Thursday, May 13, 2010

Around Here

So I'm sure you all assumed I died since you haven't heard from me since Buster came home. Things are actually going really well and I've just been content to hold him and love on him every second.

Here is what else has been going on...

1. I'm loving Glee. I swear the show was written just for me. I have all the episodes tivo'd and I'm behind so every night I get to watch a show. Were you all dying at the Madonna episode? It was the best one yet. I love the story line with Finn's mom and Kurt's dad dating. And Sue Sylvester is my hero. She is the funniest thing on tv right now. Yet, she is so sweet with her down syndrome sister, I always end up in tears.

2. I know Dancing with the Stars is for old people but I promise I just tivo it to watch Erin and Maks. Are they the cutest couple ever? Do you think they a couple in real life? I'm obsessed with them. This is what happens when I have nothing else to think about:

3. Luke pooped his pants today. Yes, Luke. My almost 7 year old. He was laughing so hard, he pooped his pants. I was soooo mad. I was nursing, and I was yelling at the top of my lungs at him and probably scared the living daylights out of the baby. Now I'm hoarse.

4. The baby is getting some newborn pictures taken in the morning with my friend Jen Fairbanks. She took Ryan's too and they were beautiful. I decided not to wait until 6 weeks like I did with my other babies because my kids are huge by 6 weeks and I want to remember how tiny Buster is right now. He is still 6 pounds and he turned 2 weeks today. Did I mention how cute he is...oh yeah.

Ryan at 6 weeks

5. I am going to be in some of the pictures. Because of some ginorm nursing boobs, I will hopefully just be doing face type shots. I'm too big for all my clothes and Buster is too little for all of his. It's a cruel world.

6. Getting meals brought in is the best thing on the planet. The meals that my friends have brought have made me embarrassed for every meal I've ever taken someone else. I can't figure out why I'm not losing any weight...

7. Sam bought me a new stainless steel Kitchenaid mixer and blender for Mother's Day. I get to say adios to my cobalt blue stuff. This is BIG! One of my biggest regrets in life was buying blue appliances. What the crap was I thinking?

8. I have a good husband. I sent him to Target with a list of feminine type products such as nursing pads and such and he didn't bat an eye. Four kids will do this to a man.

9. I'm kind of wondering how much longer it is acceptable for me to keep tooling around in sweats. Any thoughts? I did get my hair and eyebrows done yesterday so I haven't completely let myself go.

10. If anyone in the greater SL area is reading this, I need a diet coke stat.


Heidi said...

He is seriously adorable! My babies are never that tiny and that hair is to die for! My almost one year old doesn't have that much! Lucky!

LAURA said...

you are too funny. Out of all my blogs I subscribe to on google reader, I get most excited when I see a new blog post from your or your sister!

I think your good on wearing sweats for awhile.

leandparkermakes3 said...


I too LOVE Glee. I also watch Dancing With The Stars to watch Erin and Max! I too need a Diet Coke stat! How funny! I have a present for Buster that I need to bring over! (I love that you call him Buster!)

Laura said...

Ha ha brooke you're so great!! i seriously thought of stopping by your house today to say hello! but i didn't want to just pop in! we need to do lunch soon, seriously i have thursdays off, so any thursday you're open let me know.

lindsey said...

This is hilarious...and he is adorable. :)

I wore jeans like 3 times in the first four weeks of my Finn's life. It hurt the 'ole incision too I think you can wear sweats for AT LEAST four weeks.

I hate that there is a Glee character named Finn. I almost didn't name my kid that because of it...not because I don't like the show, just because I'm afraid in 10 years there will be MILLIONS of Finns.

Also, the ONLY good thing about ginorm nursing boobs is that it makes my flabby post-pregnancy waist look smaller. Talk about a cruel world.

Can't wait to see the photos!

Em said...

I love Glee. It is my latest obsession. I've only just started watching and am trying to get caught up with old episodes. Love Sue Sylvester, she is genius. I cry whenever there's a scene between Kurt and his dad. Love, love the show. I feel like I'm in the in-crowd because I watch. :)

That being said, I don't watch DWTS too frequently, but I just read on msn today that Erin and Maks have admitted that they are "maybe dating." I read this at work when I should have been, well, working. But now I think it was meant to be so I could pass the gossip on to you.

Your baby is so sweet. I love that pic of you holding Ryan. I saw it and thought, "Mitchell looks a lot like Ryan," then read the caption. Is it creepy that we've never met and I can tell your kids apart? I hope not.

Elizabeth said...

