Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bachelorette: London Calling

This was one of my favorite episode this season.  And it wasn't even because of the Kalen drama.  I totally saw that coming because Kalen is so dumb and I think he didn't even care that he was going home.  I wonder if the producers put him up to some of the stuff he said.  I loved how Emily said she wanted to go all "West Virginia back woods hood rat crazy on him" or something along those lines.  My very favorite was how he interrupted her and she said "I love to hear you talk but not until I'm through..I got that line from you."  The girl has spunk and I love it.

No, this episode was my favorite because I love Jef with one F.  I loved their date.  I loved how Jef talked about being on "a two on one" with Jean and Emily. I loved how Emily and Jef got the hell out of there when Jean left the room..though that was probably staged.  I think Emily and Jef have so much chemistry. Jef is normal and real and I loved how he told Emily about how he felt about her when they were having dessert on the London Eye.  I melted during their kiss.  I am into him them.  I hope they end up together but I'm not holding my breath. 

I honestly have nothing to say about Emily's date with Sean.  He is such a nice guy.  He is a good guy.  He says all the right things but there is no chemistry.  He is not funny or even all that fun.  I think he will be in the final two but not picked...there is just something missing.

The group date was fine.  I lose more and more respect for Ryan (the dumb ox) every week.  I am so disappointed in Emily for saying she is starting to like him.  He says the dumbest things.  He drives me crazy.  He bugs me worse than Kalen did.  I want the ox gone.  I'm tired of his dumb little gifts and his ugly scarfs and his dumb letters and his arrogance. 

I thought Arie was good on the group date.  He was so nervous but he pulled through and was funny.  Arie's biggest strength..other than being gorgeous..is that he is truly funny.  I do feel like sometimes Emily and Arie have nothing to say to each other and he just tries to kiss her to fill the time. 

I think Emily overreacted in her anger at the other guys that no one said anything to her about Kalen.  No one wants to be the tattle tell.  And Doug is now firmly in the "friend category" because he tattled to Emily.  Did you love his reaction when Emily told him she wanted to be alone and he had to kind of shrink away?  haha.

I was grateful to see Alenjandro go home.  I kept wondering "why is he still here?"  I predict Travis will go home next week...he is only still here because Emily has had other guys she needed to send home more. 

What are we thinking this week?  Who are your favorites?  It seems everyone is cheering for Sean but me.  Jef all the way!


Ashley said...

Yes, yes, yes.

Sean uses too much hair product and seems a little boring to me--you're right--nice guy, great guy--not Emily's guy.

I love Jef too. He seems totally real and nice. Plus you could get a SLC hometown date! Jef talking about Jean was hilarious. I don't think they touched their dessert (that layered fruit thing) in the Eye.

Travis is so gone--although it looks like she's actually going to waste a one on one date with him. I guess she figures he deserves it at this point.

I still like Chris too.

Jaime said...

I love JeF too but his hair is starting to bug. Does it bug anyone else? I would like to see what he looks like when he wakes up or if he doesn't have any product or a hair dryer. Right? I don't need a guy that takes more time with his hair than I do....

That being said, I think he is the best one. She likes Ari, I do too. But I don't know? That other guy is driving me crazy. I wanted to reach through the TV and ripe that ugly scarf off his neck. Seriously. With rare exception, scarfs should be limited to women only.

Love you Brooke! Feel like I haven't seen you forever!

Em said...

I'm so glad Ashley mentioned the dessert! I get so hungry watching this show. I pay more attention to the gorgeous food sitting uneaten on their plates than I do their conversations about the rose. That's one thing I liked about Ashley H. She was always eating.

Anyway, I totally agree with all you said. (Although, I didn't dislike Alejandro. He seemed decent; he just wasn't the one.) I'm really wondering who gets tattled on next week. I thought it would be the ox, but he's in the "later in this season" previews...red herring, perhaps?

Em said...

And I Loved how Jef said that if Ricki was baggage, she was a Chloe handbag that you want to have forever. That was the cutest thing ever.

Linda said...

Brooke, Jef is from YOUR hometown. He's single, you are single. If he doesn't get picked, you could get lined up after he's off the show. . .just sayin. . .and you could fix his hair. I like him the best as well. Am I the only one who likes Ari, but thinks he looks dorky?? I don't see the looks thing.

Denise Wilkins said...

I want to know if the chick that Chris Harrison was with on next weeks scenes was the chick who broke up his marriage....

Erin said...
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Erin said...

Paying close attention to the "coming up" scenes at the end of Monday's episode, one of them showed Jef and Emily kissing in a lovely outdoors setting and, low and behold, the St. George Temple is off in the distance!! (Jef's hometown is St. George.) You know what that means!! YAY!!

Vicky said...

