Saturday, December 5, 2009

And to All a Good Night

Recently Sam started a new job. He took an in-house position with a company that he loves and it has been a dream job so far. I'm so happy to see him leaving for work happy everyday.

Last night was the company party at Thanksgiving Point. I'm three months pregnant and officially in the awkward stage. I no longer have a waist of any kind and am basically just looking chubby, but not pregnant. The fact that I'm naturally built like a chicken doesn't help.

So finding something to wear to the party (to meet all of his new coworkers and boss) was a bit excruciating. After trying on all of my too-tight party clothes and then trying on all of my frumpy loose fat clothes. I ended up dragging out the maternity bin from the basement and decided to embrace the maternity thing.

Here is the result:

I also wore my long red coat for as long as humanly possible to disguise the awkward outfit. I ended up having a good time and realized no one cared what I wore.

When I got home last night, Luke and Sammie had convinced the babysitter that they could both sleep in our bed. (Moving them is a total pain and look how comfortable they look:)

On to today:

I threw a baby shower for my darling friend Brittney. Brittney was one of my laurels when I was young women's president and has also done all of my overnight babysitting for the last two years. When she got married her cute husband babysat with her. Yes, you can hate her for looking this good with less than a month to go:

The food turned out well and I think my spray paint job on the plate stand was well worth it!:

This this seems to be a random post with a bunch thrown in, so here are the kids in their Christmas pjs:

Sammie and Luke love Mr. Peeks. He is the elf that comes to visit our house each December and watches the kids and reports back to Santa.

The kids take good care of him. This is how I found him tonight tucked in with a place mat as a blanket:


The Mostess said...

I really liked your outfit! And I'm not just saying that to make you feel better about your chicken body. You looked really cute/hot!

I hate Brittney, just for the record.

Love the cake stand!

Glad Sam loves his new job. Happy husband, happy preggo wife, I say.

Love the Christmas pj's and the elf. I will have to share more about our secret lives as elves on my blog sometime. If Lancer will let me.

lindsey said...

You look great!!! I love when you Warner girls post!

Josh and Brittney Engel said...

Thanks again for throwing a shower for me! It was so much fun! And you're house is so dang cute! Also, I love your kids. The Christmas pj's are adorable!

Laura B. said...

I love these kinds of posts. You look FAB...not sure what you were worried about.
Glad Sam likes his new job. That makes for a good life.
I love the kids Christmas jammies. Too cute!!

Jill Tew said...

Random posts are good. Cute how they tucked in Mr. Peeks.

Denise said...

I love the outfit. You look great. I just saw that elf thing at Hallmark and was very close to buying it, but my cheapness got the best of me. I love the idea, though.

Jill said...

You look totally cute (as usual) so I hope you didn't spend too much time fretting about it at the party.

That picture of the kids asleep in your bed is so funny. I can't imagine sleeping so splayed like that.

Goodness, one of your Laurels is married and having a baby now, that's crazy. How long ago were you the YW President?

Your shower set up looks very nice!

Marni said...

Everything looked great! I think you look cute in your outfit...I know when you are pregnant that you never feel that way.

Elizabeth said...

You look wonderful... glowing even. I hope you take lots and lots of pics of the pregnant you (for your own viewing not the blog) as I have not ONE picture of me preggers and I DO regret it now.
The kids pj's are so so cute, too bad its summer here and the children wont get into cute pj's just to please their mother.
Great table set up too.
Thanks for sharing and sorry for the extra long comment.

Samantha said...
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samantha said...

you look awesome! your such a cute and fun momma. i hope you had a lovely weekend.

dang, your kids are gorgeous brooke!

Liz said...

I so want to find a Mr. Peeks. He's adorable. I love how Sammie is sleeping, flexed toes and all. They look so happy. I hope you guys got some sleep.

BTW, your shower food looks awesome. I'm sick of going to thrown together showers with stale Wal-Mart cookies. That ain't a shower.

Ashley said...

You look great and not pregnant. Did anyone mention anything to you about you being pregnant? I'd be shocked.

The shower spread looks fantastic. I love Liz's comment. 99% of the showers I attend are thrown by the Mostess. She throws a good shower.

Amy M. said...

Your table/cake stand/food look great. And so do you! Gotta love the awkward stage. Your kids' jammies are so cute.

Em said...

Your kids are totally cute konked out. They are very cute awake, too. I love how Sammie is completely sprawled. It's very endearing.

You look fabulous. Period.

Stephanie said...

I thought you looked great at the shower--I had no idea you were pregnant! :D So there! I would have never guessed. The baby shower was great--Brittney we're jealous! :) By the way, your house looked great--loved Sammie's tree!!! You need to post a picture of it!

Julie said...

Alright so I had to read on to figure out why the heck you wore maternity clothes to your party. I get it now! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You look spectacular!