Monday, June 7, 2010

It's Time to Get Real

Let's get right to it. Who is there for Ali? As far as I can tell, there are only a few guys who have already really fallen for her. Kirk, Frank and sexy Roberto are definitely there for her.

I think entertainment wrestler is totally fake. He even forces the tears. He showed his true colors, not when he walked to Ali's house, but when he blatantly lied to all the other guys about doing so. At least when he was called out on it, he finally admitted it but he had no other choice. I thought it was pathetic how he went outside and pouted. I'm sure the producers put him up to the whole thing but he definitely liked the air time and the attention it brought him. Can you imagine how he must have smelled when he arrived at Ali's? And could the guy use any more product on his hair? I don't like him:

Poor, poor, poor Weatherman. I felt so bad for him when he started to cry shooting the music video. He is just so awkward all the time. He just needs to go home so he can be put out of his misery.

How cool are the Bare Naked Ladies? I have loved them forever and that was the highlight of the show for me. Do you all really think that music video is going to be out there? Is was so cheesy.

Poor, poor guy that didn't get a rose on his solo date. I can't even remember his name right now. The date was so awkward. I just wanted Ali to cut him loose before they even got in the flippin' hot tub. He wasn't cute. I can't believe Ali took him on a solo date.

But oh Roberto is another story. He is a sexy man. But didn't their date totally remind you of Jake's first date with Vienna? Sometimes those adventure dates feel so staged to me.

I still like Chris from the Cape but I think he might me a little immature at times. I wish he would have worn a suit at the rose ceremony. Same with dumb/hot Jesse--that is no time for a denim shirt but he still looked dang good in it. Craig R., the lawyer, needs to go home. No chemistry with Ali--it's just a matter of time.

Finally, who is this guy?:

He keeps getting roses and I swear I've never heard him speak.

Next week, we're off to NYC! It's sad when I live for this stuff. Who will be in the Lion King? Is Kasey really going to sing? What a glorious train wreck. I can't wait!


Dave & Kami said...

The video was cheesy. I can't imagine that will be the new video. The boy's name was Hunter and you were right there was noo chemistry. I like Roberto the best. I can't believe she kept weatherman for another moment. He is way to awkward. I thought it was funny she compared Rated R boy to Vienna. Does that mean she will keep him for a while? Ohhh the joys of Bacheloretter!!

Magdalena said...

I love these posts, I live for this stuff too so you're not alone. And yes ma'am, sexy Roberto indeed!

marta said...

you said everything i was going to say. i keep telling dan that dude that gets NO camera time is definitely going home, but then he's there again! and why does weatherman keep getting roses?? what is gonna do when the 'fantasy suite' card comes along?

i'm shocked she sent two cute, normal boys home and kept the lawyer dude and other not so cute boys, who is that guy with the necklace who hates rated r? that guy completely bugs.

okay and yes, this epi totally reminded me of jake. wasn't that rooftop one of the same places they went?

i am putting my money on kirk and roberto. they're so cute for her. however i guess she wasn't quite up front with ryan seacrest on his radio show about if she picks anyone at all. yikes. not this again! it will be interesting.

and don't you think the show must've picked up some dough, a trip around the world?? a music video?? will ali really be the star of that video? pretty crazy advertising promo. okay, love when i get to rant about this dumb show. i so hope rated r. and kasey and weatherman go home next week. i'm so done with them.

sarahw said...

She is definitely head over heels for Roberto. Weatherman is very awkward and is not confident. I have no clue why he is there still.

Good recap.

brooke said...


You make me laugh. The guy with the necklace is Ty (the aspiring country singer/divorced guy.) He does bug.

The DeVito's said...

I love your updates! I LOVE Roberto!! He and Kirk are the only two that are remotely a potential match - put the rest out of their misery and send them home! I felt so bad for Hunter on their date - she couldn't even stand to hold his hand. Poor poor weatherman - he's adorable but SO awkward!

Ashley said...

Why do they always have one or two contestants who get no air time whatsoever? It's like how on Glee we know all the characters really well except the Asian and black dancer guys. What gives? Alie looks good in these pictures. Tell me when I need to start tuning in.

Linde said...

The guy who never speaks--I have no idea either, but I do think he looks like Ryan as in Trista and Ryan.

I agree on the guys you feel should be sent home.

Jek said...

