Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bachelorette...Muppets Take North Carolina

It is past midnight but I can't let another day go by without giving you my thoughts on this week's show.  I am loving Emily.  She is so darling and I think her personality is really coming out more this season.  So here are my quick thoughts...I will add photos later...I gotta get to bed!

*Ryan.  I'm not a fan ladies.  He seems cocky to me and sorta miffed that he had to go to Emily's house and make cookies on his date.  I thought he would be thrilled to get into her personal space like that.  I have to admit I think that super long letter was a turn off.  He chose the worst time to give it to her...and monopolized way too much time at the coctail party.  I don't like him.  He seems fake to me.  Don't forget he wore no tie to the cocktail party with his shirt unbuttoned half way down.  C'mon, Seriously!

*I know I am going to take flak for this but I loved the Muppets date.  I thought it was darling and funny and original.  For once, Fleiss got it right.  Thank you for not putting us through another filming of a fake soap opera!  I would have liked to have seen more of the singing, dancing and stand up but maybe that was all there was.

*My very favorite outfit on Emily was the pink sparkly skirt and white tank top in the Muppets show.  She looked so cute in that.  I wish I could rock an outfit like that.

*I am crushing on Jef.  I know!!  I'm a grown woman and he seems like such a teenager but he is cute and I'm so glad someone good is representing Zion!  Emily loves him too.  You wait.

*Doug is an idiot.  I'm calling it right now.  If someone leaves their kid for 6-8 weeks to go on the bachelor/bachelorette, they ARE putting their role as a parent on hold.  Emily did it last season and yes, Doug, you are doing it now (even if your kid told you to go.)

*Everyone is being too hard on Kalen.  Yes, he is over-the-top.  Yes his lips are too shiny and he seems like a little boy trying too hard.  I don't like him and he will be going home soon enough.  But he is taking too much grief for nothing.  He was classy about not making Emily decide between him and Aaron (and yay that Emily sent Aaron packing for being so rude in that exchange.)

*Stevie is sooo unattractive.  I can barely look at him.  Please Emily, send.him.home.

*Still dying at the two Alejandro/ they ever talk?  Are the producers making her keep them for diversity?

*Poor Joe.  He was nice but I run into this same problem dating.  Some guys are so great, so nice but you just know you can't marry them or there is no spark.  Gotta let 'em go.  She did the right thing.  I could totally relate to her when she said she wished the date had gone badly or that something could have given him a warning that it wasn't going to work out.  She is a good person.  And his answer about where he sees himself in five years was ridiculous.

*I think it is nice of Emily's mom to babysit Ricki while Emily does this stuff.  However, I thought Emily's mom looked a little sleazy in those cut out sleeves....mutton dressed as lamb? 

*I like Chris.  He seems like a super nice guy.  Do we think he's hot?  Emily goes on and on about how attractive he is.  I ain't seeing it.  Remember he was the bobble head guy.

*Dave "Wolf" seems like a good guy.  Someone mentioned in the comments that he is a "document destruction specialist" he shreds paper for a living?

K, what am I missing ladies (and Greg?)


The Mostess said...

I'm soooo tired. But I have to ask--did you leave an 'f' off, or is his name really Jef??? If so, I OBJECT!

I also object top the name Rickie. Yes, yes, I know *why* that's her name. But I still hate it. It makes me think of Rickie Bobby.

I'm going to pass out.

Ashley said...

I liked the muppets date too. I liked Chris Harrison as the crotchety critic muppet. I was not impressed by Charlie's little meltdown about public speaking. She'll get rid of him but she had to keep him this week.

Yes Chris is bad and that 7 page letter was horrible. Though I had to hold Emily responsible for reading it then and there instead of saying she'd read it later since there were guys waiting.

I thought the same thing about Emily's mom and those sleeves (you know she dressed up for the camera--can't blame her for that but can blame her for the sleeves).

I was appalled that she got rid of two cute guys with real jobs. And kept MICKEY! But I'm convinced that she's weeding out the middle level and keeping the guys she really likes (Arie, that blonde guy, Ryan (ugh), Chris.) . . along with the guys who will be easy to dump later (Alejandro/ssandro, Travis the eggman, MICKEY!, Doug, etc.) That is the only way I can understand what is happening here!

brooke said...

It's Stevie, Ashley..sheesh. And you call yourself a fan.

Ashley said...

Oh yes, Stevie. Mickey was the cute chep from Ashley's season! My apologies to Mickey!

Mandee said...

I think Arie is my favorite. I like Jef too! Yay for Emily as the Bach-ette!

LAURA said...

I agree, Emily is awesome. I make sure to watch it when my husbands working so he doesn't know what he's missing ;).
Bobblehead Ryan bugs me. Besides the fact that he gets all offended when he doesn't get a date rose, I don't even think he's cute. Cockiness can make the cutest guy ugly.
I love Arie and the blonde guy, although we still haven't heard him talk to Emily.

Kim said...

I had a hard time with Emily's moms clothes as well, but we need to remember they live in North Carolina. Yes I can say that I lived in North Carolina. Bless their hearts the ladies in NC in general need help with their clothes!!

Em said...

I think the Muppets actually added some class to this show. They were adorable.

Ugh, Chris. He's a very very poor man's Brad. (who I desperately miss! don't you wonder if he's watching?)

Tony needs to go, too. I can't stand him for some reason. He needs to know when to 'come back later' and that is when someone is reading a stupid 30 page letter out loud!

I still like Arie, too.

And I cannot believe that Ashley confused the monstrosity that is Stevie with hot Mickey!

LKC said...

I love Emily and like you said, I love that we're seeing her personality more this season.

Chris is not hot. Not ugly, but he's no Brad Womack. I like him though.

I don't like Jef. At least he's not as bad as Michelle or Bentley, but I just can't get over his hair. It's wrong. I second the objection to the spelling too. 'Jef' is worse than "Geoff".

My early call is that she pics Arie.

And I'm going to throw this out there... are her boobs real? Come on. She is so tiny everywhere else. Tell me they are fake so I don't feel so bad about myself.

brooke said...

LKC, they are fake.

Laurie said...

I enjoy your Bachelorette recaps. Here's a thought - I bet Jef reminds her of her first fiance. I think it's in the eyes, but the general look as well. Looked him up and that's why I think she's drawn to him.

Greg said...

Brooke, first of all--great post. I'd have to say that this is certainly your best recap post of this season. For sure, it's in the top 2 though!

Second, did know one else notice that Horton (I refuse to call him Travis) apparently lost his egg?? He didn't have it when he got the rose at the rose ceremony. And keep in mind that the egg was a symbol of how well he was going to take care of Emily and Rickie. Guess that's not working out so well--at least for Emily and Ricky.

Finally, what is the deal with Bobble Head Guy? Emily goes on and on about how handsome he is. I just don't get it.