Saturday, May 29, 2010

Polka Dot Party

We sent out invitations for Sammie's birthday party about five weeks ago. Then my water broke before we could actually have the party. Here are the invitations:

I'd like to take credit for them but I was lazy and ordered them on Etsy. I'll probably never make homemade invitations again.

Ever since Buster was born, Sammie reminded me daily that we still hadn't had her party. So this past week, I bit the bullet and threw the party. My mom came and helped me wrestle Ryan and did whatever else I ordered her to do.

What do you think the chances are this kid took a nap that day (after watching us prepare for the party?)

I have to admit that I had the attitude beforehand "just git 'er done" but it ended up being a lot of fun. Five-year-old girls are so easy to please.

The night before the party, I made Sam put together tissue paper balls and hang the polka dot lanterns. He is really good at stuff like that and I'm not. I tried to take a picture of him but he threatened that if I did, he would tear them down:

We had polka dot everything.


Treat bags with Dots candy and other dot favors:

The girls each got a necklace with their initial (I made all of these long before the baby came):

We played Twister:

and musical dots:

And we had a not-so-cute cake from Harmon's but Sammie didn't care.

We even had one little tiny friend in a polka dot tie (thanks for the onesie Heather!)

The party is done and she was happy. Here she is reveling in her loot.



Super duper mom of the year award for you! That's awesome! With a newborn, your house (and floors) look like THAT? You never cease to amaze me. Can I sign my kids up to be in your family for a day? I feel they may somehow be being neglected over here...Oh, but on second thought, I don't want them to know what they're missing!

Denise said...

How cute! I guess this is just the start of the baby upstaging her big day. I love the theme and love that you did it with such a little one at home.

hteuscher said...

I think that is the cutest party I have ever seen! Also I have to ask where Sammie got her cotton candy shirt? Soo cute, she always looks darling! I have a 3 mos old and trying to figure out where to find the cute stuff! (ps I am friends with Ashley and the Mostess out here in CA, not some super creepy...)

Jen (and her men) said...

that is adorable! from now on, I want to be the official baby holder when you are throwing a party. your mom can do all the work, but i want to spoil buster. :)

brooke said...

Hi Hteuscher,

I got Sammie's t-shirt at the Gap but there is a really cute website for ice-cream cone tees and other fun t-shirts that go with the pettiskirts. The website is

Also, I bought Sammie's pettiskirt on ebay for like 11 bucks. You just put "pink pettiskirt" or whatever color you want into the search and they have tons of cheap pettiskirts. Not quite the same quality as the nice ones (I have one of those too and paid over 50 bucks for it) but these are great for just playing around in. Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

So cute!!! All of it... the polka dots the lanterns the pink skirt the necklaces the shiny dark floors the baby that didn't nap and The Buster.
You are a GREAT Mum for throwing some type of structured party (with a theme no less) for your big girl Sammie.

Melissa Walker said...

Very cute--I've given up on cute parties and just let my kids pick the ol' stand by places. Anything so I don't have to plan, prepare, and execute a kid party!

Lance said...

I know no HTeuscher. She sounds like a real creeper if you ask me.

I had no idea HT stalked your blog. I love it. HT did a candy themed nursery, and she's into all things sweet, hence the question about the candy shirt. I have no doubt her baby will have this party in 5 years!

Super cute, love the dots, love the new kitchen-love it all. And I love the pettiskirts!

Lance said...

LANCE!!!!!! Argh. Twas The Mostess.

Ashley said...

The party looks adorable! Clever dot games and I love that all the little girls wore their polka dots. I talked to mom the day of the party and she told me Sammie was arrayed in her glory and now I know what she was talking about--she looks perfect! Truly an impressive feat pulling this off with Buster and Dino in your life.

Linde said...

So cute! I look at all of the cute stuff you pull out and think--I'll never be able to pull something like that off! I'm not good at all with that sort of thing.

I bet the girls had a ball!

Em said...

That has to be the cutest party ever. Where do you moms think of these things? And how far in advance do you start preparing? ...I'm going to be a horrible mother.

And you did it with a newborn in your midst! Impressive, very very impressive!

Jill said...

What a painfully cute theme for a party! I love everything you did and decorated with, including little Buster!

I really must know how to make those necklaces. Did you find instructions online somewhere or is that something you could email me about?

michelle said...

Jill sent me a link to your party post. SO cute! I'm a polka dot fiend, so I'm definitely filing this idea away for future use.

And like Jill, I'm dying to know how you made those darling necklaces!

nic said...

Cute party and cute decorations. I love the polka dot idea.