Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Outsiders vs the Cool Kids

After last week, I was prepared to come on here and tell you all that my blog is too good for this trashy show....After tonight, I changed my mind. The DRAMA people! I am hooked. I'm not going to guarantee I will recap every episode a la Bachelorette but I will do it when I have something to say.

Tell me you all watched and aside from the shower scene (where we just stared at the curtain and listened to all the gross noises) wasn't the show a tiny bit less trashy this week? Okay then, let's get down to business.

*I was thrilled to see the pie eating contest because I really thought all those skinny girls wouldn't want to wolf down an entire pie, even to win a rose. I was wrong. I have to hand it to Gia (my new favorite) she did it. Even Tenley came pretty close. Yet, I have no use for Tenley and her crying. She cried three times tonight.

*I wasn't surprised that Kiptyn and Weatherman were the best eaters for the men. Little guys always win eating contests--(Joey Chestnut anyone?)

*Poor Weatherman loved his date and felt like the Bachelor for a night. He actually thinks he has a chance with Gwen and he is going to get his heart broken.

*I never thought I would say this but I felt bad for Satan tonight. Gia should have given him the rose after she gave him her word. She got "Jillianed" by Wes. Did you all die laughing when they showed that preview of Wes playing that same tired song on his guitar to Gia--"Love, It Don't Come Easy." I can't believe even Gia got swayed by Wes' flattery.

*I like Gia. I liked her when she was on the Bachelor. I think she could win this thing. However, I don't think she has any right to be mad at Nikki for changing her vote about Kiptyn when she basically did the same thing to Craig.

*Elizabeth is the most annoying person on the show. I wish she would get voted off. Best line--"I'm a dumb smart girl." Yes, Elizabeth--yes you are. Kovacs is equally dumb for hooking up with her. He is thinking with his "anatomy" and not his brain.

*I was so happy to see Jessie go tonight. I can pretty much guarantee Dave won't come calling once he gets home.

*Wasn't it crazy how quickly Jesse (the guy) dumped Natalie. All it took was a tiny bit of attention from Gia. Gia was brilliant to do that trick with putting his name in the bowl over and over again.

*I just want Kiptyn and Tenley to hurry and get it on so we can eliminate them. I can't stand Tenley's cry baby stuff.

*I am definitely cheering for the outsiders but they may have problems now that Nikki is going to get sucked over to the other side.

*I know lavender is the hot color right now but Chris Harrison's polka dot tie/checkered shirt combo was BAD.

I'm totally hooked. Who is with me? Mom, I know you're in...

If you can't get enough Bachelor Pad commentary, I stumbled onto this article while looking for pictures to add to this post. Hilarious. We had the same title so I knew I would like it.


The Mostess said...

Still with Sam!

On an unrelated note, aren't you glad your nephew has your legs?? :)

Dave & Kami said...

Loved your recap!! You are soo dead on.

I too felt bad for Don Johnson. (aka satan) Gia should have kept her word. Who knew Nikki would cave and not vote for Kypton? He was smart to use his charm to sway her vote.

Harrison's tie/shirt combo was the worst!!

You're right weatherman did think he was king for the night. I felt bad for him when Gwen told all of tv that she would never go for him.

Can't wait for next week!

Denise said...

I liked Gia before she started falling for Wes. What is wrong with her? Plus, I think she's going to bully Nikki, which isn't fair. I'm starting to be over her. I always miss the first hour of the show, so I shouldn't speak too much. If you feel bad for Satan, go watch Ali's season again to remind you that he got his name for a reason. The only reason he was behaving himself this time around was to win the money. He is still evil.

Em said...

You do such a thorough and complex recap, I'm wondering if you take notes as you're watching...

Linda said...

Brookie, I guess I'm still "in" but I had the exact opposite impression of last night's show. I thought it was boring and disgusting. Should've been called "Dumb & Bummer" Gia turned out to be an idiot falling for Wes's lies, and Elizabeth's comment, "I guess I'm a dumb smart girl," should've been, "I guess I'm a dumb nut-job." However, come Monday, I'll probably be watching with my popcorn once again.

