Monday, December 28, 2009

11 Years and Counting

Our wedding day, Salt Lake Temple 1998

Sam and I got married 11 years ago today. We got married on the Monday after Christmas, just like today. I remember it well because I had tried on my wedding dress on Christmas eve that year, a few days before the wedding and it was tight. I mean tight tight. My mom could barely get the zipper up. So I remember not eating much that Christmas in order to fit in my dress on the 28th. I don't recommend being hungry on Christmas. It was my biggest regret with a Christmas wedding. I've made up for it by bingeing on the 11 Christmases since.

To celebrate our anniversary, Sam and I are going to really live it up tonight. I'm thinking dinner and a movie. We'll probably go somewhere romantic like Goodwood BBQ and we'll get a cozy corner booth where we can gorge ourselves on the chicken nachos with no one watching. Then off to a movie.

The two of us bingeing. This is obviously a re-enactment. We usually both have our faces buried in our plates and we fight over every last bite.

Then it will be back home where I will slip into something sexy like my old pink pjs that Sam gave me the Christmas we got married. Yes, I'm still wearing them, pregnant and all. They're piling a bit and a little dingy but that just adds to their appeal. I'm surprised Sam can keep his hands off me when I wear them.

In all seriousness, I'm more grateful for Sam every year. He continues to make me laugh and he puts up with a lot of insanity. He is my best friend and I love him.

So babe, let's go celebrate with a couple of bottomless diet cokes and a pulled pork sandwich!

If you are really desperate for something to do and you want to read how we met, go here.


The Raderstorf's Rock said...

Congrats! That's funny that after those years of going to Brighton you finally met at BYU.

Melissa Walker said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! Paul and I will also be gorging ourselves and then heading off to a movie--we can be romantic every other night of the year. On our anniversary we like to take advantage of free babysitting!

Heather said...

I love your dress Brooke! If I'd gotten married in 1998, that's the dress I had my eye on. Congratulations!

Ashley said...

I'm not letting any of my kids get married in December. I remember Sam being at our house that Christmas morning and him giving you those pink pajamas. I thought you two were so wonderfully in love and that he was so grown up and mature at 23 or 24. Sam really is the best husband for you imaginable. Enjoy the cokes and the gorging tonight--sounds pretty dang good to me.

Toria said...

Happy Anniversary Brooke! I'm so glad you married someone hilarious like you. I didn't realize that Amy Bagley set you up. Pass along a hello to her from me while we're all getting reconnected! :)
I love that he gave you pink pj's that you still have.

Denise said...

Happy anniversary! I loved the story of when you guys met. I love your sense of humor and Sam's. (Based on what I've read on here.) Jimmy and I grew up in the same stake but never met, either. (Of course, stakes are a lot bigger in Utah! Congrats. Have fun tonight.

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary! How awful that you had to go hungry over Christmas so you could fit in your dress!

I love the sense of humor you and Sam share and think it makes for a fun marriage (at least from where I sit).

Liz said...

I hear you about the December wedding!
Your wedding was the first official thing we went to as a married couple. I had a whole 10 days experience on you.

Enjoy your food!


Happy Anniversary Brooke! You guys look fantastic! I just hope I look that good when I'm as pregnant as two weeks...oooo, I better stop eating this Pepperidge Farms sausage and start working out NOW...anyhoo, super cute couple, fun family and great blogger, always waiting patiently for the next post from my parallel lifer. XOXO!

Elizabeth said...

Happy 11 years and counting!!! Well done to you both. David and I are about to celebrate 13 but it wont be anywhere near as romantic as yours without the daggy pj's or gorging...we are still trying to muster up the energy for a weekend away (pathetic I know).
Congrats again.
PS you got married on a Monday? Is that usual?

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary, Brooke and Sam!! I remember the first time you brought Sam home, and I loved him at first sight!! (I realized afterwards that he looked like one of my old boyfriends -- but that's not why I loved him!!)
I also remember that you looked spectacular in your wedding dress! (Brookie was up and running on the treadmill the morning of her wedding!)
Here's to 77 more anniversaries!!
You are a perfect match!