I am baaaaacccckkkk. You don't know m, but I am jennie Slades life long friend. How do you know her anyway? So i visit your blog during the bachelorette seasons. I have commented a couple times in the past. Great home redo by the way. Your kitchen ROCKS!
I don't know why I always side with the Vienna's. I am sure i am dumb and naive, but i didn't mind Vienna and I like rico suave Rated R. Hate the rated r thing, but i think he is freakin cute and I like that type of guy. I feel like the guys all get so insecure that they need a person to pick on and he is a great easy target. I like him. ROBERTO! Top runner for me! Man, i love mouths and he has a GOOD ONE!!!! kasey scares me. That poor voice just ruins him. Ty, is not cute, he is like the bad ByU boy that thinks he is the bomb and gets people to listen to him. DORK. Frank is like a sweet BYU boy that really is sweet and cute and would totally grow on you and you could like, but not for this show. Hunter, emabarrasing to watch. Kirk, cute. I really want the boston dude to step it up and be the front runner with ROberto. I can see myself being miserable in the end with a mad crush. Like i did with jake Pavelka. I know, laugh. I HAD IT HARD FOR HIM!!!!! AAAHHH!! I wait for news with him. Do i think he and Vienna will last? NO, but i liked that he liked her, the odd duck. She looks like a lot less pretty version of Princess annalise from barbie Princess and the Pauper.

ALright, Don't mind if i visit back next week, and put my two cents in. For the record ALI BUGGED ME REALLY BAD last season cuz she was ruthless to Vienna. I hate people like that. I swore i wasn't going to watch this season cause of her, but alas, I am hooked. As always. And she is growing on me, like they all do.

brooke said...


I tried to go hunt you down from Jennie's blog (I don't really know her--I found her through Jamie Rasmussen's blog) but you're private!

I just want you to know that I had decided today to quit doing the bachelorette posts because I feel like no one cares. Then I read your comment and it totally made me laugh and I figure if 7 of us are watching and can comment about it--who cares--I'll keep going.

Here's to great tv!

Denise said...

I agree with everything that you said, except Justin. I may be an idiot (and that is why I always dated such "winners") but I totally fall for this kind of guy. I did think the tears were forced and hated him with the guys, but I think that he was just "bragging" in his own way. I think he really likes her. I swore I wouldn't get hooked to this season but then they replayed the first episode in the Desperate Housewives time slot and, well, nothing else was on! I mean what was I going to fold laundry to?

Jek said...

I will add you to my BLAH blog if you would like. It is rarely updated and my recent doggie post isnt't really like me. give me your email. I am sending me sis in law to your blog too.

brooke said...

Hi Jek

my email is brookeharkness at

Stephanie said...

Hi Brooke,
So glad you keep up with your Bachelorette updates--love them!
I guess I can't relate to the people who've sworn not to get hooked on this show--it's like trying to avoid soda and chocolate to me--why try? Ha! ;) I must be pretty evil here, because I think it's a bit ironic that Ali gets upset when she finds out some of the men aren't as dedicated to this process as she wants them to be--it's like she has forgotten that she was the one who left Jake for a job. I am still trying to forgive her for that one! She has no leg to stand on there but she is growing on me. I hope she finds what she's looking for.

Justin is the Vienna of the group and I think it's fun to watch all of the other guys freak out over him! Hope he stays around for a while! As much as I wish Craig R., the father of the group, would go home he is too funny to have in the group--why so serious? Dude, get over yourself!! :) Ha! Poor Johnathon, the Weatherman--seriously, that must have been his first kiss! So sad, yet funny. You just want to protect him like he's your little brother. I'm thinking he grew up with 6 sisters or something; he adds girl drama to the bunch. He talks like a girl and is in touch with his feelings...poor boy, man up! :) I just loved seeing him stress out over the whole Speedo thing--ha! It's cute that he braves it up for Ali, (or the show) in the end. He adds such a tense, nervous energy to the mix. I don't think he is helping his whole weather career but I like him! Frank is awesome!! Just love his fun charm and oooh, Roooberrrrto! Ha! I knew instantly she'd be all over him! She looks so into his eyes that it makes her blush! Ha! She can't hide her feelings or thoughts with that one--makes her melt like butter. Move over Fabio!! Okay, from early on I really liked Chris from Cape Cod. He is such a genuinely good guy and isn't full of himself. Seems like a good mama's boy. :) I like him. Hope he goes far! Actually, he's the only one I really think is there just for Ali--okay, except Psycho scary boy.

If you don't want to think less of your front-running guys don't read People magazine. I was disappointed. Basically, the really good looking, charming guys are the ones you have to watch out surprise there. You know, the ones that seem like such a great catch that they wouldn't need to be on a dating show in the first place--well, I guess they didn't. It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that some of the best catches likely have a girlfriend waiting on the side. My feeling is that they can't be into the relationship if they are willing to leave them, even temporarily, for a show like this. All's fair in love and war and this is war! Roberrrrrrrto is so suave that I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he has a few wives and kids on the side. Not a fact, just a prediction. :) El es muy rico! jaja. :D