Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Friends + Good Food=My Favorite Combination

Remember when I posted about our friend Amy Bagley, who set me and Sam up on our first date? Well, Amy (We call her "Bagley") and her husband Nate (who just so happens to be Sam's best friend growing up) were in town from Vermont and we got to spend some time with them.

We have known Amy and Nate forever. They feel like family to me. Bagley is pregnant and due about 5 weeks after me and doesn't even look pregnant. I'm trying to forgive her for that. I love Amy and Nate because they understand when I have to ask a second stranger to take a picture of the four of us because in the first picture, I looked as big as the side of a house.

We ate a Settabello pizzeria downtown. If you haven't been to Settabello, you really must go. They have great authentic Italian pizza that you tear with your hands. The Caprese salad is to die for.

We then headed out to the Jazz game where we enjoyed a mother-daughter duo directly in front of us who were shaking their moneymakers for the entire game. I must be getting old because I was just annoyed the whole time at how loud the game was. I had to yell to talk to Bagley.

Finally, we headed back to Settabello for gelato. The gelato is reason enough to go to Settabello. Delish. I got the peanut butter brownie and Hazelnut combination and I was not disappointed.

Thanks Amy and Nate (Nate is one of the three men who read my blog!) for a very fun evening.


Toria said...

looks delish and sounds fun! Can I say HI to Amy and Nate on your blog? Hi guys! Wish we would have known you were in Vermont when we were in Boston a couple years ago! Congrats on the baby too! What number is this?

The Mostess said...

Yes!! I beat Ashley. But only because she is trying to gather ideas for a party that is bound to go down like the Titanic (kidding, girl!!)

I love good friends and good food, especially when caprese salad is involved.

PS--totally unrelated--but I kept up with a Bachelor discussion this evening because of your amazing insight. I even called Vienna "Vienna Sausage" and got big laughs at the SB party. I should have given you credit, but I lapped up all the glory for myself! ;)

Travelin'Oma said...

Loved the pictures. I wonder if I'm related to Bagley. I'm Bagley, too.

Heather said...

I am going to have to try that place...the caprese salad looks amazing...and you can't go wrong with gelato. It was fun seeing you Friday!

Kim said...

Mark must be Sam's friend... he loves that place too!! I want to see more pictures of what is going on in your house.

Ashley said...

Kaari mocks my party but I will be going to her for the heavy lifting.

I agree, Jazz games are too loud. Pizza is delicious and I am intrigued by ripping it with your hands. We'll have to go to that place. Is it as good as CPK?

Em said...

I lived in UT for more years than I care to admit publicly, and I have never heard of half the restaurants you blog about. (Not the chains, of course.)

Next time I'm in UT visiting I'm going to have to make a tour du restaurant...starting with gelato and pizza from this yummy place.

Dave and Christine said...

I have been craving Settebello for about four months now. Somehow when we get a babysitter we never make it there. Needless to say I am extremely jealous.

Vermont Madsens said...

Thanks for the wonderful evening! It will surely be one of the highlights of our visit. We are still laughing about the stories of the night. I am just now getting my hearing back too! We missed you so much at Corner Bakery and hope you are all feeling better. See you next time we're in town for another exciting rendezvous!