Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bachelorette: Trimming the Fat

When I think about Monday night's show, all I remember is Chris crying, Chris stressing out and Chris' devil eyes.  However, I knew Emily was going to keep him.  And I think she was going to keep him even if he didn't stop the rose ceremony to beg for another chance.  Emily likes Chris more than she likes John.  And I didn't mind seeing John go home if only for the fact that he was overly confident.  He had one decent date (not even good.)  And dude all of a sudden thought he was the shiz.

But don't worry.  Chris is going home this next week after the home town date.  Home town dates are a big deal.  You have to go meet someone's parents and have them tell you how they don't want their son/daughter to get his/her heart broken.  I think it would be brutal to have to meet four sets of parents in one week. 

But first, we need to talk about this last week.  Honestly, the details are hazy.  I just got my computer back after paying 53 bones to get the virus removed (thank you Ox!)  Then it took me all day to get the thing plugged in correctly and back up and running.  I am a little nervous to find more bachelorette photos on the internet.  But for you friends, I roll the dice.

I thought Sean did a little better this week in bringing the romance.  Remember him running through the streets of Prague yelling "Emmmmiiiiillllllllyyyyyy!   Emmmmmmiiiiiiilllllllyyyyy!"  And she just happened to be out there walking around like the lone ranger.  As if the producers didn't tell him where she staged.  But I was happy to see him give her a more passionate kiss.  I still am not convinced that he has a personality.  He says all the right things and I know you ladies love him but he doesn't do it for me (or Emily.)  He may be our next bachelor.

The Arie drama seemed a little weird to me.  Anytime Chris Harrison show up to explain something to us, it feels a little like The Truman Show.  Why is he breaking into "reality?"  Do we really need Chris to give us the back story?  The weirdest part of all is how we got that little interview of Emily by the producer who used to date Arie but we don't get any footage of Arie explaining himself to Emily.  Instead, we get Chris Harrison's voiceover saying "Arie explained to Emily that they dated so long ago, he had forgotten about it or didn't think it was a big deal.  Emily forgave him and they have moved on."  Then we get footage of Arie telling Emily he loved her and the fireworks.  It just all seemed kind of glossed over.  Maybe Fleiss didn't want us to see some knock down drag out with Arie because he is going to win this thing and we need to respect him..or maybe he is going to be our next bachelor.  Why do I have to dwell on these things...why can't I just enjoy the show?

I like Arie.  I think he will win Emily's heart but sometimes he just has nothing real to say.  And his eyes seem vacant.  But they do have chemistry. 

As for Jef with one F..still my favorite.  I loved how he bought Ricky a little princess puppet..dude knows how to score points.  But the scene in the library where Emily and Jef were having their puppets talk was cringe worthy.  It brought back horrible bobble head doll memories (Chris.)  I thought Jef was cooler than that.  But I forgive him.  I do love that Emily said no when he asked her if she would move in together before they got married.  Speaking of Jef, I also appreciate how respectful he is of the Mormon church and that he admits he was raised Mormon and speaks highly of the Church even though he is not active right now.

Finally, Doug.  Oh Doug.  You are such a pansy.  You were never confident enough with Emily.  You never had the cajones to kiss Emily (until you laid one on her while she was dumping you.)  And then you get in the limo and sob that you wanted a safe place for you and your son.  I'm not sad to see you go.

What am I forgetting ladies?  I can't wait for the hometown dates.  I can't wait to see Jef's family and the first ever hometown date in UT! 


Linda said...

I thought the whole "controversy" with Arie was was cooked up just to get some drama. There never was anything to get worked up over. silly. I still like JefF the best too, but I'm going to start spelling his name with two f's. I don't care how he spells it.

Linda said...
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Stephanie Eldredge said...

I can't get enough...

I thought it was funny that Sean was running through the streets whisper-yelling Emily's name. Hope he would put a little more effort into it if he was looking for a lost child. Did he really think she would hear that from more than 10 feet away? Really? Ha! That was a perfectly set up "Lone Ranger" scene. Totally staged like Sean just happened to find her her and she is just standing in the middle of nowhere with her back to him--C'mon! That was a bit cheesy, but whatever, he is cute and they would have beautiful kids together. Sorry, did I just say that out loud? ;) I agree with you about him, just not enough there. Definite Bachelor material.

Arie, all he and Emily have together is chemistry. They hardly say two words when they're in each others company and they have empty conversations.

Doug, yes, your girl radar is not working.

Chris, enjoy your last week.

Jef,I can only hope he is the one she ends up with. If she does choose him I would be completely surprised but that would be a fun show to watch. She does seem interested in him, and seems to feel like she has to win him over and a bit worried about meeting Jef's family. As for the comment about moving in together, it didn't sound like an invitation to me as much as wanting to know how she felt about it. Can't wait for next week!

Ashley said...

The bottom line is none of these guys is a Brad Womack and while they are all decent none of them seem perfect for Emily. What does Sean do? I always forget about him.

The Sean searching for Emily was really bad. Like any of us believe that Emily would ever be walking home alone after her date.

I think it's funny how much you detest Doug. He actually won me over a bit with his sobbing at the end.

Hometowns would really be soooo painful. I think I'd try to cut down to just a couple guys by that point if they'd let me.

Em said...

You make me laugh! "Emmmiiilllyyyy!" Hilarious. That really was the weirdest thing, and Sean is the most boring, red-faced person on the planet.

Well, at least Chris Harrison worked for his money and dream vacation this week, but what a letdown with all the Arie drama.

The other Chris makes me crazy. His evil eyes and tiny thin lips drive me nuts!

I couldn't believe Wolf talking about how he "brought it home" when their date was so awkward. As soon as he said he knew Chris was going home, I knew he himself was dunzo. Good bye paper shredder!