I thought Sean was boring to begin with too, but at the cocktail party when they were dancing, I found him so appealing, and their kisses were better that time too. Jef looks so young compared to him.

Emily Redd said...

I really like Sean but he might be too perfect or boring or maybe just hasn't had a chance to shine and show his real personality yet. I remember thinking Emily was a bit boring in the beg. when she was with Brad but now her personality is really coming through. Some people are better on camera than others. Although, I think Jef's hair is hideous and he kinda has a big nose I think everything he said was so real and genuine. He seems actually "normal." He seems like such the real deal but I'm not sure he and Em could make it work in the end. I think she is from a totally different place...backgrounds etc. Plus, Jef is only 25....baby! Even though Emily is 26 she has a lot of maturity being a single mom. The older guys might be a better match but you never know. The one thing that bugged me about the episode is Emily kept saying I thought at least one of the guys would have my back.....but isn't that what Doug did??? Didn't Doug have her back?? And then in the Bachelor "Ben season" when all the girls tattled and warned him about Courtney he got pissed and sent them home so it's like a double edged sword...do you tell or not? Kalen is a pure idiot and I think he will dig his grave while watching this!! Can't wait till the "men tell all episode...ha, ha, ha!" True jerk! Plus, Kalen was soooo UGLY! I agree...hate Ryan, aka ox! his true colors will show and he'll be gone. Still loving Arie and I'm pretty sure he'll be in final two. i'm sort of starting to doubt that Emily will find her love, SAD:(

Jenn J. said...

My faves are definitely Jef, Sean, and Arie. Not necessarily in that order.
Sean is a bit on the boring side, but I'm still giving him a couple more episodes to show me he's cooler than I'm giving him credit for.
Arie is a good guy for Emily too and I think he genuinely likes her.
Jef is the real deal. What you see is what you get. I love that he's so cool with her and can have genuinely intellectual conversations with her-- not just telling her non-stop how beautiful she is like the rest of the guys do.
I do agree with your mom though (again) and think that Jef should come back home and hook up with you. You two could be very happy together.

Shavanna said...

I think Jef is kind of dorky but sweet. I like Sean the best. Not sure I really like Airie, I don't think they are a good match. Forgive me, but I can't help it I like Ryan. I know he seems arrogant but he is romantic and my late husband was alot like Ryan and the 25 years with him was the best, I just don't know.

Stephanie Eldredge said...

I enjoyed watching this week as I always do. I am so entertained by the cheesiness that some of the guys exude.

I enjoyed seeing Jef and Emily leave Jean in the dust even though it looked totally staged. I loved to watch Emily's date with Jef unfold. He is the most real, sincere one she has--I hope she keeps him. I believe he is ready to have kids more than the other ones...aside from Doug. I think living in Utah helps with that kind of thinking. The only thing I'd fix on him is his hair. ;) He is just fun. I loved the way he turned the whole daughter-baggage thing around into something good that just made her glow. Extra bonus points for Jef!! He should have got an extra rose for that one!

As for the dessert, Ashley wouldn't have let that go to waste! (Remember her date with Brad on the boat?) Is it just me, or do they almost never eat their amazing food on their dates? Is it plastic or something? It's weird. It always looks amazing! :)

When Doug talks, his comments remind me of Ryan Reynolds for some reason. I think I can see Doug dressed up as the Green Lantern. ha.

Sean=Daniel Craig. I think Sean is still around for the same reason that Daniel Craig is cast as James Bond--good looking. Sadly, hardly any chemistry. Sean just seems to always be saying the right things. Nice guy, but not real enough.

Ryan, he makes me cringe. I guess he just doesn't come across as genuine to me. It feels like he thinks he's pulling the wool over her eyes with his charm and I don't see how she isn't seeing through him. I think he is charming himself. Get over yourself Gaston! All he needs is his mirror. It was funny to watch Ryan butcher Shakespeare and try to kiss her in his "scene" while she had a hard time not laughing. That was funny.

By the way, I'm glad Emily kept Alejandro around long enough to see him in that costume! He looked awesome!

Arie,I still think he would be a good fit for Emily but something is off with them right now.

I just want to see more of Emily with Jef. :)

Stephanie Eldredge said...

Okay, just rewatched last weeks episode while I was doing my time on the treadmill. It helps me pass the time. A couple more comments, she does have chemistry with Sean but maybe he just seems too "perfect." Watching Doug again makes me remember why I'm not a fan of his. He seems overly sure of himself too and I guess I just don't like the way he acts--kind of sarcastic.

Also, I always get a kick out of the music they play in the background when there's drama, kissing...it's hilarious, like a soap opera. :)

Chantel said...

Haha, totally loving these recaps!! I'm definitely going to be coming back for more.