Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bachelor Party and Finale

Last night I had my first Bachelor party. And you thought bachelor parties were just for young crazy guys on the brink of getting married...not so. A bunch of thirty-something women can rock a Bachelor party too.

A few friends left before we could take the picture.

It was really fun last night and I loved watching the show with 13 women who love it as much as I do. I wish I had ended on the proposal and not with the awkwardness that ensued on ATFR. But I'll get to that later.

I loved seeing Brad's tears when he saw his family again. His mother was really sweet and southern and the brothers seemed nice. I kind of felt bad for the ugly brother. Can you imagine having to grow up in the shadow of those hot twins? But he did alright. Prima is a cute girl.

I thought Chantel did a great job winning over the family. She is totally likeable and personally, I would rather go to sushi and wine with her than Emily (that is if I liked sushi or actually drank wine, which I don't.) She is outgoing and fun and I really really felt bad for her last night. When Emily had her "meet the family" date, I just thought, Chantel is toast. How do you compete with Emily's story? You don't. Of course, the family fell in love with Emily and it was downhill from there for Chantel.

I could feel the awkwardness on Chantel's last date. The poor girl wore yet another ill-fitting outfit. She is a really pretty girl but she did not look good in her clothes. You've got to hand it to her though--she worked those ta-tas. When she came out in the wet suit, everyone at my party yelled "zip it up!" Maybe she couldn't zip it up. The "girls" looked like they were about to pop in that suit. They swam with the shark, blah blah blah, and then it was back to the room for the gift. At this point, Brad just started to look guilty. That's when we all knew it was over for Chantel. His mind was made up.

Emily's date didn't go much better. She forgot to wear pants on the helicopter ride. At one point, we rewinded the DVR because my friends were sure they saw Emily's bum cheek when the helicopter blew her shirt up. Seriously--I don't care who you are--who wears that on a date? (Especially a windy date!)

Brad was really sweet with her back in the room and told her again how he is ready to be a dad and step into that role completely. Then she totally blew it and kept asking him if he was really ready. Newsflash Emily: NO ONE IS READY TO BE A PARENT! Just like no one is "ready" to go to basic training for the military or start chemo. You just do it. You can't explain to Brad how it's gonna be. He has to find out for himself.

I have to say, the producers are sly dogs. In the previews, they made us think Brad was walking out on the date with Emily when he really just left the room to get a glass of water. Also, they spliced a piece of what he said to his brothers about leaving alone and made us think he actually might not pick anyone. Sneaky. I can see why contestants on the show are miffed about how they are edited.

I loved how they have both girls sitting around all day writing in their journals, waiting for the final rose ceremony. You could already tell that Chantel knew she was going home. She was extra weepy. I felt so bad for her.

When Neil Lane showed up to give Brad the ring, we all thought it was the therapist coming back. I was like "No Way Fleis flew him to South Africa." Thank goodness it was Neil bringing the bling. Gorgeous ring. Good choice Brad. I heard the ring was worth $100,000. Emily, you are an idiot if you don't close the deal just for the ring.

Chantel looked beautiful at the final rose ceremony. The black dress was her best outfit yet.

As Brad was breaking up with her, I just thought "I hate this show. Why do we do this to ourselves?" I was with her when she said "I just want to escape." And then the horrible, sobbing, drawn out ride in the limo. Poor girl. I wish she was the next bachelorette.

Did you hear the news? Ashley H. is the next bachelorette. We all saw it coming. What a blow.

Emily looked beautiful at the final rose ceremony too. I loved the proposal. Brad nailed it. She was gracious and we all cheered. My mom cried. It was good tv.

I wish it had ended there. I'm still confused about what happened with Brad and Emily. Like most relationships, it is probably complicated. Sounds like Brad needs to start seeing his therapist for anger management rather than commitment issues. Emily needs to get some self-confidence and shake her insecurities. It does seem like Brad is still totally in love with Emily. I really hope they can make it work but I'm not holding my breath.

I laughed when they trotted out Trysta and Ryan again. Those two are like Bachelor royalty. I still love Roberto and Ali. Jason and Molly totally suck. How is that for classy?

