Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love is in the Air

Valentines Day isn't a big deal at our house. Sam and I usually exchange cards and that is about it. Though, if Sam really wants to blow my mind, he can rub my dogs tomorrow night while I watch the Bachelor.

In honor of the holiday of love, I give you What I love, What I don't love...

1. I Love my new Valentine banner from Tai Pan:

I don't Love Tai Pan's return policy on holiday goods (another story for another day.)

2. I Love my mom for a million reasons but especially for helping my kids make these amazing Valentine's boxes. Sammie wanted a cupcake box. My mom started talking about modge podge and glitter paint and I stopped listening. She is a crafty craftswoman. That gene skipped me.

I don't Love the unusually high standard she has set for the future of Valentine boxes.

3. I Love seeing my little boys playing together and laughing:

I don't Love when Buster is supposed to be taking a nap and I find Ryan in the crib with him.

4. I Love Godiva Chocolate Strawberry truffle bars. I have gone on record proclaiming my love of of mint and chocolate. I also have a thing for fruit and chocolate--chocolate covered bananas, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. Which is weird because I don't love fruit. Anyhoo, these Godiva chocolate bars have dried strawberries in them which makes them crispy. They are wicked good:

I don't Love that I am in Club Phat and won't be taking a single bite of said bars until March 14th.

5. I Love love love my new purse (It is Fossil brand and the outside is wipeable.) I have spring fever so bad right now and my new bag is a little bit of spring on my arm. I suffer from buyer's remorse so much that it is a true treat to actually love a purchase once the tags are off:

I don't Love sloshing through snow carrying the new fun bag.

6. I Love that my gym has parking for parents with small chldren:

I don't Love that there are only 4 of these spots. By the time I haul three children and a heavy carrier in from my usual crappy spot, I already feel like I've had a workout. I saw a grown man with no children leaving one of these spots on Friday. I almost said something. Those spots are sacred and I think they need at least 20 of them.

7. I Love my Sunday nap. It is the best part of my week. It has completely changed my entire feeling about Sundays.

I don't Love 9:00 church that enables the afternoon nap.

8. I Love patterned pantyhose (I know I'm super late to this trend):

I don't Love having Ryan snag them as he brushes past me for the 18th time in Sacrament meeting.

9. I Love one stop shopping--eating dinner with my kids at Subway inside of Walmart (yes--we are those people)

I don't Love that Subway doesn't take my coupons that are only good for Subways not inside of Walmarts. What the?

10. I Love that face:

I don't Love when I am disciplining him and I finish and it is quiet and then he says "Boo yeah!" to me and I can't help but laugh.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday to my fun mother-in-law CJ!


Ashley said...

I need that Fossil bag immediately. Where did you get it? (Mom, are you reading this?) My latest bag is yellow and dirty and doesn't wipe clean--time to bin it.

Those Valentine boxes blow my mind. Mom truly is a crafty craftsman. I can't wait to live closer so I can take full advantage.

Love Ryan in the crib with Buster. I always knew I should be mad when my boys were doing that during bedtime but it warmed the cockles of my black heart.

Finally, you can't say Valentines is no big deal then show that totally decked out hutch. It's darling.

Ashley said...

I'm back. I forgot to say that once I actually did call a single guy on parking in the family parking at Ikea.

Em said...

Yeah! I'm the first!

I LOVE your Fossil bag! Their bags are awesome.

I feel overwhelmed with sweet jealousy at your hutch whenever a holiday rolls around. It is always absolutely adorable! One day I will be like you. :)

Love the "Boo yeah!" story, and that pic of your boys in Buster's crib is so fun.

Em said...

Dang! Ashley beat me!

Em said...

Sorry! One more comment to Ashley--the Ikea parking lot story needs to be shared! I felt my heart burn with anger reading that part in Brooke's post and am wondering what would happen if I were brave enough to blast them out about it.

Sam said...

On behalf of all men, I would like to say that I loathe Valentine's Day. It's an artificial holiday that has no historical value. And it's on the heels of Christmas (and the wedding anniversary) and just a month before your birthday. No man can be asked to write three cards within a three month span.

If Catholic, Linda would have been sainted years ago.

Ryan is a comedic genius. His use of "boo yeah" and "Luke loves the wiggles" is flawless. Dog rub, check. During The Bachelor? Only if on mute.

melissa walker said...

I am going to get myself that Fossil bag for Valentine's Day! And at least you delegated the valentine's box to your mom-I'm looking at it this morning and wondering if I was supposed to do that for my kids!

Jill said...

This was a highly enjoyable post! Your hutch looks so festive and Valentiney.

Those Valentine boxes are amazing, your mom is a wonder! Randy helped Whitney make her box and it's rather amazing too. I don't have those skills even though I do possess all the supplies. Any box coming from me would just end up being a decorated box, not a cool shape or anything.

Buster and Ryan are so stinkin cute!

I'm loving the Sunday naps that come with early church as well!

Jill said...

A word about Valentine cards...Randy and I stopped writing them years ago. I just couldn't take it. He was writing on the "right" things, but didn't really back them up with his actions so I put a stop to them. I'll just take a gift and call it Shmalentine's Day.

Denise said...

I love Boo-ya! I don't understand: I don't Love 9:00 church that enables the afternoon nap. I'm a little slow but that is why I love morning church. I might switch wards when we switch back to afternoons next year. I have been wanting a colorful bag for weeks now! I'm glad were on the same page.

Amy M. said...

AMAZED at that cupcake box.

Whenever I sport the patterned pantyhose, Micah asks me if I bought them at the Blue Boutique.

You should have punched the rude man who parked in the mother's spot.

Funny that Ryan says "Boo yeah." Max says it too.

alexandra said...

I love that Ryan says boo-yeah to you after getting in trouble. It is even better that you laugh. You have to!

Linde said...

You are so good about your decorations! And those Valentines's boxes! Will your mom hire out when Jacob starts school??? :)

Elizabeth said...

I love your blog. I love your new bag (I had a Fossil wallet for ages... loved it.) I love your white hutch and your Mum (cos she is the best Grandma). I love the patterned hose (so stylish).
This V day Dave got me 2 bottles of Crack free Diet Coke on the way home from work... that is true love I tell ya.
PS have your tried dipping Brussels sprouts in chocolate ? Boo Yeah!

brooke said...


I hate 9:00 church. But I do love taking an afternoon nap. Sorry that didn't make sense.

Heather said...

I love the bag (still)...awesome! Also, I love the patterned hose/tights, but then I had some on and the 84-year old man in my ward told me I was wearing "some sexy stockings" and I got scared...I'm back to plain.

Heidi said...

Your mom is amazing! I cannot even begin to figure out how she did that cupcake and I consider myself crafty. I NEED that purse!

Alison Moore Smith said...

Just wanted to let you know that you've been nominated for Best LDS Female Solo Blog for 2010.

Good luck!