So good that you are just loving on Buster ... excellent way to pass the time.
1. David and I laughed until stuff came out our noses on the Madge Glee when Sue was giving Will a hard time about his hair!
2. I have no idea who these peeps are but they are hawt hawt hawt!
3.Poor Luke... it happens to the best of us.
4.Ryan's pic is so gorgeous(you could be a hand model).
5.Cant wait to see Busters (try to keep your boobs out the way ok).
6.If peeps in my church did this there would be more mick babies coming along without the Pope having to get all shouty at us.
7&8. Sam is a very good catch...keep him.
9.My baby is 9 ... are you telling me sweats are no longer acceptable day wear?
10. If I was on that side of the globe I'd hook you up no worries.

Liz said... were fully adorned in a way cute outfit on Tuesday! You are only 2 weeks post-partum. Yeah for the stainless steel...that is my goal to rid the white appliances. Glee is so awesome. The pic of Sammie and Mitchell is so worth framing...sweet as can be.

You do realize that Buster IS a Alabama family name.....that would make you Buster Mama! (If you don't get that, call me..I'll explain). And if I thought you were still awake, I'd bring the DC.

Jill said...

Hooray a post from you! I didn't think you'd died, I figured Smotherhood was the culprit.

I'm 2 episodes behind on Glee, but I love everything Sue Sylvester says. She is hysterical.

Dancing with the stars IS for old people.

I have peed my pants from laughing too hard, but never pooped them, now I'm afraid.

I think you're smart to have Mitchell's newborn photos taken while he's so tiny! The ginorm boobs is funny.

I totally agree that getting meals is the best thing on the planet and wish I could get them even though I'm not having any more babies.

Raquel said...

I am in South Jordan and would gladly deliver a Diet Coke if it means I could love on that baby and see that beautiful kitchen. Just put out the DC signal.

Ashley said...

I'm glad you posted more Mitchell pictures. He's so precious, and you will be so glad you got teeny tiny pics of him. That is funny about Luke pooping his pants! Charlie pooped his yesterday too--and while he is a few years younger, he certainly knows better. Sue has had some GREAT lines lately--definitely the best character on tv. There is no balm for the post-partum body or ginorm boobs except "This too shall pass." Embrace it and enjoy the gifted dinners! It's your last chance!

Linde said...

Laughing at this one! I can't wait to see the new pictures!!

Mandee said...

I love Glee, and Erin and Maks, and your cute kids. Sorry about the poopy one. And I'm sure the sweats you are wearing are cute and public appropriate since "you've got style" (... that's what all the girls say) Sorry, I couldn't help myself.


Hair and eyebrows is certainly sufficient! That is one cute kid you have there. I'm glad you are finding happiness on the tube. Glee is weird, but I kind of like it too. It's weirder for me because I watch it on Hulu, in the kitchen, on my laptop, at 3am, when I finally get around to doing the dishes. (We don't have cable.) Anyhoo, glad life is good--I would totally bring you a Diet Coke if I could. I am currently enjoying some Fiber One with a few measly blueberries to keep from gaining a pound a DAY! Seriously? Is that even possible? Peace out.

Kimmie said...

brookie...he is seriously the cutest little man! when you come pick up the pics/disc you gotta come by so i can HOLD him!! it was so fun to sneek in a minute with you two, you look fabulous and im so glad things are well!

the blue appliances...yup, same thing, all cobalt blue kitchen aid mixer, bowls, serving spoons, blender, etc...what were we thinking? remember our yellow and blue bathrooms too (twinner shower curtains)? ha ha ha

The Mostess said...

Thank goodness I went for red Kitchenaid appliances. 7 years later, and I still love them. But I did unload a TON of red and white dishtowels yesterday. Like I should be forced to do a special load of laundry just for those stupid thing because they bleed all over everything. That's my only red regret.

I totally agree that Glee was written for me. The Madonna episode made my year!

Sam is a good man. Your baby is beautiful. Your kids are cute, even Dumpy Drawers. Life is good!

Denise said...

I'm SO glad that you love Glee. It makes me feel like I'm not the only thirty something that likes the show. (I just got back from seeing Glee Live...seriously, like an hour ago! It was awesome!)

You really shouldn't have time to blog right now. You have a new baby, aren't you a little busy?

brooke said...


What is Glee Live?

Jill T said...

Glad things are going well. Can't wait to see the newborn pictures!

Stephanie said...

He is the most beautiful baby in the world! :) Babies seem to get even more adorable the older my children get--it makes me miss those days! I'm so thankful for mommy amnesia where time makes all the tough days fade away and all that remains are the happy, fluffy ones! In another 20 years maybe I'll be telling everyone what perfect children I raised. What terrible twos...threes,fours and teens?

Your pictures are beautiful!! I'm sure you will just treasure every moment with your new baby!