I do think Emily's hair looked a million times better at the ATFR (less playboy playmate!) Chris Harrison's hair was different too--more poofy? more blond? I'm not sure. I think Chantel had a good question when she asked Brad when he knew she wasn't the one. There is no way Brad was going to answer that because if he was honest, he would probably say it was much earlier than Chantel would want to know. She can't get mad though. That is the way the show works. You've got to have two girls at the end.

So what is the consensus? Do you think Brad and Emily will last? Are you going to watch Ashley as the bachelorette on May 26th? Do you wish you had come to my mom's house and had her mint brownies?


Denise said...

Well, I haven't watched the after yet because I'm pretty sure some dude (Jimmy) in the other room did something so my DVR didn't record it. (Even though I had a friend watching it with me!) I'm dying to see what happened in the after. The whole conversation that Brad and Emily were having where he needed a drink of water made me want to scream, "don't marry this guy until you get in a real OFF CAMERA fight with him". He was scaring me a bit. Maybe that is the way he is when he gets upset in real life, but I'm not so sure. Everyone changes for cameras. Thanks for letting me know about Ashley H. I actually sort of like her.

Natalie said...

arrrgh! i'm so mad i couldn't attend!! i got home late and then matt wanted to go to the gym (the sacrifices i make, i tell you!)...
totally agree with all your comments.

Jen (and her men) said...

Argh...mint brownies too? I'm sad I missed the party, but I'm glad it was a blast!! Bummer about the next bachelorette. No season will ever be like this one :(

Sam said...

I didn't watch the episode but predicted Emily's win over a month ago. She was a Ferrari competing with Accords and Camrys.

Another prediction: Emily and Brad break up by Labor Day (and I'm not talking 2012).

Stephanie said...

This was a good season of Bachelor--regardless of the frustrating outcome...for me ;) I really thought it was going to be Emily in the end but I was hoping for a miracle.

Question: If Emily didn't have that heartbreaking story would she still be the one everyone fell for?

I really like Brad but I feel like he is so star-crossed with Emily, tripping over himself, that he is becoming Kasey and wanting to "guard and protect her heart" and she hasn't even invited him too yet. I like that Brad once referred to her as "Sweet Em" with a hint a sarcasm--apparently,he has seen another side too.

I thought it was kind of heartbreaking when Brad sincerely expressed that he wanted to become Ricky's dad and not just her step-dad and then she reacted the way she did. To me,it couldn't seem any clearer that she had no intention of letting Brad fill that role/vacancy. That is so sad to me. Ricky has never even known her dad. (Bit of a background here, my dad died when I was 11 yrs. old and when my mom got married a year later, I called him "Dad." Even though I knew he wasn't my dad. It was a matter of respect.)

Emily seems incapable of putting someone else first, other than her daughter, she doesn't seem to want to let anyone else in to that little circle. Her loss. She doesn't realize how bad she is sabotaging her own life.

Oh,I also couldn't believe that Emily hid behind the "I don't want to get hurt again" excuse--It is pretty obvious that Brad is head over heels for her and would do anything for her. She has to know that. Brad's is the heart that is most likely to be broken in the end--just like all those girls he sent home that "thought" they were in love with Brad. Although, really, I hope not.

I'm bummed that Chantel won't be the next Bachelorette but I think she has a greater chance of finding love or making a relationship work with whomever she ultimately chooses to fall for.

Not sure how I can take Ashley again...but I'll probably get hooked anyway. I'm glad some of those Bachelor couples have made it through.

I think I'm in need of one of those mint brownies now ;)

Stephanie said...

By the way, Sam, I predict the Ferrari will need to be traded in for an Accord by Memorial Day. Too much upkeep. ;)

Mandee said...

To your last question- yes, I totally do.

I have too much opinion to fit into this little comment box. We shall rehash it over lunch next week!

Elizabeth said...

I love your recaps. I have no clue but I still love them. I love your silver shoes - can we have a close up? I hate mint so next time can your Mum make plain chocolate? Thanks.

Alison Hayes Carvalho said...

