Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leaping Leaners and Lowtops

I know you are totally confused by that title. Sam and I went to a fundraiser tonight called Leaping Leaners and Lowtops at Energy Solutions Arena--it was for Larry H. Miller Charities.

Sam told me about the thing a few days ago and casually mentioned that it was dressy but you had to wear sneakers. To be honest, I was not thrilled with the idea--polygamist anyone? But all it took was walking to the arena from our car and I was a believer.

The whole event turned out to be really fun. (It wouldn't really matter where we were going--an evening away from the kids and DINNER...I'm in!)

The Jazz players were wandering around and giving autographs and signing stuff. I told Sam I only wanted a picture with Mehmet Okur:

He is a hottie and I told Sam if given the chance, I might leave him for Mehmet. Sam didn't look too concerned. Here is a photo of Mehmet's wife:

It was a buffet dinner and usually at buffets, I start to get antsy. I worry that I'm not going to get my fair share. I always feel like I have to rush to get my food. I noticed pretty quickly though, this was a classy event. No need to rush--the food wasn't going anywhere. Why am I so tacky?

The dinner was delish--this was my second appetizer plate (Notice the huge shrimp!)

Here is my entree (There were three different kinds of meat on that plate!)

The dessert table was totally impressive...chocolate fountain, gelato, key lime tarts, eclairs, cookies, etc. I ate way too much.

There was a silent auction and Sam and I bid on some George Strait/Reba tickets and won. We didn't realize the show is this weekend but I guess we'll be heading out again. Ashley will be jealous because the tickets included dinner at CPK!

When we got back to our car, we were dying at how close this car parked in front of us. Sheesh.

A special thank-you to my mom who babysit three (Yes THREE) different times today. She is out of this world. Thanks also to Cam and Katie for watching the rugs tonight. We owe you!


The Mostess said...

You look so cute! I hear you on the dress/tennis shoes/polygamy problem. Michelle Duggar all the way! Ew.

How fun--that guy's wife is pretty hot, but did she get all skinny via Club Phat?? Doubtful. You're the better catch.

Those plates of food look SO good. 3 kinds of meat!! Can you tell I'm still in my deprivation stage?

Have fun with the country folk this weekend. May you sit by some gross bumpkin with poor hygiene and a penchant for smokin and drinkin.

Christie said...

You are antsy at buffets because you've spent your life going to ward parties where, nine times out of ten, they DID run out of food. I feel you, sister.

Looks like a fun night. You could give that guy's wife a run for her money. Tell Sam to watch out!

Mandee said...

Love your sneakers Brooke! And seeing Mehmet's wife just recommitted me to my diet.

Ashley said...

Hilarious, especially you and Mehmet and his wife. I am jealous of both CPK and Gorgeous George. I love his work. I bet your sneakers were by far the cutest.

Liz said...

Too cute. Mehmet's wife ....that's not even fair.

nic said...

I would have loved to meet the Jazz players just for autographs for Davis. He is obsessed. I am dying at the picture of Mehmet and his wife.

Elizabeth said...

Your sneakers are cure cute cute!
I love everything about this post especially the food pics. I love me a classy buffet where there is enough food for all (its rare).
Now: the sports star & model combo ... I think this deserves a whole post. All over the world very average (but coordinated) sportsmen are married to gorgeous usually blonde and very petite models (the whole Australian Cricket team - I'm looking at you!). Brooke please explain.

alexandra said...

You really did look cute in your outfit with sneakers. I saw the photo and thought you had hit on a great trend. I am just about ready to copy anything, though, so maybe it is not much of a compliment coming from me!

Second, I, too, have a photo of myself iwth Mehmet. I saw him in a little sandwich shop in SLC in my working days of 2005. He was so so nice and he seemed very pleased to be recognized and a photo desired. Brigham treasures that photo. You are right: he is hot. He was just so tall that I didnt quite notice it then--(I am 5'2) (also there was another Jazz player I thought of as the hot one at the time--Giricek).

I love that you get antsy at buffets for fear you won't get your fair share. So hilariously stated. I am exactly the same way. It is like I spent time in prison or something. Glad to see there are others out there like me!

Heather said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the sneaks! BTW...if you need a babysitter this weekend, call me...I have nothing going on and your kids are adorable.

Anonymous said...

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