Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gettin' er Done

Last summer, my kids never wanted to go outside. Maybe it had something to do with our old swing set (the only photo I have of it is a winter photo):

So I convinced Sam that we needed to buy the behemoth swingset on display at Costco. "Come on," I said, "You're good with your hands, I bet you could put that bad boy up in one weekend." He reluctantly agreed. (I won't mention the fact that he almost had to sell a kidney to pay for the thing!)

After getting the 7 huge boxes home, he laid out all of his supplies.

He even set up a work table in the backyard complete with all of his tools and the how-to dvd (yes, it comes with one!) set up on the portable dvd player. If it had been me, I would have just opened the first box and started drilling.

After working for an entire day (some of it with his dad) Sam came inside cursing the thing. He was delighted to find he had a third degree burn on the back of his neck. The next day, he soldiered on (with a dish towel hooked onto the back of his hat to cover his neck--sexy.) The goggles gave him instant street cred.

Fast forward a week. This was Ryan every day as Sam worked:

Ryan hates to be inside when anyone is outside--especially dad. Finally, the Behemoth was finished.

Look how much fun they are having:

Look how much he enjoys being outside:

Look at that smile:

I ask Sam if those faces make it all worth it. His reply "Probably not."


Liz said...

That was us four years ago. Bill finally hired the neighbor kid to come help him put it together. It took so long, but it's one of the best things we ever bought. Hours and HOURS of enjoyment for my kid. Good for you, Sam!

Mandee said...

How can he say it's not worth it- look at that happy, little face.

If I can talk Aaron into selling a kidney, does Sam want to come help him build that beast in our backyard?

Yay, I knew he would!

Kimmie said...

What a good hubby/dad....swearing wouldn't be Braden's only downfall during such a process....we would probably be divorced after such a thing! Ha Ha

Linde said...

WAy to go Sam! Brooke, would you mind doing a post saying how easy it was for Sam to do and HOW much hi LOVED doing it...Then I could show that post to Jason. :)

Ashley said...

"Probably not" . . . that's terrible! That behemoth really is impressive--you can't ever move now. What is really impressive is how he laid it all out AND watched an instructional dvd. Who has that kind of patience!?! I'm glad you have that monster though--Chuck will love climbing on it in a couple weeks. We should get a lunch booked with Mandee for when I'm there. And oh, the dishtowel was so classic. That is like such a generation x thing to do.

Sam said...

The biggest challenge was getting the boxes home and into our lush, garden-like back yard.

I didn't mind building it, but the bolts/screws/nuts and pieces of wood are not marked, so you spend a lot of time identifying equipment. Contrary to that last quote, I think it was worth it, so the kids have something to do while Mom is blogging.

My only regret is not getting it a few feet closer to the rock wall, but she ain't movin' now.

Props to WS for the assistance.

The Mostess said...

Those are some cute mugs, but I'm with Sam--I really don't think it was worth it. You should do what we did--find some dude off Craigslist that can build junk and pay him $10 a hour.

We had 5 projects for some dude that worked as a display builder for the Container Store and Ikea. He could whip up furniture in a flash while we lazily hung out watching him.

It was the best money we have ever spent, besides our maids. But that's a given, yes?

sarahw said...

The best thing about the new swing set is that the little guy is sooo happy. What a great start to summer!!

Bonnie said...

Oh, I love it. What cute faces! I've always wanted one of those but now my boys are 8 & 11, I think it's too late. What pretty green grass you have!


We are currently in a very similar boat with a 14 ft trampoline yet to be set up. I will make sure husband has on some neck protection. He'll be so thankful for my help in this regard I am sure. ;)

Lori said...

Wow Sam! You are awesome! I love the picture of Ryan looking out the window - adorable!

Pandy said...

We saw this little gem at Costco and it will be the first thing we get when we move into a bigger house. Mark has looked at this post several times - and even showed it to others. He can't wait to see DAVE put it together.

The kids look thrilled....not so much Sam.

This will be a great investment. Of all the stuff we bought our kids, three were pure inspiration -the play house, the trampoline, and the basketball standard. These little babies probably saved my life.

Eliza said...

So much fun!!! I loved Sam's comment that now you can get some blogging done. Priceless!