Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Hometown Dates

I love the home town dates. It is probably my favorite episode of the season. It is so funny to meet the parents and see the different houses. I love the "realness" of it. I love that you are seeing people who are forced to be on the show because their daughter signed up for the Bachelor...the nasty sister, the awkward mom, the overprotective dad.

Chantel's date: They started the date by going to Chantel's house where Brad got to meet her THREE animals---Poopsie, Whoopsie and Tinkles or some other crazy names. Animals galore. I'm not an animal fan so that kind of grossed me out. The beer was flowing (hate the tacky beer bottles) and they discussed their future. It was then off to the castle, er, the parent's house. The house was ginormous and they made sure we pretty much saw the whole thing. The pillars--the sculpture, the wine cellar...it was over the top. My sister Ashley was convinced that Brad was going to give the rose to Chantel's dad. Those two definitely hit it off.

I couldn't get over the parent's plastic faces. Both of them have had major work done! Mom could barely talk because her face doesn't move. My friend Mandee texted me that she thinks they might be the Osmonds....hahaha

Ashley's Date: I don't love Ashley, but she is cute and I liked Ashley's date. I liked how they started off at the little restaurant and ate the fries covered in gravy (Disgusting!) I loved how Ashley told Brad she could see his crown--I love real stuff like that. It seems they are always so busy talking about their feelings that I love it when someone actually says something real. I liked how they went and bought the lobsters and vegetables for dinner.

Ashley's family was fine. The sister was pretty nasty with all the tats. I was totally laughing at Brad's talk with Ashley's dad in the storage room/garage. Was there no where else to chat? Also, wasn't that so weird how Ashley's family were all acting like they weren't sure if Ashley wanted to have kids? Also, it totally came out that Ashley is a dental student, not a dentist. I don't know why the producers feel the need to beef everyone up like that. Just like when Ali was the Bachelorette and all the guys were "entrepreneurs"...

I don't get the impression that Brad is really crazy about Ashley. I think she is going home next.

Shawntel's date: I just want to say right out of the gates that I feel bad for Shawntel. She is really sweet and I think the producers convinced her to do all that mortuary stuff. She should never have put him on the table and pulled out the tools. The poor guy looked like he was going to faint. Here is the thing: Shawntel has a real job. Granted it is completely unconventional-but it is a real job. None of the other girls had to take Brad to their place of employment. To her credit, Shawntel was like "if he picks me, he has to get used to this stuff" but she should never have taken him to the crematory and the embalming room. Good grief.

I loved the realness of Shawntel's family and home. I loved the stacks of VHS tapes against the wall, the tin foil over the rolls at dinner, the Lazy boy recliners where Shawntel and her dad had their chat. I felt bad for Shawntel when her dad was giving her the guilt trip about leaving the family biz. I wanted to shout through the TV "Don't even go there Shawntel--you are going home tonight, don't cause a rift with your dad!"

Poor Shawntel did go home. The thing I liked about her was that she was always in a good mood, never emotional, never catty. She was classy on her way out and didn't cry and say she would never find love...she simply said she hoped she would find a guy who would treat her as well as Brad did.

Emily's date: Emily is so dang cute. Sam was watching this episode with me and all he could say over and over and over and over again is how there is no contest. She is going to win. He probably said it 10 times. Should I be worried? Anyway, I thought Brad did a good job with little Ricky. Kids are so hard. I can only imagine how bad my kids would be if I brought the Bachelor home to meet them on National TV--Because it could happen! What? Anyway, kids are unpredictable and I thought the date ended up going well. I liked that they made it about Rickie and played board games and flew the kite and did stuff she would like. I do think it freaked Brad out and made him realize he is not ready for a kid.

I was so mad at Brad for not kissing Emily. He totally blew it. You could tell how mad Emily was at Brad. I liked how she said "If this works out, she is always going to be upstairs asleep." At least she kissed him at the door. I still think she is the front runner but somehow I can't see them together in the end. I really want her as the next Bachelorette so I hope she goes home. I was coveting her house. Wow.

