Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Women Tell All

I have had major technical difficulties watching the Women Tell All. But you know I can't leave it alone. Here are my thoughts in condensed format:

*Why did Christ Harrison waste so much time with the Rachel and Melissa conflict? No one cares about them anymore. I didn't even care about them and their stupid feud at the time. They were both short-timers and everyone knew it. Someone needs to pull Rachel aside and get her into some more modest clothing. Ginorm boobs hanging out of every outfit she ever wore on the show (with the world's tightest, shortest dresses and huge calves--not the best look---how is that for catty!)

*I loved the clip of Chantel getting out of the limo in her green dress at the beginning of the season. She looked amazing back then. I want Brad to pick Chantel. I think they are a better match and I love their chemistry. I know I'm in the minority with that. I still think Emily is the cutest and will find love with someone else--hopefully she'll be our next Bachelorette.

*I really really really hope Ashley H. isn't our next Bachelorette. When she showed up with a make-over, it made me really worried. Then she got so much air-time talking about regret. It made me think of Ally right before she was the bachelorette. Ashley blew it with Brad and she would make a boring bachelorette. They were also having her play the peacemaker between Rachel and Melissa and the Michelle fiasco. I've just got a bad feeling Fleise is setting her up to be the next bachelorette. I do think she looks much cuter as a brunette though.

*I was shocked that Shawntel didn't get any air time at all. Did I miss it?

*They are seriously doing a Bachelor Pad 2? Is there anything trashier on this planet? Did you see Kasey (to guard and protect your heart) hooking up with Erica (the princess from Lorenzo's season) at the party? And Sausage and Wes? Good grief--those two are made for each other. Wes moves from Gia to Sausage? That is like moving from filet mignon to well, sausage. I honestly don't know if I can watch it again.

*Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. I know a lot of you have told me you felt bad for her last night. I had moments of sympathy for her. The trashy bartender should never have piled on her about her mothering--totally off limits. What about Emily leaving her daughter to come on the show? No one questions that. But I do think Michelle needs to own how she acted on the show. Sure, I think a lot of what she said was meant to be sarcastic. But there was plenty of stuff that wasn't--like going on and on and on about her birthday, going on and on and on about getting a rose, visiting Brad in his room and lying about it. Jackey got it right. Michelle was a spider and she needs to accept that. She played dirty and I don't feel bad for her even if she does turn on the waterworks--she's an actress remember!

That's all. I am so excited to watch the finale. I'm trying to put something together for anyone who is local to come to my mom's house to watch it in her theatre room. You should see Brad on the big screen....Please comment and say if you would be interested in a shin dig like that. However, if you are a murderer or rapist type, just know my dad will be there running security with his house dog (big gun.)


Greg said...


I have to disagree. Ashley H.'s look is not "new and improved." Her new "do" makes her look like she's about 45 years old and it is not cute.

When I first saw her (I tuned in late, so I missed her introduction) I wondered why they had some middle-aged woman on the show and was trying to figure out if she was a mom of one of the contestants.

She should go back to blonde.

leandparkermakes3 said...

I thought Ashley H.'s look was much improved! I didn't think about her being the next Bachelorette though. Please no! She would never make a decision about anything! I too was disgusted by the Bachelor Pad party. Did you see that Kris from Ally's season was there? I lost a lot of respect for him after seeing that. I would LOVE to come to watch the finale with you! How fun. Give me the details for sure!

Laura B. said...

I WANT TO COME!!!! Blast the 16 hour drive.

Okay, so I thought it was tragic that Shawntel didn't get ANY time. She was great and that's unfortunate.
Ashley H. is a total spaz. She wasn't ready for a relationship now and she won't be when she's the Bachelorette. I didn't LOVE the new look, but I think it was the tragic red lipstick.

The winner for best actress of the night is Michelle. I seriously can't believe that anyone bought her crap. Seriously...sarcastic or not, you shouldn't talk about people like that. It was time for her to own up and she didn't. She's a complete fake and I can't stand her.
What I think is even more of a disaster is the outfit she was sporting?!?! Was anyone else SHOCKED by the awfulness of it? A white with silver heart tank top and an awful orange skirt? Maybe I'm way off in the fashion world but I thought there were a million other options that would have looked better. She also could have used more stage makeup. She had grocery sized bags under her eyes!

