Monday, June 21, 2010

Mystery Solved

So I guess we finally know why this guy got no air time. His one on one time with Ali was so uncomfortable. Was anyone the least bit surprised that he went home tonight?

I think the biggest surprise of the evening for me was that I didn't mind Craig. He has always bugged me and for a few moments tonight I thought "this guy is funny." I liked his fake tattoo for Ali but talk to me next week--I may change my mind.

Ty. Tonight was Ty's big night. It's only downhill from here. Yes, he was good with the horses and helping Ali on the group date but I just don't think he's there for the long haul--and he's a little chubby in his bathing suit. And yes, I understand how hypocritical it is for me to be calling another person chubby right now!

I think I fell in love with Kirk tonight. I'll be honest, I was on the fence about him before. I thought he was cute but tonight I decided he is funny too and that is why I like him. He is the only funny guy on the show this season. I like funny. Funny is everything to me and so I'm pulling for Kirk. Plus--I loved his story about being sick. It seems that on these shows, people never talk about real stuff--no one ever tells a story. I liked that Kirk told a story even though Ali looked so bored during it. I think Kirk is top two material.

Roberto is still HOT HOT HOT. Frank is still in it and Frank is growing on me. I liked Chris L. more this week. He is a cute guy and how funny was it that he had the horse that was the size of a dog?

I honestly thought Ali was going to send both wrestler and Kasey home. Kasey needed to go and that wasn't a surprise. But all wrestler talks about is "winning." He doesn't talk about falling in love. I think that is the sign that he is there for publicity and not for Ali. I hope he goes home next week. By the way, I thought that two-on-one date was brutal to watch. It just looked freezing and boring and strenuous. I was glad to see it end.

We're off to Instanbul. I have to admit--I love seeing these cool cities. Which guy has the girlfriend back home? I'm totally guessing the wrestler but I think the tabloids were hinting at it being Frank. That would be sad. I refuse to read Reality Steve this time so I'll have to wait and see. Did you like Chris Harrison's interview with Ali? Chris totally went Dr. Phil on us. That guy has the best job on tv.

By the way, I read the list of all of the past bachelor/bachelorette contestants who are going to be on Bachelor Pad in August. The likes of Kiptyn, Tenley, Wes, Elizabeth(the tease from Jake's season), Michelle (the crazy one from Jake's season) and from this very season of the Bachelorette--Jesse, The weatherman and Craig aka. Satan. I guess I'm going to have to watch. With that cast of charactes, how could I not?


Denise said...

I've been dying to read your last two posts on this show but I only got around to watching both episodes last night. This show just shows me that guys really don't have a clue. Casey and the Weatherman just don't get it. I feel for them. They were trying so hard but some guys are just too over the top or insecure. I think Rater R is evil. He convinced me for a while but what was up with "one step for Justin, one giant leap for Rated R"? He needs to go.

michelle said...

Good show last night. Chris N leaving was pretty much a given. Can't wait to see who has the mystery girlfriend out there. My bets are on Justin. My top 3 are Roberto, Frank and Kirk. Kirk is definitly growing on me. BTW did you hear the most recent news....Jake and Vienna have called it off.

The Mostess said...

I just may watch The Bachelor Pad based on this post.

Linde said...

I didn't get to see most of it last thanks for the post!

Did you hear that Jake and Vienna broke up????

Sara said...

I was soooo annoyed with Ali when Kirk was talking to her about his illness, etc. She acted like such a brat like, "ummm how does this apply to ME?" That's what the look on her face said.

Ty could sneak into the top 3 but his hair drives me nuts.
I am rooting for Kirk or Roberto.

brooke said...

I did hear that Jake and Vienna were calling it quits. Big surprise there.

I'm not a fan of Ty. I just don't think he's cute or funny.

Michelle--I think you are right--top three are Roberto, Kirk and Frank.

Jill said...

I'm all about funny too, that's what attracted me to my husband in the first place and that's what makes me keep him around, ha.

alexandra said...

So I watched the Batchelorette last night for the first time and it was great to have some background on it from your posts. I liked Craig R. I didn't see the whole episode so I never got any exposure to Kirk, but Roberto is hot and seems like he really likes Ali. I think he will be a top two contender. I have no doubt at all that the wrestler guy has a girlfriend. How could it not be him?

It occured to me while watching how seriously unnatural this dating process is. These poor guys. There is no hope that any of these methods of dating can result in true love.

Magdalena said...

Frank doesn't do it for me anymore, I must be honest. But that Roberto, she'd be nuts not to pick him in the end. Bachelor Pad seems like a train wreck one can't help but slow down to watch. Great recap once again!

The DeVito's said...

I couldn't read any of my blogs today because I couldn't watch it until tonight! I LOVE Kirk! Roberto is hot, but too hot - Kirk is my real life. I was hoping she'd send both the Wrestler and Casey home - MISERABLE!

Ashley said...

I'm halfway through the show. I still don't like Kirk. Something about him makes me uncomfortable. I still really like Chris from Cape Cod. And Craig the lawyer's poem was the best. You are right--those horses were tiny--like the ones the kids ride on at Thanksgiving Point!

Jenn J. said...

I'll be honest, I'm not feeling any of the guys this season except Frank and Roberto. Everyone else kind of blurs together for me. I'm worried about Frank. I hope she keeps him in it for my sake, :) just because I think they're cute together. I love that he shook his head after he kissed her like he was in some kind of dream. If it's him that has the girlfriend, I'll be heartbroken. :)
Istanbul, here we come!

marta said...

oh my goodness. i just heard about this: we are in for serious good times ahead.

p.s. i agree with everything you wrote in this one. i told dan, i would put money on that dude. he is totally going home. he was so awkward. i loved how he was like, 'i like mexican food.'

and yeah, who has the girlfriend?! am thinking rated r. dan thinks maybe roberto. i love making dan watch this crap with me. it's so awesome.

Ashley said...

So I finished watching it and was so pained by Ali's alone time with the anonymous Chris. "Tell me something I don't know about you." Long pause. "I'm really funny." Silence. . . . so painful! I am starting to like Ali more and more and all her guys less and less. Craig the not-cute lawyer may actually be my fav from this episode, but none of them are the total package. Fliess is letting us down this time.