Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fantasy Suite Dates--South Africa

I liked South Africa. I didn't love South Africa. I guess a safari isn't my idea of a dream vacation--I kept thinking I can see giraffes and hippos at the zoo. The lions were pretty cool though. Brad sure liked them!

Let's start with Chantel's date. Let's just say it--Chantel has been packing on the pounds, bless her heart! If I were on the show, I would be be eating celery and working out every minute I wasn't on camera. I think she has put on at least 15 pounds since the show started taping. Did you all see her love handles hanging out the top of her teeny tiny shorts?

In her defense, I liked her thoughts on getting engaged. I think too many couples get engaged on the finale of the show with no real intention to get married. I think she knows if she accepts the ring--it means they are getting married. I don't mind Chantel.

I really do think Brad is the most genuine with Chantel. He is definitely the most relaxed around her. I totally laughed when she got the key to the fantasy suite and it was a tree house. I don't think I could, cough, get to know Brad, cough, in a tree--especially knowing the cameras and crew were camped out down below.

Let's talk about Emily's date. Emily came out looking like a million bucks. Could she be any cuter in the white cut off shorts and tall boots? I loved how she was ticked off for being left there right after Brad showed up. She was like "you had the whole damn day to prepare for this date..." and then he showed up on the elephant. Brad was really cute talking to Emily about her daughter. I really hope he was being sincere about how he knows she is a package deal.

I won't be mad if Brad doesn't pick Emily, but I will be mad if he breaks her heart.

Let's talk about Ashley's disaster date. Of course, it started with Ashley overcoming her fear of helicopters (zzzzzzz) and then they ended up at a picnic at a place the locals call God's Window. The scenery was beautiful but she totally blew it with Brad. Brad was practically begging her to tell him that she loved him, or at least had feelings for him, or would be willing to move to be near him. All she could talk about was her career and how it was the most important thing in her life. Why did she even come on the show? He even pulled her aside at the rose ceremony to give her one last chance to tell him she wanted to stay and she didn't. Then she acted surprised that he sent her packing.

I was shocked that Brad was trying so hard with her. Didn't you all think she was his third pick anyway? It was like Brad was begging her to tell him she loved him. I didn't get it. I'm glad she's gone.

I didn't love Chantel or Emily's dress at the rose ceremony. Either girl is a good pick though. It's not like Jake's season where he had Tenley and Sausage and I knew I would be so mad if he picked Sausage. I want him to pick Emily but I won't care if he picks Chantel. Maybe she is a better fit for him.

Next week is the Women Tell All. I can't wait to see Michelle back with her veiny boobs and her tough talk. Other than that, I don't know if it is worth watching. My sister Ashley is scared to death that Ashley is going to be the next Bachelorette. I say no way. Emily for sure. I'm not going to recap the WTA unless it is just too good to leave alone.


cjdustin said...

I feel bad for Chantel because of her chubs. It's surprising that more of them don't chub out though with all the alcohol they are consuming on every date. What's wrong with cracking open a Diet Coke w/dinner??? Maybe that's not sophisticated enough for them. Better than packing on the pounds though huh??
I'm with you, I thought Ashley was an easy 3rd anyway but maybe Brad was just holding on to the mental image of her with seashells covering her boobs. Just wondering.

Greg said...

Ashley's date was definitely the most awkward. I'm not sure what the attraction is for Brad. He obviously feels most comfortable with Chantilly Lace. And Emily is by far the best catch on the show. Then there's Ashley....

Ashley said...

I love that you just put veiny boobs into the blogosphere.

I am torn because the idealist in me wants to see him choose Emily and them ride off into the sunset, but the realist in me knows I just want good tv with Emily as our next bachelorette. I do think he and Chantel are probably the best fit. She seems like she has very little going on that she can't drop to move out to Austin. And it would give Brad a future with his boyfriend, Mr. O (Chantel's dad).

You always say you won't recap the tell all but you can never resist!

Em said...

Amen to everything you said.

Brad's go-to phrase:"I have such a strong connection with all three of these women." We know Brad, we know.