Your party looked fun! So many familiar faces from school!
Anyway- am I the only one that thought Emily was emotionless? I just wanted to see as much emotion out of her as we did Brad!!
No way, this one will tank too. If they are having those kind of fights now, watch out! And yucko on Ashley H as the new bachelorette. Although, I'll probably still watch. :)

Ashley said...

When Neil Lane came walking in I was totally "NOOOO, the therapist!!!" I'm so bummed that Ashley is the bach-ette. We all knew the deal was sealed when she showed up at the Women Tell All with that make-over. I just hope we don't see Brad on Dancing with the Stars. Great recaps this season.

Holly said...

That's funny you thought Neil Lane was the therapist - we thought the same thing too.

I'm glad that they are taking it slow - maybe they will both get therapy to make it work. Otherwise, I'm with Sam - I give the Ferrari til Labor Day, scratch that - I say Memorial Day.

Pandy said...

I think Brad is thinking with something other than his head (and I'm not talking about his heart). He has fallen for Emily's physical perfection - and no one can deny her beauty - but, I think he's going to wake up and wish he had a real woman and not a china doll. He hasn't been able to see Emily's insecurities and mistrust. He did everything but engrave his feelings on her forehead last night and she still didn't believe him. She's high maintenance and I don't think she'll ever let him in. She soooo reminds me of the Southern Belles I grew up with in NC. Trust me. You don't want to mess with them. They lure you in then bite your head off.

Chantel was gorgeous last night. I agree, it was the best she's looked all season. I love her energy and enthusiasm. In fact, I'd like to hang out with her. I read that she's already in a great relationship, so maybe even she knew Brad wasn't the BEST choice for her.

Having said all that, I hope Brad and Emily are very happy. Gotta agree with the Ferrari thing, though. I love happy endings so I hope they all live happily ever after.

LOVED that ring. WILL NOT watch Ashley. Amen.

LAURA said...

It seemed to me that emily was pissed that Brad slept with some of the other women at the fantasy date....when supposedly he knew she was "the one" early on in the show. That would tick me off too!
Your party looked fun!

Liz said...

Party was awesome! So nice to not hear my Brad-mocking husband in the background criticizing me for watching. Food was super! Thanks for having us.

Linda said...

Brooke made up the part about me crying. . .
It was a fun night/party! I agree with everything people have said - I wish that the producers would wake up and get a totally fresh face for the new bachelorette or bachelor next time. I think that all the participants start thinking that that is the real prize, and when it looks like they are some of the last ones standing, they start to "work it" to become the next "it-girl." I think Ashley H. might have had that ulterior motive when she got all weird at the end. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if even "Sweet Em" had that in mind when she was working Brad over on the last date. I think Chantel was the only one truly in love with Brad - and to her credit she isn't signing up to be the next bachelorette. Rumor has it that she was asked first, but turned it down because of the relationship she is in right now. Hope it works out for her!

Lanea Sampson said...

Oh my gosh, Brooke. Steph is downstairs right now watching the DVRed version of the Bachelor. I told her we should have come to your party! (Even though I've never actually WATCHED the show, I know virtually EVERYTHING about it-thanks to my girls!) The brownies look yummy and your mom looks darling as usual! (as do you :) )

leandparkermakes3 said...

Such a fun party! I love watching the show with other people. It makes it so much more entertaining. The company was great and so were the treats! As for Brad and Emily, I give them two week tops. She will leave him for sure.

The Mostess said...

Shut the hell up! Your party seems way better than ours. Ashley was all
Ugh! Shush!! Brad is going to say something way deep whilst looking at a sunset, and you blabbermouths are going to ruin it for me!!" Incorrigible.

Yes to all of the above. Emily's forgotten pants, Emily's accidental azz cheek (complete with rewind), Emily's brassy hair, Neil Lane/Therapist, the treasure map of doom, Brad's anger issues....

I would have killed for your mom's brownies! Which reminds me--I wanna hear about Club Phat!

The Mostess said...


Stephanie said...

I love reading everyone's comments. I can only imagine what fun it would be to watch the Bachelor finally in such a big group. So, did you talk the whole time?

By the way, I have to say that I loved Emily's hair! So much better! Ahhh, thank you! :)

Jenn J. said...

