Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bachelorette...I Miss Brad Already

Was I the the only one who immediately missed Brad during the clips of Brad and Emily at the beginning of the episode?  I'm sorry, but whoever wins Emily's heart has big shoes to fill.  Big, hot shoes.  Dang.  At least we won't be looking at Ben's awful mug this season.

Alright, so we've got who we've got and I have a few early favorites.  Arie anyone?  Yes please.  He is a hottie.  He doesn't say much but that's okay.  He's mysterious and he's got the race car driver thing going.  He's going far...you heard it hear first.  I've got a sixth sense for these things.  And I saw him a lot in the preview for the season.

I also like Nate...I don't think that dude said a single word.  But in this arena, less is more!  And he has a real job...accountant!

What about Jef from SLC?  The jury is still out.  I kind of like him.  Emily likes him.  Please just let him represent well.  SLC needs some redemption after Michelle and Bentley.  And speaking of the world's biggest D-bag, if they let Bentley make an appearance this season, I will be so ticked.

Emily clearly likes Chris (Bobble head disaster) and Doug (single dad, first impression rose)  I like single dads but I didn't like how Doug brought the letter from his son.  It was cheesy and seemed like Doug wrote it himself.

Let's talk about the dark horses who didn't get much air time.  I am digging Charlie (gotta love that deep voice..don't love his profession...recruiter?  What does that mean?  I am guessing for the Army. 

I also like the biology teacher.  He is cute.  Did you hear Emily say she failed both Chemistry and Biology.  That was funny.

I wanted to hide my head in the pillow when the dude came out of the limo in the green shirt and vest with the boom box and danced.  He is not cute and he was making the worst faces at the helicopter dude.  I wish she sent him home.

Speaking of helicopter dude, I'm not impressed.  His lips seem too shiny and he is eager.  I will admit that I sort of liked him for a minute when he talked about being raised by a single mom but he is still a tool.  He'll be going home shortly.  But I do think he took too much abuse from the guys about showing up in a chopper.  Like showing up dressed as a grandma or with a glass slipper or freaking ostrich egg was better?  What is a Luxury Brand Consultant anyway?

I love watching darling Emily and I think it is cool that she is living in her own house taking care of her daughter during the show.  Props to her for that.  But she can stop saying "I know, right?"  That expression gets old.

Finally, to the pathetic dudes at the end who got cut--Brent, (single dad of 6) you aren't going to find anyone.  Sorry!  If you are so pathetic that you cry after one night and say you aren't going to ever find love, you won't.

And to do the fitness model in the pink shirt with the six pack.  We hate you and your abs.  No one likes a showoff, now get lost!

Finally, the biggest surprise of the night was seeing Sean in all the preview clips kissing Emily.  Who is this guy?

It's going to be a good season, I can feel it!


Ashley said...

Ha ha, you took the post out of my mouth. I died that she kept ostrich egg Travis. She must have been desperate to get rid of those other guys. I thought the bio teacher was really cute--I'm hoping the glasses were part of a costume for the intro. That blonde guy who goes far reminds me of that guy you liked from Ali's season (not Kasey, the other blonde who had medical problems). So many big faced guys this time. I sort of like Big Charlie even though he's not hot. The grandma thing was the worst part of the whole show, followed by the ab reveal at the end. Also--can you imagine having them filming in your bathroom? I would have to clean the hair out of my brush.

LAURA said...

I know, right?! My favorite of the night actually was your mystery man, Sean, just because I think he's hot. He was the first out of the limo, and then he was the one that interrupted that crazy helicopter guy to talk to Emily. Loved your recap, as always!

Linda said...

I gotta watch it again. I just didn't see any guys that looked that great. Maybe they will grow on me. The other word Emily used about 100 times was "awesome." And the fitness model(?) was just there to show off his bod. He was gonna get those abs on TV, even if he had to do it as he was walking to the limo.

LindzChris said...

Ok my husband knows Jef and he says he is an awesome guy. His family lives in St. George and is pretty wealthy. I know he makes it pretty far.

Holly said...

I haven't watched it yet but I think recruiter means a head hunter (someone that recruits for big corporations like Google).

Greg said...

A recruiter is someone that companies use to hire new people to come work at the company (aka a headhunter).

They generally get paid a percentage of the salary that their "recruit" makes, which means that they can do pretty well if they are recruiting executives or other highly paid positions.

Greg said...

Also, I think that a "luxury brand consultant" must be some sort of personal shopper.

Maybe he works in the Info Booth at the Premium Outlet Mall and "consults" with lost shoppers to help them find their way to the DKNY outlet store.

It must pay well. Or at least that's what Kalon wants us to believe...

Jacqui said...

Hi Brooke, I'm a long time lurker....roommates with Ash in college...anyway, why is NO one talking about the guy who was the "document destruction specialist"? Hello? He shreds paper for a living.

Jenn J. said...

I was a little worried about Jef at first, but I think I've decided I like him. Was it just me, or did it seem like everyone's conversations were based around how beautiful Emily is? Don't get me wrong, I don't know a girl alive who wouldn't love to be told how beautiful she is over and over by 25 men... but it got a little old. I hope they start talking about something else soon.

The Mostess said...

Oh no. I feel myself getting pulled in. This time I'm not mocking you, either. I may get stuck watching this season!

Luxury brand consultants are real. They represent high end brands (Gucci, Prada, Louis, etc) and work with celebs to create visibility for their products.

Heather said...

I can almost feel myself wanting to watch, but then I remind myself that other than amazing fantasy dates, this is my life...weeding through a bunch of weirdos in hopes of finding a keeper...

Linde said...

So glad you are watching! Will be interesting. Chris Harrison is divorced? That is sad.

Laura B. said...

Okay, I'm so into this season. Once I got over the heartbreak of her and Brad parting ways, I've finally allowed myself to heal.
So, here's who I love:
Arie, the Race Car Driver. Yes, Fleiss dealt a low blow by putting a HOT race car driver in there. I hope Emily straps on her seatbelt and enjoys the ride with him. He's yummy.
I also liked the guy Ryan from Georgia, who trains kids. He seems like a cool guy.
The jury is still out for me on Jef from Utah. I'm slightly wary of anyone from Utah because they always turns out to be psycho. Maybe he will grow on me.
Also liked the accountant and the cute blonde.
Douches that need to go ASAP. Both the Latin Lovers need to go. They gave me the willeys.
The Leprechaun dude needs to go too. Who dresses that way on national television?!

It's going to be so good!! :)

Em said...

Ok, I finally finished the episode and I LOVE your recap. I thought it was funny how in the beginning intros all the guys were trying to sound so noble as to why they wanted to be on this season's Bachelorette. Please!

Honestly, my overriding thought is that Emily and Chris Harrison need to get together.

Ostrich egg man is a humiliation. Both dancing men (greensleeves and greasy curly haired man) need to go.

Helicopter man is from H-town! So I'm disclaiming any ties to Texas as to not be tainted by association and sticking with my AZ roots and placing my money on Arie. He is hot hot.