Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I Will Be Watching Tonight

It is a Warner tradition to watch this movie the night before Thanksgiving. It is a classic.

Who doesn't love John Candy (Uncle Buck anyone?) and Steve Martin?

"Those aren't pillows!"

I am grateful for really funny movies....and to the cop who pulled me over last night and didn't give me a ticket.

Happy Thanksgiving...gobble gobble.


Jill said...

Hilarious choice of movie selection. We often say, "those aren't pillows" around here.

Natalie said...

best show! just watched it yesterday Ü

Cameron said...


"How do they know where we're going?"

-Followed by John Candy's motions of him drinking a beer

I'm so sad I can't be there tonight.

Amy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ashley said...

Just watched it. That movie is a tearjerker!

The Mostess said...

John Hughes...thanks for all of the great lines from the classics!

You're going the wrong way!!! You're going to kill somebody!!!

Have fun!

calibosmom said...

How funny that I came upon your blog today. We watch this movie around Tday too. I loved your comment on Stie's Double Standard post.

alexandra said...

I was just wondering if this movie was a Thanksgiving or Christmas one. I, too, was pulled over the other evening (80 in a 65) and the officer let me go with a warning. And that was even before he noticed Will in the back, and therefore Will's tube, which is usually my free pass from the Authorities.

Happy Thanksgiving! I bet it is a lot of fun in the Warner household!

sheryl said...

I guess Stan could be part of your family after all... he LOVES this movie, Infact he gives it as gifts to buddies then says .let me watch it with you. LOL (I hate it, sorry but I just think it is to far from reality)