Thursday, August 26, 2010

Belated Bachelor Pad

This show keeps surprising me with just how low it's going to go. Fantasy Suites on the Bachelor Pad? Kissing contests? I was talking to a friend I hadn't seen in awhile and she compared the skeaziness of this show to a show that used to be on tv a long time ago called Temptation Island. I was so grossed out after the show last night that I didn't feel like doing a post.

But today rolled around and I had some stuff to say. I am forcing myself to do this post in less than 10 minutes (because that's all the time I got) so here goes:

*I thought it was so funny last night that Wes was the one grossed out by the germs of the kissing contest. If that guy doesn't have an STD, there is no justice in the world.

*Speaking of Wes, wasn't it ironic that he was the one trying to break up the couples when he was just trying to save the Gia--the girl he was interested in. Didn't you love his hollow threats?

*How nasty was Elizabeth and Natalie in the kissing contest? They have no shame.

*Someone needs to tell Ashley that she gave up her self respect long ago by going on the show so she really has nothing to lose now.

*If Gia's boyfriend watches the show and her little soundbites about how Wes is the "Modern day Shakespeare only better and cuter" she is in big trouble.

*I have always hated girls like Natalie. She is a ho-bag and Dave deserves her.

*Peyton is darling and I was really disappointed to see that she took the fantasy suite with Jesse B. My sister tells me that doesn't mean they "did it." They could have just been hanging out. I doubt it.

* I missed the strategizing (spelling?) last night. It seemed to all happen at the last minute.

My time's up. I'm out.


Elizabeth said...

Hey I'm glad you posted. I hope all is good in your world and you are still living life large ;-)

SewSara said...

whew! i was starting to wonder if you'd stopped watching. ;)

i love that you called natalie a ho-bag. so true!

i felt bad for tenley when kiptyn rejected her .... eek. that was awkward.

which one is ashley?

Ashley said...

At first I thought you were calling me out--that someone needed to tell me I gave up my self-respect [because I told you today I enjoyed the show so much] . . . . I sorta think it's all about me.

Shakespeare rolled over in his grave last night.

Jill said...

Oh dear, this sounds super skeazy.

I'm just wondering if you're going to post about anything else. I'm just asking because I miss your wit and keen observations, so I'm always hoping for a new post from you.

Jenn J. said...

Yeah, the show outdid itself last night with the skeaz. I was seriously grossed out. We had totally made the Temptation Island comparison before, and it's so right on. The whole show was ridiculous, yet, I never turned away.

nic said...

I was dying at the total make out session. Gia was bugging big time. Don't come on the show if you have a boyfriend. She is lame I am glad she is gone. Tenley bugs big time. I wonder what they were all thinking before they came on the show. Like everyone is not going to hook up. I do still love to watch it. I think it is way fun.

Linda said...

Just a couple of my own observations. First, how much mileage is Wes going to get out of one lousy song, "Love, it don't come easy." I realized that he & Gia were a good match when she got in the limo and said, "if I had went home . . ." Neither one could pass a college entrance exam, at least the grammar. (Shakespeare??? I don't think so) I used to kind of like Gia, but when she took up w/ Wes, and then straight-faced lied to Kipton, well. . .
I predict one of the non-descript girls will win - I don't even know their names - but one of the ones that just lays low.
Finally, I really hope the weatherman stays away from reality TV. It's gotta be insult on top of injury for him to hear Elizabeth say he's the only one she doesn't want to kiss, etc.
And when Natalie was bouncing like Tigger from one lounge chair to another. . . right before she pulled off her top . . .what a ditzy ho-bag. (good term, Brooke)

brooke said...

My mom has the best comments.

Amy said...

At first I wasn't going to watch. Then I started reading you're wrap ups, and I couldn't resist. It really is the foulest show that I can't stop watching. That was a lot of saliva swapping last night. Gave me the willies! (maybe I've been married to the same man for too long)

KellyBelly said...

Good post and comments. You just got feel a little sorry for the skinny blondie (Natalie). She is like I would totally kiss everyone here for like only 20 bucks..... and then why do they treat me that way..... I can see it coming with the previews for next week. Not sure I can take it but of course I'll be watching. Who do you think wins the dumbest next week? Anyone want to bet me it's not Nat?

Megan said...

Yes, not too many moms use the word "ho-bag"! Go, Linda! You always were the coolest.

Stephanie said...

Wow and shock to everyone's comments! Fortunately, from the sound of it, I missed last week's show. My jaw dropped lower and lower with almost every comment I read. I am so surprised that Gia was sent home already--really? Wow, that was quick! Natalie, Elizabeth, Wes...what drama! Poor weatherman! Why would he subject himself to this show? Can't he see the writing on the wall?...or any of them for that matter. Nobody is going to come out a "winner" after this show. The whole idea of the "fantasy suite" just gives me the heebie-be-jeebies...ewww, that can never be a good thing. If these people are willing to be on this kind of a show and betray each other for money than I have low expectations of morality or chivalry in the fantasy suite. Run away! :)