Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For Ashley

My sister Ashley couldn't join us for Christmas this year and she keeps asking me when I'm going to get my Christmas post up. Since I still haven't taken down a single Christmas decoration, I was inclined to forgo the Christmas post (doesn't the word "forgo" remind you of the Bachelor?--which starts Monday by the way--set the DVR!) But I'm going to do it for Ashley. Everyone else probably should bail now. This is pretty long and tedious!

We did a ton of Christmas stuff this season and unfortunately, I forgot to haul along my huge camera for most of it. Thanks Sam for my new tiny red camera that I will have in my purse at all times from now on.

We rode the Polar Express with my mom and Ashley and her kids over Thanksgiving. It was so fun and I definitely recommend it. My kids favorite part was receiving a bell from Santa that belonged to one of his reindeer. The elves would come around and listen to the bell and tell the kids which reindeer their bell came from. Pure magic for a 6 and 4 year old.

Not my kids (I pulled this pic off the net--but you get the idea!)

The kids wore their matching pjs on the train. Here are the pjs for this year. I could really embarrass myself by telling you how much I stressed over finding the right coordinating pjs for the kids but I will spare myself the ridicule.

We also did our annual trolley ride with our neighborhood friends at Thanksgiving Point. We ride the trolley through the lights and eat ice-cream in the soda shop afterwards. I thought I was being so frugal by having my older kids eat the 25 cent cones. Well, they finished those in about 2 minutes and insisted on getting shakes as well.

My kids were out of school the entire week of Christmas so I tried to do something fun with them each day, such as swimming or the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. It was fun to spend that time with my kids but it also completely wore me out. I feel guilty that I consider taking all three kids somewhere a major effort.

The reward for me is taking my kids out to lunch. I've gone on record in the past saying how much I love the fries at T-Point. Still do!

The night before Christmas Eve, I made cut-out cookies with the kids for Santa.

Christmas Eve day, I took Sammie to a matinee of the Nutcracker at Capital theatre. We had just as much fun getting ready i.e., getting all dolled up and curling Sammie's hair and putting on lipstick, as we did actually attending the ballet. I'm so excited to do this every year with her. Afterwards, she chose to go to Kneaders for lunch. She has good taste! As a funny side note, there was some dude in the audience yelling "Bravo" about every five minutes and cheering so loud. He was up on one of the little tiny balconies right over the stage. I was so embarrassed for him.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents' house.

We had amazing food and the yummiest chips and guacamole. I definitely think the chips and guac should be a new tradition. The kids were so cute in their nativity costumes:

And of course, they loved opening gifts from grandpa and grandma:

Isn't it weird how old kids look in pictures? This little man is my baby:

This is the last Christmas we will spend in my mom's house because they are building a new home and will move in the spring. Here is my dad telling Luke that he just heard on the tv that Santa was spotted over Canada. Luke eats that stuff up:

Christmas morning was fun. Each child with their favorite gift:

Sammie and her perfume.

Even our unborn baby boy got his own little pile and did pretty well:

The kids holding some of the new baby's presents.

Christmas Day Sam and I have a policy of not leaving the house. We eat a huge breakfast, hang out in our pjs, nap, watch movies and basically do nothing productive. I love it.

The day after Christmas, Sam's parents treated the family to a great brunch at Little America. Of course, I don't have pictures, but it was delicious and so great to see his family again.

There you have it Ashley. We wish you could have been here!



Can I come over? It sounds so nice there at your house...I really like the PJs, and the napping. Your Christmas sounds GREAT! Your family is just swell.

The Raderstorf's Rock said...

I totally hear you with the pjs. It is hard to find something that matches both a boy and a girl. Every year I pray I can find something cute that both will like and hope I can find the right sizes.

Liz said...

The first time I took Emi to the Nutcracker (age 4) she was as sick as a dog. Poor thing just limped through it, but I was so glad to have a little girl to dress up and take to it!

joslyn said...

i am laughing pretty freaking hard right now. ALL the ballous were at the nutcracker on the 24th as we are every year. but what made this year exceptional was the dude in the balcony. we basically watched him the whole time. Bravo, Brava...the funny thing is the guy next to him kept sliding further away from him. so entertaining. i love people like that:) glad you were entertained by him as well. happy you had a great christmas!

Jill said...

Your kids are so darling! I'm impressed that you had the energy to take them out to do something fun every day of that week. When I'm pregnant I lose my will to do anything but form that baby.

I really need to take Whitney to the Nutcracker next year, maybe the "Bravo" man will be there, that would make me laugh.

Heather said...

I can't even match my own PJs, let alone matching with 2 other people. They look adorable!

Amy M. said...

I love Sammie's coat. Where did you get the cute jammies?
Looks like you had a fun December.

Ashley said...

Ahh, for me? Thanks!

I didn't think about it being the last Christmas in Mom and Dad's house. That's sort of sad. Mostly sad that i missed that guac. I love chips and guac! I'm so jealous of your Nutcracker date. Sammie is so dang cute in her lipstick and it's so funny that her favorite gift was perfume. I am coming with you guys in the future whether I have a daughter or not. Also, Dino is a grown man.

Speaking of grown men, I didn't want to watch Jake as the bach but we are in such a barren tv world right now. My hands might be tied.

Ashley said...

Also, it makes me tired to think about you taking your kids out every day. I refuse to take my kids out right now because I know everyone like you with school-age kids is out there. We are staying in til school starts.

samantha said...

sounds like a fun festive month!! your children are gorgeous, and so well dressed. may your year be filled with love and happiness.

Mandee said...

That is one jam-packed Christmas vacation. You are a good mom, Brooke. And I LOVE that even the baby got a nice pile of presents. Merry Christmas you guys!

Melissa Walker said...

All your posts make me miss seeing you around--or you teaching lessons in Laurels. I just had a thought when I was reading your blog--my mother-in-law is an ob/gyn at alta view--where are you planning to deliver your baby?

brooke said...


I'm delivering at the Intermountain Medical Center in Murray.

I heard Alta View is great though. I chose the IMC because it is a trauma I hospital and has the full NICU. Since Ryan had to be taken there right at birth--I decided to deliver this baby there as well--But still hoping desperately to not have a repeat performance with the NICU.

Steven said...

Sounds like a great Christmas season. I love Sammie's red coat!

Jill Tew said...

Uh, that was Jill. As if, Steven ever comments on blogs...:)

nic said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. So sad that your sister couldn't come home. I loved that you went with Sammie to the Nutcracker. She looked so cute. I loved your kids Christmas outfits.

Elizabeth said...

The nutcracker is a great Mother/ Daughter thing to do.
I'm pretty sure its all been said before but I love Sammie's red coast, and all the kids pj's. I would like to join your family next year so I don't have to leave the house Christmas Day... and I made the best Guac this past weekend I ate it with almost every meal (we were at my in laws so it was embarrassing ) but it was so good.

Autumn said...

Funny story, I went to the nutcracker at one of the first shows in the beginning of December and we definitely had that guy sitting in the same spot yelling bravo every five minutes. I thought as well how embarrassed I was for him. Perhaps bravo man goes to every performance haha.

Terra said...

that was afantastic recap! I love the photos, your children are ADORABLE and I so have to sign up for the Polar Express for next year!!!