The rose ceremony went down exactly like I thought. Emily looked beautiful. Ashley looked cute. Shawntel's dress was bad but she looked good. Chantel was a disaster. She needs a stylist STAT! No more shiny sausage casing dresses--no more slicked back hair. And am I the only one or did she totally look pregnant? I'm sure it was just a food baby but still. Heaven help her! She is so much cuter in casual clothes with her hair down.

Next week to South Africa. Woo hoo!


Laura B. said...

This is so funny. Chantal looked AWFUL at the Rose Ceremony. I think she's gained at least 15 this season. Last week's bikini shot was the WORST!
Emily is darling and the date was perfect. Too bad he was "the gentleman" and wouldn't make out with her on the couch. I loved the snippet of them at the very end where they were making mac and cheese in the kitchen. They finally looked relaxed and like this could really work.
Shawntel was a goner the minute she put that face mask on.
And Ashley is cute but she's never going to last. She's out next week for sure.

Denise said...

I think Chantal has put on some lbs. you could tell int he swimsuit thing last week. I don't care, though, bc I think she and brad would be the best together. And, honestly, I'm glad she has a real body unlike the other three. I think the microphone pack doesn't do her any favors when she's in those tight dresses. SHe has been a bit emotional, but wouldn't you be if you were basically living the life of a polygamist?

Emily is sweet and adorable, but I don't see much fun in it. Maybe Brad wants a quiet girl. He sure seems to want to pick her.

I love Ashley and her enthusiasm but it might get a bit old after a day or so.

Poor Shawntel. She needs to learn to lay off the details of her profession until the next guy has professed his love for her. What a way to scare a guy off.

marta said...

yep, you said everything i was thinking. poor chantal, i'm totally feeling for her everytime dan calls her the chubby one. i think her last outfit and hair was seriously horrid, like you said. however i have a feeling she wins.

i can totally see emily as the next bachelorette. she'd be cute. however i think brad would've sent her home if he wasn't gonna pick her.. no reason to drag her through this (ala jason and that one old lady who was the sweetest contestant ever who has a pilot in the sky somewhere).

anyway, thank you for keeping up with all this. and where did emily get that mammoth house!!? seriously, that playroom!?! can't wait for africa.

marta said...

p.s. i totally agree about the producers making shawntel do the weird funeral home stuff. so sad. this show is such a formula, there is always one 'psycho' home date for the previews.

Ashley H. said...

I love the comment about Chantal's parents looking like the Osmonds! They totally did!

Pandy said...

Well, I still like Shawntel and think she's the cutest. She has a natural, girl-next-door look. But I just don't get all the dead people stuff. There HAS to be more to her than that.

Chantal is a bit round, but I'm liking her more and more. I like that Brad and her dad got along so well, but there could be some pressure keeping up with the fam. And, gees, cut out the weeping. That would drive any guy away.

I think Brad is crazy about Emily, but I still don't see them together. I can't see Emily sharing his energy and devil-may-care attitude about life. She's beautiful - and such a Belle, but she could be boring and I find it hard to believe that she could so quickly come to peace with the death of Ricky's father. It was such a huge issue in the beginning. Hmmmm? I just don't know.

Ashley is cute, but I don't see them together. I really liked her family and like you, Brooke, thought they were "real". The french-fry thing was gross, but I loved that she didn't eat a salad! I say "here-here" to anyone who eats gravy covered fries on a date. You go girl.

Ashley said...

I'm laughing at Marta's reference to Stephanie (sad that I know her name) and her pilot in the sky. It's all so true. At least Shawntel gets to go home with parting gifts from her Vegas shopping spree. I still think Emily is going to win--I think I'm the only one who thinks that anymore. I wonder where they keep all the girls before their hometowns . . . I don't think they see their families til the moment they get there with Brad. They need to do a "Behind the Bachelor." I need answers! I'd love to see your four kids run over a grassy knoll to embrace you and then go meet the Bachelor.

Dave & Kami said...

You always make me laugh. I agree with you Chantal needs some help. Maybe her parents could take some of their extra cash and get her a stylist?? Emily is soo cute and how cute was little Ricki's laugh. Unfort, I think he's going to end up with Chantal!!

Lori said...

Hilarious. I felt totally bad for Chantal. She's cute but definitely doesn't always dress well. The hair was awful. I felt like I could see the clumps of hairspray even without HD!

