am about to ask you is a forever thing."  Especially with this show's history, I like that he wants this to be forever...even though it probably won't be.  Sorry folks..I'm a realist.

* I even loved the montage of video clips set to "Glory of Love."  I thought it was such a strange choice of music (Karate Kid anyone?) yet it was so perfect.  Fleiss gets it right sometimes.

* I went to bed feeling hopeful and happy.  I believe in love again!  Cut me some slack people..this is all I've got!


Ashley said...

This show can both make you believe in love, or make you believe that your love pales in comparison to what Emily and Jef have.

I think they will make it! Of course.

Horrible setting for the proposal!

I'm glad we don't have to watch Arie be the bachelor. He doesn't have the brains to carry the show.

And I thought Emily's brother was handsome!

Linda said...

I think Jef is adorable - I guess "America fell in love with him." (quote I read somewhere) But sometimes I think he looks like a 15-yr-old kid. Like the last photo.
I thought Emily's dress and hair were the worst they had been all season.
I didn't think her brother was that bad. . .and for "mutton dressed as lamb," I didn't think her mom was too bad.
I saw a photo of Jef & his mom and she looks really young, too. But "Mormon-mom-young."

GWACK said...

Very happy with the results but I was surprised you didn't say anything about her extensions on ATFR. My friends and I couldn't stop talking about how horrible they looked, while we were watching. BTW, thanks for inspiring me to have a "Bachelorette-Watching" party! We had so much fun watching it together!

Garrett and Shelly and baby Julia said...

Did you know Jef is from Pine View? And is the same age as Garrett (who went to Dixie) and Garrett knows him?! Apparently Jef was MR. COOL and all the girls were ga-ga over him, even the Dixie girls. (And Garrett swears he was one of the first boys he has ever seen wear skinny jeans... eew) So Garrett has this friend Braxton who was dating this girl who was (oops) kissing Jef! So after a PV vs Dixie basketball game the two boys and their crews met at a park and fought.. apparently Braxton immediately fell to the ground and Jef pummelled his face, coming out winner. Crazy huh? I agree with Linda.. I think he still looks like a highschooler, and I hate his hair!

Jenn J. said...

I've been waiting for this update! (So don't ask me why it has taken me so long to comment on it.)

Emily made a good choice. I was surprised! Mr. Fleiss and his cunning crew had me convinced she was going to choose Arie.

Speaking of... you're totally right that Emily is a horrible breaker-upper. On Jimmy Kimmel, Jef and Emily mentioned that Arie didn't know she had picked Jef, and that he thought she hadn't picked anyone. If you're breaking up with a guy to marry someone else, and at the end of that conversation he doesn't know you're marrying someone else, something has gone wrong.

I'm convinced these two are going to make it. I know I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment, but I don't care. I'm waiting for a televised spring wedding!

Em said...

*Well, for me this finale was too little too late. While I have liked Jef, I was shocked that she picked him. I was shocked that she seemed so sure of her decision. I kept waiting for her to change her mind. And not because I dislike Jef, but that I am so clearly a Bachelorette amateur and fell for the producer's game of leading me on with Arie. Never again will I let them make a fool of me!

*I still love Arie, don't think he is a player, and wish he were the next Bachelor, too. Alhtough, I will not miss watching him kiss Emily (or other females).

*You have got me stalking Jef Holm on facebook. I do think he and Emily are so cute together, despite my disappointment over Arie.

*Amen to Glory of Love. They even matched the "as we're both lyin' here" lyrics with them lying there on the floor of that library. I almost choked at the corniest of it, but secretly loved it.

Em said...

Two more things (good thing this is the finale!):

Ashley says Arie doesn't have the brains to be the Bachelor, but we've already had a Caveman so it wouldn't be the first time. :)

Emily's brother really made me wonder what Emily and her mother look like without the plastic surgery (and the smoker voice).

Jef reminds me a lot of Chuche so I don't really know why I was so anti-Jef there for the finale...maybe I was jealous? but there's enough Emilys to go around. ;)