Ashley said...

It was soooooo good last night. I am so glad I went back to the trough after declaring I wouldn't. I hope they keep focusing more on the strategy and less on the lame relationships/nasty make-outs. It was so frustrating that Gia and Nikki forgot it was a game and got swayed. They dug their own graves. Can't believe Gia is falling for WES. ("I just luuuv you.") Chris' outfit was terrible! I thought he was going to make a joke about it. And Natalie, Sammie called, she wants her skirt back! Cute on a 5-year-old . . . NOT cute on a 20-something.

Ashley said...

What?!? Mom liked the first week better?!? Crazy.

Stephanie said...

Okay, I didn't watch the whole show and was wondering how the Weatherman got the date with the girls. Watching him enjoy the power trip of giving out the rose was hilarious like he was playing dress-up or something with all his sisters, which I have never verified he has.

I liked Denise's comment Satan... is still evil--ha! So true! Ha! I did feel sorry for him. We all now know how good Gia's word is...not very. That bugged me--even worse, when she was turning the table on Nikki for doing the same thing! (She was quick, and crafty, to avert the negative attention from her) There is something about Gia I like, but she is not the sweet softy I thought she was--she may be twisted enough to win this game. I thought Nikki was the tough girl back during her time on Bachelor--she is turning out to be more decent than I thought she was. So, that may be the first redeeming thing I have found in this show. ;) You really have to dig with this show.

I agree with the comments about Elizabeth--hope she is quick to go--but then what fun will it be?

Among other things, this show will expose a whole lot about the character of these "players" and what they'll be willing to do to get the money. I am embarrassed for these people--I'm not sure if I want to see that--so depressing.

I was sad to see the weatherman falling for Gwen and to hear her comments afterwards--so heart-breaking to know that he is hearing those comments now. :'( haha

I think Tenley and the Weatherman are going to be around until close to the end because they are not a threat to anyone. It would be hilarious if one of them won! :D

By the way,you must be taking notes when you watch it!

brooke said...

I don't take notes but that would be a good idea. I took notes once during Bachelorette and ended up with like four pages of material. I'm better if I don't take notes and then just go from memory with the stuff that really stood out.

Ashley, you were so right about Natalie's hot pink skirt--so cute for Sammie--so not cute for a twenty something.

SewSara said...

haha i had the same thought about natalie's pettiskirt. lame!

and i can't stand Gia ... watching her talk w/ that half lisp just drives me nuts.

i'm glad kiptyn stayed just because he's so easy on the eyes.

love your recaps!
glad you're not too good for the show ;)

Alyse Burt said...

I knew gingham was making a comeback, but not in mens wear! Some stylist had it out for Chris Harrison last night, and won. Melissa always looks stunning though.

I feel bad for the girls who probably are quite normally shaped, Crisily, Ashley and Nikki, but put them next to the twiggys and they look heavy, it's too bad.

One more thought, certainly some girl out there loves the Weatherman, right? Poor much rejection on national TV can he handle?

Jenn J. said...

Yawn. I was bored last night. I even fell asleep half way through and had to finish it later off the tivo. I was sad when I thought they might vote off Kiptyn though. Although, the suspense didn't last long as I've seen that clip of him and Tenley on the "coming up" episodes so many times I knew there was nothing to worry about. I'm with your mom though... the first episode was better.

KellyBelly said...

OK me and Reba are in. We stayed up till midnight last night watching the first episode and then watched the second episode tonight. We both totally laughed again reading your post (we had to wait to read until we watched). We are in agreement with you so far. Until next week........

Stephanie said...

Okay, I went back and watched the pie eating contest and was in disbelief to watch the Weatherman leave the other guys in the dust! They all looked like their egos were deflated afterwards--so fun to see that! Ha! The weatherman felt so big :) Great moment!

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