I think you're right about Emily. She seems to still be holding back, but I like them together. Did she get a huge settlement when her fiancee died or what? How does she have that huge house? Her five year old's room was bigger than my apartment!

There's something off about Ashley. I hate her psuedo-cali accent. What is up with that? but she's cute and little, but it doesn't seem like he loves her, but he loved her family.

Em said...

My favorite line: "Brad Womack isn't getting out the door without kissing me first--that's for damn sure!" That Emily has spunk along with the sweetness! I think she has a maturity that the other girls don't have and desperately need. The way they've played it I think she's the one; she's got him hooked and has since he first saw her. He's already picked her--despite his bromance with Chantal's daddy.

Ashley H is a bit over the top, but I did like their date. It makes me want to go to Maine, even though I'd die from the cold and I don't speak French. I think she's too hyper cutesy for it to last, though.

Chantal just needs some Spanx for those tight dresses. And less blush, my word! But I like her average body type, that's for sure.

Awesome post.

Jill T said...

Do I even dare ask this question? As a non watcher, I'm just curious, what are the Bachelor stats? I mean, how many of the past Bachelors have stayed together with their final rose?

brooke said...


One couple has actually gotten married and had kids. Two other couples are currently still together. Not good odds, but that's not why we watch!

Linde said...

I thought Emily's house was WOW! She is only 24 and look how she lives. How does she afford it?

brooke said...

I did my homework on Emily and the mongo house. Emily's dead fiance was a co-founder of a Nascar racing team called Hendrick Motor Sports which was worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The dead fiance's father was the real source of the money.

Anyway, I'm sure when the fiance died and Emily found out she was pregnant with his child, the family kicked her 10 to 15 million dollars for child support, etc.

That's the scoop on the ginormous house.

Ashley said...

Here's something we haven't heard anything about --would Emily be willing to move to Austin? I wouldn't want to leave that nice house and make my little girl move. Brad seems pretty set on staying put. Yes these are the things I think about during the day.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, good point.

Perhaps another question is whether Emily's in-laws would let her leave Charlotte. I'm assuming that they live close by to see their grand daughter (little Ricky) and they may not be so jazzed about having to travel to Austin to visit the grandkids. That type of family money does not necessarily come "no-strings-attached."

Stephanie said...

Wow, that was a crazy show. I love that Sam got sucked into it enough to predict it would be Emily, Emily, Emily. ;) haha.

When Brad went to Chantal's house I couldn't take my eyes of that crazy dog--it had such a comical face! Loved her parents mansion and that huge sculpture! I loved that they filmed interviews in all those different rooms. It made it painful when they filmed the interview with Ashley's dad in the basement infront of crates and bags of rice or whatever. It sure seemed like the producers did that on purpose as a way to contrast the difference between the families to the extreme. As a hobbyist photographer, I am fully aware of what is going on in the background of my pictures and I'm sure they could have found a better place.

I was especially frustrated that Shawntel was duped into showing Brad what she does in such detail. I'm sure she loves what she does, but I doubt she would have been so over the top if the cameras weren't there. Maybe Shawntel and Brad wouldn't have worked out anyway, but the producers killed her chance by pushing this. Grrrr...I hope she finds someone. She is a sweet girl. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that she looks like a supermodel and now has the closet of clothes to dress like one! :)

Emily's hometown date seemed very strange to me. Yes, it was adorable to make little Ricky the center of their time together but did he ever get to meet her parents?? What's up with that? How can you have a relationship go any further without meeting her parents first? I expected at least to see a clip of them during the credits. We were all a bit bugged by the way Emily acting around Brad at the house. It just felt like this was her life and if he wanted to be a part of it he would always be the third wheel. There just doesn't ever seem to be any substance to what she says around Brad, she would be an ideal trophy wife but is that good enough for him?

I love to see the way Brad feels so comfortable around Chantal and how easy conversation always is when they're together. She does need a stylist. She's a very pretty girl, just needs to show a bit less. :)

I would love to see Emily as the next Bachelorette but I wonder if she would ever open up to any of them. It would be interesting to watch.