My vote's still with Emily, despite his ease with Chantal. I think Emily's the best fit because she's honest with him without being needy. Whereas with Chantal I feel like it's always about her. I'm not a hater though. She'll do, if a cup of Tang is what he wants. (horrid, horrid orange dress!)

Pandy said...

Am I the only one who thinks Chantel is absolutely beautiful just the way she is? Emily is cute, but Chantel is stunning. She seems comfortable with how she looks - and Brad surely doesn't mind - so what's the deal with being skinny?

I was embarrassed watching Ashley's date. I felt like she was hammering the nails in her own coffin and too stupid to know. She had to go. Brad was more than generous with chances for redemption.

I think it will come down to whether Brad wants someone to pamper and protect (Emily) or someone who can give him a run for his money (Chantel). It's about 50/50 in my book.

Elizabeth said...

The gossip websites that I read say that Brad picks Emily and they are happily engaged right now. And Ashley is the next Bachelorette! Love your recaps!

Greg said...

If Ashely is the Bachelorette, I think we may be in for a boring season.

Adele said...

Amen to the veiny boobs. I was noticing the same thing about Chantel... bless her heart. I noticed it in the bikini when they were doing the photoshoot... eek. Ashley's date was horrible, and seriously don't know how she lasted this long anyway! Glad to see her go, but it has been predicted that Ashley is the next bachelorette-ick!

Denise said...

Seriously, Emily would make a hugely boring Bachelorette. Maybe I am wrong about her because as time goes by a see a *bit* of personality coming through.

I like that Chantel isn't a stick. I think we should be happy that this dude is showing that hot guys can be interested in a girl with a less than perfect body...and by "less than perfect" I state that I would LOVE to be a tiny as here.

I don't really care who he picks at this point. I am a little afraid for Chantal, though. If he was trying to beg Ashley to stay do you really think Emily was the one he was going to send home???

Elizabeth said...

I would love to go to South Africa ... like right now!

Stephanie said...

Agree with everything everyone is saying. Scared for Chantel and can't believe Brad would even try to give Ashley another chance. Would he really have changed his mind about Chantel or Emily? I just don't see it. It was definitely Ashley's time to go. I was so shocked by Ashley's comment about Brad just "looking for a wife." Really?! She was just then putting that together? And why was she even there if that's not what she wanted?

I think Chantel is the only one that would be a "sure thing" to follow through and get married in the end. Emily seems like she is still in the deciding phase. Hope whomever he chooses works out. Chantel would be more fun to watch as a Bachelorette but I still hope that she ends up with Brad.

It was nice to see Emily break through her barriers a little more...finally!

I agree with Denise, it's great that Brad doesn't seem to care if Chantel isn't a "stick." Makes me like him more. Chantel is still a very pretty girl--just hope she doesn't turn into her plastic parents.

I'm still wondering what's up with Emily's parents? Do they even exist? What do they think of all this? Maybe they are saving that for last right before he proposes to her :'( ...hope that's not the case, but the producers know the outcome and maybe they are just setting up the future scenes. :'(
Please no! :) haha.

I can't take this! :)


LKC said...

Voting is up for the best female mormon blogger (or whatever it's called). Vote for Brooke!

And Ashley is totally the next bachelorette. We'll get a whole season of watching her chew her lips.

Stephanie said...

Felt so bad for Michelle last night--there were a couple of girls in the group that were still out for blood. After that, I think Michelle will have a better chance of finding a man than they will. Crazy stuff. I'm not sure, but Ashley sure looks like she is gearing up to be the next Bachelorette or something. Either that or she's already going through mid-life crisis mode. I'm guessing it is going to be Emily and I am sad. Chantel is so in love with him. I thought it was interesting that in the previews for next week, when they are showing clips of Chantel, that she is the one they have saying how great her relationship is with Brad and when they show clips of Emily, Brad is doing a lot of the talking and he actually says, "She makes me want to be a better man...like he just said on the show last night about the person he ends up with. :(

As for the whole Bachelor/Bachelorette club they have going. At first, I thought how great, that would be a great way for them to mingle with people they are already familiar with and know a little bit about but then watching them interact...scary!! I love what Gia said! She may be the only sane one in the group! What a mess that group is!

Amy M. said...

Oh come on! Recap the WTA! Dying to hear what you have to say.