Now who's catty! :)

Jek said...

so, brooke, I am back. I usually read your blog while lying in bed when i realize i may have missed a bachelor recap. that is why I rarely comment. (not that you care at all)
So, if you are into Trista's look then Ashley looks great. But i didn't like when trista went dark and not Ash. I love makeup, but i feel like her make up and bronzer was an inch thick to make the look work. I always thought ash was cute, but NOT the next bachelorette type. filet mignon to well sausage had to be your best line of the night. I really LOL'd on that one. I was sad Shawntel got no air time. BARTENDER and blondie wierd mouth are just yuck and so typical!
I like Michelle. Sue me. I think she was wacky, but hilarious. I really find that type very amusing not just on TV, but in real life. I guess thought that if we were going after the same guy i would hate her, mainly cuz she is gorgeous. Her peronality really makes me laugh. I know several girls like her that really make me laugh.
I actually like both girls quite equally. If he owns bars and is still knee deep in his career, then Ricky tic aint going to like that daddy is gone all night. Either will momma. Chantel can jump right into that scene and i bet he will like that a lot more than insta dad trying to replace big Rick. I LOVE EMILY A LOT Though and want him to also come in and sweep them away! That's all.
So, do you LOVE Brad? I DO.

Jek said...

i have twins fighting for my lap and attention, so sorry for all the runonsentences that don't make sense. my dad the english teacher would be mad.

Raderstorf Family said...

As I have said before, I will say it again...I love your recaps, so much in fact that I even tuned in to the show, only to turn it off less then half way through. However, as I was flipping channels this week Dave said.."Who is that girl? Go back." After some time hashing through the years of memories (and he has a lot cause he is sooo old), he realized that that Michelle girl used to "date" one of his room mates. I didn't even know there was some one from Utah on the show, I guess if she is not Mormon she wasn't newsworthy..a la,David Archaleta. Anyway, Dave said she was crazy with a capital C. He even reminded me that I meet her. Well, sort of..she was past out in her under ware in the bathtub covered in vomit.
Thought you would enjoy the juicy tidbit of a cast member from your favorite show.

Stephanie said...

Okay, as much as I kind of like the dark hair on Ashley, I have to agree with Greg. She looked old like she was trying to hard and I like her better blond. I think what it comes down to is I don't care for her that much. Sorry Ash. I really don't want to see her as the next Bachelorette!

I loved the veal to sausage comments--you crack me up! I can't even say what I'd like to about Bachelor Pad 2--not interested. What a mess!

As for Michelle, just so you know, I really can't stand her but I wouldn't treat my worst enemy the way those other girls treated her. Frankly, I believe those were real tears (for whatever reason) because I don't think she could be that good of an actress! That would be giving her too much credit! ;) I will say that the show wouldn't have been the same without her. I have to wonder if I'd be more likely to watch Michelle as the next Bachelorette or Ashley...or, to watch a train wreck or paint dry? Hmmm...

I was waiting to hear from Shawntel too--didn't realize though until you mentioned it that she didn't get any airtime.

I'm still pulling for Chantel!!! I just like their chemistry and overall relationship better. I'll probably be disappointed with the outcome but that is the way it would happen for me in my version of a "perfect world." :)

Jen (and her men) said...

I want to come! :)

Denise said...

I can't stop laughing at "That is like moving from filet mignon to well, sausage." Awesome. I so wish I could come to your finale party. I might just have to have one myself.

Amy M. said...

I thought Michelle overdid the crying/I am a victim thing too. Own up to it more. The criticism on her mothering was uncalled for though, like you said.
Yes, Melissa and Rachel are so boring. Ugh.
I did not like Ashley's new look. The hair could be fine, but the makeup and red lipstick? Her personality and lip chewing bother me. I hope Emily is the next Bachelorette. Or Gia/Filet Mignon.

I'm laughing how Jek said "Ricki Tic". I had forgotten about that. Funny!
The party sounds like a dream. Unfort I can't go that night though :(.

