Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Warner Women Weekend

This last weekend, the women in my family (my mom, my sister Ashley, my sis-in-law Katie, my sis-in-law Sarah and I) went to Scottsdale, AZ for a girls' weekend.  If anyone is wondering why I am traveling like I have money to burn, it is because I had a bunch of credit at Delta airlines I had to blow before May 29th, and these ladies were happy to come along to keep me company.  I chose Scottsdale because I wanted to go somewhere roasting hot where I could lay by a pool and relax.  There were some naysayers who thought Scottsdale would be like roasting in Hell this time of year but it turned out to be perfect.

I give you the Top 10 moments of the trip in the same format as my annual Christmas card (Best of Times, Worst of times...)

1.  We got hours and hours of pool time to lay on a lounge chair without having to watch children. (Thank you Hapari for the swimsuits!)

Instead, we got to watch these two guys in front of us..both in speedo like "hot shorts."  They were playing Lady Gaga on an ipod with speakers..I give them props for their music choice.

2.  We found some wonderful restaurants thanks to my friend Andrea who knows all the good places to eat (and has the best blog).  The Green House for lunch was a favorite.

In an attempt to offset some of the binge eating, we got up "early" (about 10:00am) one morning to work and found the worst fitness room ever with broken equipment, and no air conditioning (in AZ!!)  Ashley remained in her bed that morning and proved to be the wisest among us.

3.  We went to Bandera one night for dinner...great rotisserie chicken, cornbread, banana cream pie. (another recommendation of Andrea's.)

We ate at the bar because there were no tables and I quickly discovered how cute the bartender was.  After a few exchanges (one where he put his hand on my back) I turned into a giggly school girl and couldn't recover for the life of me.  Every time he spoke to us, Ashley and I would start giggling uncontrollably.  I have no hope in the dating scene.

4.  In the room at night, Ashley and Sarah bonded over a gigantic puzzle and lots of Triple Play chocolate trail mix.

Ashley would then retire to the bed we were sharing and selfishly refused to let me put my cold feet on her legs.  As retribution, I am posting this photo of Ashley's disgusting hairbrush.  She doesn't see anything wrong with this:

5.  Back at the pool, I was able to score free diet coke from the pool boy and got about half way through my book "Unbroken."

My mom found a pool noodle that she floated around on for much for much of the day.  Ashley speculated about how many crotches that noodle had been shoved between.  Later in the day, we saw that same noodle in some pretty nasty places...I will spare you the photos.

6.  We were able to meet up with my aunt Ruth, and my cousins Heidi and Amy for dinner one night at a Mexican Restaurant.  Amy and Heidi are absolutely hilarious and I am still laughing about some of the conversation.

It happened to be Cinco de Mayo and the place was a zoo.  I had to go back into the kitchen to get my own refills of diet coke.

7.  We didn't do a lot of shopping but we were very excited to hit Last Chance (where all the clothes that get returned to Nordstrom go when they can't be resold at Nordstrom or the Rack.)

We were very disappointed to learn the place should be called Nordstrom D.I.  It was pretty gross.  Ashley found this lovely fur coat and was seriously considering it...she is always freezing..but she lives in the Bay Area and knew she would be attacked for wearing it.

8.  One night, we went to see the movie "The Lucky One" with Zac Efron.  It was every bit as cheesy and awful as it looks.

There was a preview for a movie where Channing Tatum and Mathew Mcconaughey are male strippers.  It was marketed to all of us ladies going to see cheesy chic flicks like "the Lucky One."   Are you kidding me?  Have we really come to this?  It is a sure sign of the Apocalypse.

9.  The funnest part of the trip was enjoying each other and all the good girl talk.

We all seemed to be wearing the same thing everywhere we went.  On the last day, Sarah didn't get the memo about the white shorts so she didn't get to be in this photo:

10.  On Sunday, we enjoyed our last meal at CPK (Hi Kaari!)  It was delicious.

Sadly, we now have to return to real life.  I can't wait to do it again next year!

Ashley did a post on this same material.  So if you are hankerin' for more...go here.


sarahw said...

I wish I were still there by that pool. I miss the food, the company, and even the bad shopping experiences. The weekend was sooo delightful. We need to make it an annual retreat, puzzle included.

(Enjoyed everything except for the part when I left my luggage at the parking lot office and figured it out after driving halfway home. I had to turn around and ended up spending 2 hours in the car Sunday night. Doh!!)

Shelby said...

Question from a stranger that reads (and loves) your blog. Where does one get such long white shorts???

Christie said...

I respectfully request to be inducted into your family of sisters. I would get along with everyone and drink my share of the diet coke. Plus, I'm really fat right now, so I'd make you all feel good about yourselves. Please put it forth to a vote.

The hairbrush picture? Made me spit my diet coke out all over my desk.

Jill T said...

when i saw the 1st picture i started singing, "one of these things is not like the other..." then you covered it. :)

Ashley looks pretty in the fur coat!

