Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wet 'n Wild

To me, Summertime is all about the pool. It is about swimsuits and sunscreen and beach towels and flip flops. Growing up, we spent at the Cottonwood Spa pool. And I mean all day, every day. The funny thing is--the smell of chlorine still makes me nervous from swimming lessons all those years ago. But I love the sound of water spraying, the noise of all the kids in the pool, the hot cement...I love it all.

Here is what we have been doing to stay wet this summer:

Swimming lessons:

I love sitting in the shade watching my kids swim. Probably my favorite activity of summer. Our lessons are from 11:30 to noon so I pack lunch for everyone and when we get home, it is so nice to not have to mess up my kitchen or worry about everyone giving me orders...they eat what I pack and they like it because it's all they got!

The pool:

Duh! We hit the pool at least a couple times a week. 

Even though Buster finds random Capri Suns and drinks them:

And Sammie does handstands all over the pool deck:

And Ryan won't put his head under but just wallows in the shallow end like a beached whale:

We still love it.

Seven Peaks:

I bought the Pass of All Passes just like the rest of you. A bazillion people are at Seven Peaks but guess what? It is still fun. I love the intertubes..I may or may not have fallen asleep in the sun for about an hour on an intertube...I'm sure I looked awesome.

Grandma's "river":

My mom has a water feature in her backyard that has turned out to be the funnest thing ever...lots of rocks for throwing (much to my mom's chagrin I'm sure), running water and cousins to play with.

Luke's swim team:

I've got no picture of this (embarrasingly) but Luke is doing swim team this year at our gym. He goes every day and I have never heard him complain. Though I complain plenty about the four hour meets twice a week..shoot me now!

The new Splash Pad in Fort Union:

This is fun.  I wish there were more trees and a little shade but it is still great.

The playground there is pretty fun too.

Crummy Singles Event at Seven Peaks (because I don't go there enough with my kids):

At least I had fun girlfriends to go with because there were no good men to be found.

That's it folks.  Any other fun water things I need to know about because obviously, we aren't doing enough.


Linda said...

First - We DID NOT spend at the pool at Cottonwood Heights!! MAYBE two or three afternoons a week on a good week!! Geez, I really sound like mother of the year after these last two blogs. ..DC in the baby bottle and every day, all day at the pool! Yes, on the DC, NOT on the daily pool - your memory has gotten "better with age."
Second, Sammie's body is exactly yours at the same age - esp. the legs!
Third - I don't mind picking up the rocks in the waterfall, and
Fourth - are those some of the hot single guys in the background at Seven Peaks??

Ashley said...

Mom's comment is funny bc I keep thinking how much you look like her and how much your body is like hers.

I remember going to the spa every single day. We'd make "Martha Washington hair" and go off the third platform while Mom rocked a bikini on the lounges. Hi Mom! And what's not mother of the year about that? I feel awesome when I take my kids swimming.

This whole post is so fun. I can't wait to get Benny together with Buster and Courtney--Courtney looks like his twin!

Linda said...

Ashley, you're only off the hook because you said I "rocked the bikini!"

Em said...

You may see an identical post like this on my blog one day soon.

Summer is for swimming and that's that. You rock for doing all this fun stuff with them. I love the photo of Ryan lounging in the shallow end.

...I'm pretty sure swimming lessons scared the bejeebers out of every kid in the pool-going U.S.. They traumatized me. But hey, now I can swim. :)

Heather said...

I love it! I, too, love going to the pool, although I am happy to report that I missed the singles' activity at Seven Peaks...