Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Speechless

I really am. My kids have been sick for a week. I've had Buster into the Dr. twice and he is making no progress. Today, I woke up with no voice whatsoever. This has only happened to me about three times in my life. Like I'm not even raspy--I have nothing but a small whisper.

It drives me CRAZY! At first my kids thought it was awesome--but then they realized it is still possible to yell without a voice--you just give them the angry eyes and point and yell whisper.

I just had Luke call in two salads to Rumbi's for Sam to pick up. He jumbled it and I tried to get on the phone and whisper to no avail. I felt helpless and it was awful!

Does anyone have any good home remedies for this?

PS. I've been nominated for Best LDS female Solo blog (I know! What the?) Thank you to whoever nominated me! I'm honored to be considered for anything that legitimizes this place where I talk about the Bachelor and other nonsense.

Update: False alarm. The voting hasn't started yet. Clearly, I'm a novice at this stuff. Thanks for the heads up Ashley! I didn't look at the website very carefully. Right now, nominations are still being taken. The poll comes later. So don't go over there and vote yet. Thanks to all of you who already went over there and said nice things about me!


Em said...

Wow! You're up against the big guns! You totally have my vote.

I love your post title. I totally felt your frustration in not being able to call in/correct the Rumbi order yourself. As far as home remedies, Chuche and I collected a couple from our missions. From mine: hot lime juice with a little sugar to sweeten it. And Chuche's heard that sucking on ginger root works. One of his Philipino companions was a singer and swore by it. (Is that awesome or what?) Get well soon!

Liz said...

So sorry your sick. I'd rather be blind than lose my ability to communicate. Hope your Rumbi was correct.

Man, looking at the people nominated, WOW. So honored to have yet another famous family member (I'm counting your dad, your grandpa, and of course, Burns). Good luck. I'll go vote.

Ashley said...

Am I an idiot or has the voting not started yet? I think the comments are just for nominees and a poll to vote in comes later. Anyway, it is an honor just to be nominated (and funny to read the discussion about your blog in the comments!) and it seems unfair to have to compete with Cjane and NieNie. Those two should just compete with each other.

You know I lose my voice entirely once a year. Remember Thanksgiving at Mimi's? Speechlessness a horrible thing. You feel fine but can't go anywhere bc no one wants to ring you up when you can't speak. Drive-thrus are out. Phone calls are out. Running into people is so awkward. It's a silent prison and I hope you get over the wall soon.

Natalie said...

I went through the same thing last week. MISERABLE!

and congrats! soon you'll be speaking at all the big blog conferences ;)

Elizabeth said...

So sorry about you guys being sick. Losing your voice is the worst!
You are a very big deal and I'm so glad you were nominated.

Jill said...

It's a sad state of affairs if your voice is too quiet to even call in an order at Rumbi!

Sam said...

This brief experience has made me wonder what it would be like to be married to someone with no voice...and I have realized it wouldn't be that bad.

(This is a sarcastic entry for any reader w/o a sense of humor).

D-dawg said...

Ok well let us know when the voting does begin so I can vote! I love CJane and Nie nie but they're obvious. It's time someone else won something.

Sorry about your voice. Worst ever.

Linda said...

I'm so proud of my girls being nominated for the blog honors! let me know when to vote! (Can you vote more than once?)