Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taylor Swift Concert

photo from Deseret News website

This week, Sam surprised me with tickets to Taylor Swift. He was the surprised one when we got there and he was just about the only guy in the place (except for dads bringing their 8 yr old daughters!)

It was so much fun though. She really puts on a great show with dancers and a cool set and video clips, etc. She had about 16 costume changes and even came through the crowd at one point hugging everyone along the way. She is a class act.

Sam and I have been to a lot of country concerts over the years and this one was very different--no hats and wranglers, no beer flowing, and no people grinding on each other--it was all teenage girls!

It was a good night! Thanks babe!

photo from Deseret News website

We are going to Kenny Chesney/Sugarland and Trace Atkins/Toby Keith later in the summer and I'm sure we'll get the chance to really mingle with the country folk then. I'll try to remember my camera for those concerts.


The Mostess said...

Aha! You have a guilty pleasure like my NKOTB!!

Glad you had beer-free, grind-free night...all planned by cute Sam. Love it!

Bonnie said...

What a great picture! I like Taylor Swift also. What a nice surprise for you!

Linde said...

How fun! Didn't know you liked country. I have heard she does a good job. Glad you got to go!

Alexandra said...

My husband and I inexplicably began listening to the country station in the car about 5 years ago. And have never looked back. I was thinking to myself the other day that Toby Keith really has a nice voice.

Sam said...

My interest in Taylor Swift is strictly plutonic. While she is an attractive young woman, I am more impressed by her song writing and stage presence.

She puts the likes of Tim McGraw to shame. He just struts around in painted on, sequined jeans and sings uber-cheesy songs that two fat guys in Nashville wrote.

The only downside to the show was the fact 95% of the audience was girls between the ages of 8-16 who can scream at levels only heard by dogs.

brooke said...

Don't be a hater Sam--Tim McGraw is a very sexy man. He has good music too.

BTW, if the girls were screaming in a pitch only dogs could hear--why did it bother you?

Ashley said...

Brooke, maybe that's why you call him "Dog." Ba dum dum . . . I'll be here all week.

I really like Taylor Swift. Her music makes me feel young again. I was stoked to listen to that kidzbop cd you just gave me bc it has teardrops on my guitar. Not bad, even with the kids.