I agree about Emily's hair. WAY better on ATFR. I also liked her better on ATFR than I did on the show(and I liked her on the show.) I thought she showed some spunk and personality that we hadn't seen before. I hope it works out, but I'm doubtful.

I must have been one of a few that knew that was Neil Lane. Right before he came in I said to my husband, "We haven't seen the whole, bring-in-a-briefcase-full-of-rings scene yet." Next thing I know, there's a knock on the door from our friend Neil. These finales are pretty predictable.

I will probably watch Ashley as the bachelorette even though the mannerisms she does with her mouth when she talks drive me a little crazy. I can't turn away.

Anonymous said...

OMG!I totally don't know you, but I really considered flying to wherever you were at and watching the Batchelor with you! Always love your commentary of this show! ROFL!!! Anyway, hope you don't think this creepy! I'm just a "normal" LDS woman (Well almost "normal").

alexandra said...

I do wish I could have come to your house if only just to meet Linda (let alone the brownies)! It always has seemed like folly to me for any other those people to actually go through with getting married. The entire process of dating was so unnatural and contrived, it seems wrong to make that commitment. And esp since Emily has a child, I hope they just break up.

SewSara said...

whaaaaaaaaaat?! how did you find out about ashley s. as the next bachelorette? why didn't they say anything on ATFR i wonder? ugh. yuck. i'm sure i'll still watch and hate every minute of it.

thanks for the party! (no thanks for that pic - not my best) it was so fun to meet you and everyone else.

Em said...

Great final recap! Well, my gut knew he would pick Emily and I also knew she was more of a firecracker than we expected. I hope they work, but I won't lose sleep over it, that's for sure. I loved how on ATFR Brad put the blast on Chantal about dating someone new when she was all up in his grill about not loving her. He said it all when he said he'd always had stronger feelings for Emily.

The best news is that I came out of the Bachelor closet to my hubby when he caught me watching on hulu last night. He was totally shocked and once I explained the whole Brad Womack story, he actually got all caught up in it and watched with me! Half an episode and he knew Emily was the one. We just planned on watching the first half but stayed up till 2:30 AM watching the whole damn show. I love my man.

Stephanie said...

One more comment...I watched the Bachelor finale with a couple my husband and I are friends with. Only my hubby was in New York, so we watched it without him. (or, I would have been at your party!) Steve wouldn't want to admit this but got back to his hotel room and watched it alone! :D haha. I told him not to bother calling or texting me that night because he would already know the outcome--and that would kill me. :) After watching the show at my friend's house, her husband said, "I'm excited to finally have my Monday nights back!" ha! It just makes my day that a couple of guys would get into this show with us women! :)

Heather said...

Words cannot express how sad I am to miss your super awesome party... stupid work trip. I don't think they'll last...sorry to say. The bachelors do not have a good track record and Brad has issues.

Linde said...

So fun to meet everyone and join you for the party! Had fun. Hmmm...Ashley as the next Bachelorette??? Not sure. :)

Amy M. said...

Brooke - You are so skinny! You look great!
Now onto the Bachelor... I agree with everything. I'm nervous about Brad's temper. If he gets all hot, red and thirsty that easily...yikes. Emily's ATFR hair did look a million times better than the bleached playmate version. Let's just hope she remembers her pants from now on. She is so gorgeous and they are the best-looking couple I've ever seen. Move over Brangelina!
I like Chantal and thought she went out with class. She looked pretty on ATFR.
Wish I could have been at your fun party!
Not excited about the B-ette.

Jenn J. said...

Oh yeah, and I was at Smiths on Monday afternoon and saw that they had already put out the US Weekly that had pictures of Brad and Emily plastered all over the front and "why he picked her" etc. etc. Did they do that everywhere? Seems like that would be a mistake.

nic said...

I had so much fun at the Bachelor party. I am glad I joined you and the gang. For the record I did have a mint brownie and they were to die for. The food and company was worth coming for. To bad Chantelle wasn't chosen. I was not impressed with Emily at the end. I don't think they will last. Thanks Brooke for inviting me. Tell your mom thanks and I loved your mom's house.