Jaime said...

Ok Brooke - I am totally in... I want to come watch it with you. I completely agree that Shantel looked fabulous on the first night. Poor thing, now not so much. I too think they are picking Ashley H. for the next Bachelorette. I can't stand how she moves her hands and fingers all over the place when she talks. It is super annoying.

Michelle was just crying because she was completely embarrassed by herself and the things people are saying about her. Boo hoo! She deserved it all. But I did like the part when Chris had to whistle to make the other girls back off. So funny! I think they are trying to trick us - people think he is picking Emily but I think he is picking Shantel. Fun stuff!

SewSara said...

i agree ... i think chantel would be the better match for brad ... emily is just sweet and a little boring. but i don't think he can resist her.

good point ... was Shantel even there?! I don't have DVR so I wish I could go back and watch again.
Ashley definitely looks better with bangs but i hated her makeup - -- too much! i will really be bummed if she's the next bachelorette. she's too insecure.

i'd totally come to a shindig ...!

Amanda K @ Every Crafty Endeavor said...

I want to come!! I think it would be so fun to have a great big fun get together for the show!!

I agree with you - but really what the heck was up with Michelle's outfit? yuck.

Lisa said...


Great review. I agree that there was too much time spent on Rachel and Melissa. I would've loved to hear from Shawnel and Britt.

I don't love Ashley's new look, something was off, I think it was the fake orange tan she had going on. I think you are right that she just may be the next Bachelorette. I couldn't figure out why she was such a peacemaker, but you nailed it!

You always make me laugh sooo hard when you write about Sausage.

I would love to come to watch the finale, I just need to find a sitter for Ben (which isn't easy on a Monday night).

Em said...

SOOO glad you blogged about this. It is my first Women Tell All of course, so I needed you to do this.

I'm hoping Shawntel will be the next Bachelorette, esp now that everyone knows what she does for a living. Finding love at the mausoleum! I found it suspicious that they didn't give her any airtime.

I didn't really like Ash H's new look. I don't mind the hair color, but thought the bangs and the extensions (bad idea!!) weighed her down. Too much for such a tiny little thing.

Brad looked so happy last night talking about his significant other, so at this point I don't care who it is.

Pandy said...

So, this is my first season and I'm a little confused. What was the point of "The Women Tell All"? It sounded like a big cat fight to me. The only part I liked was Brad. He seemed so happy. I'm with Em. If someone can make him that happy, then I'm for it regardless of who it is.

I think Ashley was trying to look more mature...but she may have overdone it (as in she looked fried). She's flaky and still doesn't get how she blew it.

Michelle use to make me mad, now I just feel sorry for her. So pathetic. And, I'm so sorry that she's from Utah.

The blonde and the bartender showed their real colors. And they were ugly.

What the heck with the Bachelor Pad thing? Looked like Sodom and Gomorrah (sp??) to me. How sad that television has come to that!!

Great job, Brooke.

Elizabeth said...

Can I come to your Mum's House? I promise not to ask stupid questions about the show cos I haven't watched a single episode.
Seriously I bet it will be the best night ever. I'm jealous of all the attendees.

Tyler said...

This may have been your best recap yet. All so true--I love that I will be truly surprised by the ending no matter who it is. I totally fast forwarded thru that catfight between the waitress and the bartender--they were totally digging for drama there. Chris Harrison was at his finest. I agree that Bachelor Pad 2 looks horrifying. The bachelor/ette "community" is so funny/disgusting. Whoever suggested Gia as the next bachelorette was brilliant--she'd totally do it and be fun to watch. And yes Chantel looked great stepping out of the limo!

Ashley said...

That was me though Tyler would say all the same things.

Linda said...

I was just gonna say, "wow, Tyler, what a man - I'm impressed! Some fine observations for a guy!" Shoulda just let us think it was him, Ash.
If anyone is still reading this - I think a Bachelor party at my house on Mon will be a blast! I'll talk to Brooke about details, but one thing's for sure - Brooke is bringing her brownies!

Jill T said...

off topic, have you told people to go vote for you blog yet? i voted for you today...