Sunday, May 3, 2009

Before and After

I wish this was a post about my makeover with Stacey London and Clinton Kelly on TLC's What Not to Wear. I love that show and I have a girl-crush on Stacey London but that is a post for another day.
This is about my Christmas present. Last fall, I got a great deal on a chandelier for Sammie's room. Then I realized the shades were not included. Suffice it to say that once I paid for the 9 silk shades and sashes, the chandelier was no longer a good deal. It cost so much that I panicked and did what any girl would have done in my situation. I immediately called Sam and told him I purchased my Christmas present. (Forget the fact that he had already bought me something else--that was his mistake and my good fortune.)

I finally convinced Sam and his dad to hang it this weekend. I have to admit, I had very little faith in the two of them. I begged Sam to call a professional. I was convinced that one or both of them would get electrocuted in the process. But they came through. My father-in-law is awesome and very handy. It turned out even better than I imagined. Behold the transformation:

Before (the tired track lighting):


Way better right?


nic said...

It turned out way cute. I love it. Her room is adorable.

Ashley said...

I love it! I enlarged the after pic to get a good look at the new chandi--it's so cute. Merry Christmas! (Do you have your Mother's Day gift yet?)

Linde said...

That looks sooo cute! I love it and glad Sam didn't get electricuted...Jason likes having a home teaching partner who is willing to go! :)

Sam said...

Very little faith? It's not like we finished the entire basement or anything. We can handle an over-priced chandelier from Malaysia.

The most difficult part of the installation was listening to Brooke repeatedly tell me that I haven't given her "adequate props" for the selection/purchase.

So once and for all, for the record, thank you Brooke for your exquisite taste and shopping savvy. It is the perfect fixture for Sammie's room.

Linde, tell Jason that the feeling is mutual, but I wish he wouldn't get so emotional when I share the message. It is a little awkward.

Liz said...

So adorable......I love it. That room is to jealous. If this baby is a girl (I find out tomorrow...but I know it's a boy), I totally want to doll it up like this.

Jacqui said...

Wow, that is great. Well done!

Pugs said...

Yes, way better! love it!

The Mostess said...

Boo on track lighting. Yay on adorable chandeliers!!

Lance has a bad memory and a penchant for paying gifts forward, too. Lucky us!

The Ken stamp is soooo lame, btw. And trashy. And this is coming from someone with a real tat. What can I say--it was the 90's. That's my only excuse.

Jaime said...

I love it! Huge improvement and I bet Sammie loves it!

PS Polyvore works both ways in that you can look-up items you already own or pieces you considering buying. Just look up anything.

Heidi said...

Very cute!!! Her room is adorable!

Mandee said...

Brooke... you make me laugh. I love it! It's beautiful!

And I love Stacey and Clinton, too. I love her gray streak.

gwen said...


Love the chandelier...very cute and perfect for that room.

I have to say, that on your blog, I enjoy reading the comments almost as much as the posts! I can't resist clicking on the comment bar, just to see what your witty family has added in. Miss you!


Amy M. said...

OH! I've been dying to put a chandelier in Ella's room but of course, I'm waiting until we get settled. I've spent much time searching for the one.
Your's looks super cute. I love it. It's perfect. Impressive electric work/installation too.
One more thing...I totally play the "I bought myself a Christmas gift" game too.

Marni said...

I love it. It seriously adds so much and makes such a difference. Cute.