Ashley said...

Thanks Jill! Maybe I should have purchased it after all.

I am dying til that giant picture of me is gone.

I am not dying about the hairy brush. That ain't no thing. Your cold feet, however, were terrible! I stand by my statement that that is why God invented socks.

Let it be known that you also got into the puz, and hid the last piece so that you could "get the glory" of finishing it.

Sigh, it was so fun. We are lucky to have such good sister-in-laws, and mom who is so fun and fits right in. Though I still don't believe that that rogue noodle was supplied by the hotel. I'm convinced it was privately owned til someone saw mom doing the bicycle on it and decided to abandon!

alexandra said...

I think AZ would be perfect for this time of year if you want to be poolside. Nothing worse than swimming in 70 degree weather. Hawaii in the winter is even pushing it for me.

You guys look so cute in every photo, even the puzzle at bedtime shot. I love that orange striped cardi. And all your all's bathing suits were adorable.

I read Unbroken at the same time. I thought about your grandpa. I should probably keep that to myself!

I love that you have such a wonderful group of women in your family! Lucky Warners!

alexandra said...

Ashley, your comments made me laugh out loud here. So hilarious!

Liz said...

Arizona is perfect this time of year. Roasting is wonderful.

I have a brush just as nappy as Ashley's and I feel zero shame about it. In fact, I think it works better.

You all look amazing.

Last Chance.....you have to hit it right. It's not always great, but often is. I feel like I score on shoes, tights for my girls and stuff like that. The clothes don't do much for me. It just depends on the day.

Glad it was fun. Take me next time. I'll fly anywhere!

Ashley said...

Also, before I get massacred, I was not seriously considering the fur!

Kimmie said...

Even worse than "The Vow"?

Next time swing by Brigitta's and I'm sure she'll have stories for Ashley that will gross her out more than the yellow noodle!

Quelly said...

I swear your mom does not age!

She is as adorable as ever!

Megan said...

Love your hat, and I must say that Ashley does look pretty hot in that coat.

Ashley said...

I gotta get me a fur.

melissa walker said...

You guys are fabulous! I think we all want to be adopted Warner sisters. (as long as I don't have to be sisters with Rex too)

Andrea said...

So glad you loved the restaurants! Looked super fun. I am going next time sans children. You girls are darling. I am dying to get a new swimsuit after seeing all of yours.

Linda said...

First, there was a swimsuit between me and the noodle. . .and obviously you've never been to aquacise or ocean jog. . .
Second, I was pointing out to your dad that I was the most tan when he corrected me and said, "well, at least the most ORANGE!" So much for the fake tanning cream.
Third, YES, we had so much fun!! I'm ready to do it again!

brooke said...

Shelby, I scored my white shorts at Nordstrom Rack. They are Paige brand and I totally love them..no idea where everyone else found theirs.

Missy and Christy, of course you can be adopted into the Warner family. But you gotta pay the piper...Rex is your new brother.

Kimmie, yes, I dare say The Lucky One was even worse than the vow..both were awful. But neither one is going to be as bad as the new Channing Tatum Thunder Down Under movie.

Alexandra, yes..kauaii was too cold or me..there I said it. I want to roast by the pool.

Liz, yes, you can come along next time..being family and all...you are my mom's cousin but that still counts!

Ashley, I told you to buy that fur..very SJP in Sex and the City.

Mom, you were the tannest one and it wasn't orange...yours is legit.

katie said...

Thanks goodness for Andrea and her amazing recommendations. Bandera was the best thing that ever happened to me!

I'm sad that even after a spray tan I am so white. I need to get the sunless tanner going more often.

Glad to see you got a picture of the yellow hot short!

I am still disappointed about Nordstrom DI. I had such high expectations.

Garrett and Shelly and baby Julia said...

Sounds so fun! And I read Unbroken, and could NOT get enough. Really puts everything from Grandpa Poole in new light, amazing.

My Name is Jacy said...

Just found your blog and SO glad I did... not sure how I stumbled across it... I'm recently divorced and a stay at home mom who is never home either.. ha! I live in SLC too! I love meeting new friends and I'm totally eager to read more about you and get to know you!


My Name is Jacy said...


Thanks for your comment! it's nice to meet you... officially... :)

I left my comment through my iPhone and I couldn't add myself as a follower so I came back to do it! I'm your newest follower!

Really eager to get to know you better! Since we live in the same area, maybe we should connect sometime? That might be fun!

Wishing you a very wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!


Jen said...

Your mom looks like one of the sisters. Seriously, stop it. That is so not fair. I can't believe nobody bought the fur coat. Halloween treasure! ;) I love that you were flirting with the bartender. What a fun trip!

Em said...

Wearing socks in bed is an abomination.

As is that hairbrush.

I laughed and laughed at the bartender story...until I read Ashley's post that he looked like a young John Edwards and then...I was kinda grossed out. :)