Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Addiction

It's Monday night and I'm suffering from post-Bachelor withdrawal. I'm pretty sure that is a real condition. In order to make myself feel better, I'm whipping up a batch of my favorite cookie dough. I guess you could actually make the cookies as well (and they are delish) but my family eats so much dough, there is hardly anything left for cookies--we're disgusting people. The oatmeal almost makes them taste healthy (don't worry--the chocolate chips make up for it!)

If you want to indulge, here is the recipe:

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 cup butter flavored Crisco
2 cups brown sugar
Mix well.

2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla

1 3/4 cup flour
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
mix again.

3 cups quick oats
1 cup chocolate chips

Bake at 350 for 8 minutes




I walked into the garage last night to find my husband eating cookies. "WHERE did you get those?" I asked see I had scoured (and I mean SCOURED) the house for something delicious and chocolatey all afternoon. He has some really good hiding places...BECAUSE if I find a cookie container, I eat them ALL.
All this to say, if I made this little recipe of yours, I am quite sure, there would be no dough left to bake. Thanks a lot. You're certainly NOT helping my pregnancy arms issue. :) You are not disgusting people. Or maybe I am disgusting too. :)

Enjoy. :)

Jen (and her men) said...

Look at you baking in an unfinished kitchen! I'm waaay impressed. I would have used the remodel as an excuse to not have to cook - the whole time! But for cookies, it might be worth it. Those look really good!

brooke said...

Jen--cookies are the only thing I'm baking. Can you see my backsplash and granite samples behind the bowl? The whole place is a disaster.

Liz said...

so so so jealous! soooooo jealous!

Sara said...

didn't you watch the molly/jason wedding?!

and next monday is an "inside the rose" bachelor 20/20 show. yes!

btw, i've been majorly craving oatmeal stuff lately. i totally want to make these cookies now.

Lisa Cannon said...

I'm so making these tomorrow! I just started watching How I Met Your Mother and it is FUNNY and less fattening than cookies :)

leandparkermakes3 said...

I want to go make them right now!

Heather said...

I don't understand...1 cup of chocolate chips? That doesn't seem right...not one bag (minus what you eat before pouring them into the dough)? Huh.

Also delicious in oatmeal cookies...chop up a giant Symphony Chocolate Bar with Toffee. Seriously...heaven in your mouth.

The DeVito's said...

Don't tell me you missed the Molly and Jason wedding!!?! I was watching it the whole time just waiting for it to end so I could see what you had to say about it.

Ashley said...

Sounds delish. If these are better than the ones Sam used to make, I must make them at once.

Can't believe you are in double digit comments on a recipe post. Stiring up contention paid off.

Jill said...

"we're disgusting people" that's just funny!

These look so good.

brooke said...

I missed the Molly and Jason wedding! I didn't even know it was on but I can't stand Jason and Molly so it's better that I didn't watch.

Heather, The recipe just calls for a cup of chocolate chips--I threw in a little more and then we ate the rest of the bag of course!

shelby said...

Cookie my very favorite thing ever in the world!! I am excited to try it!

alexandra said...

Those look great, but I ahve a thing about only using real butter. Is that going to change the consistancy too much to make a full sub (I know the crisco makes the cookie a bit fuller)? I love that even a little post about a cookie recipe elicits a laugh ("we are digusting people").

Ashley, didn't you get double digit comments on a notification that you were not going to be able to blog for a bit? That is even harder to respond to than a recipe!

Aaron + Mandee said...

Dear Brooke,

Did you know that I've been making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies once a week for since Christmas. It keeps us regular.

And you DID NOT miss the wedding- seriously? I so wanted to talk about Molly's lame hair through the entire two hours- and then when someone FINALLY did it for the wedding, she got rained on. It was terrible. And they are so boring.

Hoping Jillian and Ed beat Jake and Sausage to the alter.

Aaron + Mandee said...

* for since Christmas ... do I have a brain? I do, and apparently I forgot to use it.

Linde said...

I thought I might find a post on the wedding last night. :)

Looking forward to trying the cookies!!

Kimmie said...

we're "disgusting people" too...the perfectionist hubby being the worst. i can never make cookies on fast sundays, it's just too much tempation!

Laura said...

those look delicious!! one time my sisters and i made some mrs fields cookies and we wanted a lot of cookies so we tripled the rec. (needless to say just following the rec. makes about 4 dozen cookies) we were up to our elbows so we started eating dough cuz we were so sick of making all these cookies!! i've never been so sick in my life!

The Mostess said...

Mmmmm. Jealous. I need to get a bag of gluten-free oats ASAP!

Jen (and her men) said...

Yeah, I can see all that behind the mixer. That's what impresses me even more. :) Now I want cookies. again.

Kimmie said...

made these last me, myself, and I are enjoying the whole batch for my breakfast!

Stephanie said...

Those are my favorite cookies!!! I wish I would have found this post last night before I started making our weak substitute version. :( LOL. Thank you--I will treasure this recipe always! :D

Stephanie said...

By the way, I'm sure they still won't turn out half as good as the ones you make. Do you use milk chocolate chips when you make them? Gotta know all your secrets. :9

Brent Stoddard said...

I have to say these things are delicious! I have never found a good oatmeal based cookie and now I have you to thank. Here's to my second batch (tonight!) since this post. LOVE your banister.