Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Family Photos 2012

We recently got family photos taken by my good friend and photographer Jill.  Check out her website here.  I always leave thinking there is no way she got anything and she always surprises me.  Buster was out of control..running in every direction but I think she still managed to capture his likeness. 

Blog friends, this is where I need your help.  I bought four groupons for large canvases on so that I can hang these photos on either side of my armoire.  I have one huge one for a family shot and three smaller ones for a grouping of other shots.  So please tell me which of the first two family shots you like better and which of the other shots your would put into the grouping of three.   I am also including photos of all four of my kids though I won't be using those in the grouping. Thanks in advance!!

Family photo 1:

Family photo 2:

Photo 3 (boys):

Photo 4 (big boys):

Photo 5 (Buster and Mama):

Photo 6 (Sammie and Mom close up):

Photo 7  (Sammie and Mom trellis):

Photo 8 (Sammie and mom garden):

Photo 9 (kids):

Photo 10 (Sammie rose petals):

Gratuitous photos of the kids:


Ashley said...

This is easy:

Family photo 1.


Big boys
Mom and Buster
Sammie and rose-petals.

That's for best all around variety.

Or throw all of that out the window and build it all around Mom and Sammie close-up because it is a gorgeous picture of you. P.S. I think you are looking more and more like mom.

Love these pics, love the colors, Sammie's dress, the setting--they are fantastic!

Ashley said...

You could do groupings:

Big boys
Mom and Sammie close up.
Buster alone.

Not as good variety but gets that great one of you and Sammie in. Or got totally vain and use

Big boys
Mom and Sammie close up
Mom and Buster

But that's a lot of big pics of you.

Linda said...

Thank you, Ashley!

The Mostess said...

I'm coming back for this one!!

Toria said...

Great photos! I am coming to Utah for a few weeks this summer and I want to see you and I want to have Jill take our photos (and I'm thinking you might need to pick out our clothes! I LOVE your shirt!)

OK my picks-
Family photo 1 (the standing one)

for the smaller-
the one of the 3 boys
the one of you and Sammie up close (love that photo)
and the one of the 4 kids sitting.

that adds good variety. You've got the boys, the girls and then the kids without you. Perfect.

Emily Redd said...

def. the photo where you are sitting...darling!

tony & marissa said...

i definitely like family photo 2. as far as grouping i think the one of you and buster is way cute and the one of the big boys and sammie with the rose petals. i think it would be a good variety. but i think they are all cute so you can't go wrong with any of them! :)

leandparkermakes3 said...

First of all, I love ALL the pictures. If I had to choose, I would do family photo #1. Then, I would do photo 3 of your boys, photo 6 of you and Sammie, and photo 9 of all the kids. :)

ellen said...

They are nice but my favorites are #2 and #9.

Brittney Engel said...

I like family photo 1

3 boys
mom and buster
sammie by herself

It includes everyone and there is some candidness to them.

Love the colors you did!!

Natalie said...

Love them all! Here are my pics:

1, 3, 9, 10

Natalie said...


Elizabeth said...

I like the family group no 2, but my gosh they are ALL so gorgeous! The one of you and Sammie in the trellis is just so lovely (as is every pic of the kids) I love it when pics turn out great and you get lots of choices (cos you know how much effort goes into it all!).

Stephanie Eldredge said...

Okay, if the main purpose is to decorate the wall, I'd choose:

Family #1
Boys #8
Sammie #10 (but I also love #6)
Kids #9

Here's my reasoning- You need all the boys in one pic and then one of Sammie by herself to balance the fun. (Either the one of her by herself or the one of her with you.) I would love to see the pic of your boys on the wall and then a pic of Sammie all by herself--it looks like she is celebrating not being in the pic with the boys. ;) The flower petals everywhere would just look great on a wall. Of course, they are all great pictures and it would be tough to choose between them. Glad it's your choice and not mine!

Great job Jill!!! I have yet to meet you!!

Jill T said...

Brooke, I can't wait to see what you decide! I hope you'll be posting a picture when you get them up on your wall!

alexandra said...

These are so gorgeous. I wish there was a Jill around here! Photos like these are worth every penny and whatever pain was involved in planning and executing.

alexandra said...

Ok, I thought it over and I think I would do photo 1 for the family; Mom and Sammie close up (though I do also really like the one of you two in the garden), Sammie in Petals, and the one of the three boys together. I like the Mom and Buster one, but it is hard to see either of your faces.

Noelle Perkins said...

I made my pics and then saw that's exactly what Ashley had chosen. Yep, that's what it should be. My absolute favorite is Mom and Buster.

Gorgeous family.

Em said...

These are all beautiful photos.

My two cents:

Family photo 2 (I love a good horizontal photo!)

3 (vertical) 9 (horizontal), and either 6 or 10 (both vertical and gorgeous!)

Then you'd have a proper variety when grouping to hang on your wall.

I also like Ashley's groupings suggestion!

Em said...

I just saw Ashley put more than one suggestion. I like her first groupings suggestion best! :)

Natasha said...

Your family is beautiful, I'd have a hard time choosing!

Megan said...

Family photo number 2. Definitely. Without question. Ashley, I love you but you're wrong.

You and Sammie trellis
All the kids together.

Enough said.