Monday, February 15, 2010

The Fantasy Suite Dates

I begged Sam to watch this episode with me. For some reason, it is always more fun to watch the show with someone else. He made fun of everyone and had me laughing so hard. So I am definitely coming to my review with a bit of a cynical edge.

First, The date with Gia was fine. She is a beautiful. Sam kept making fun of her botox lips. I was laughing during their dinner when Jake explained what he wants in a marriage and she was like "Phew, I want that too." Like, "Oh good, I'm glad we got that out of the way, you'll be a perfect husband." People can say anything in this stage of the game. I want to see them five years into their marriage. Which won't happen since he sent Gia packing tonight.

I actually thought Gia left with dignity and I never minded her. I can't believe I'm saying this but I almost wanted Jake to pick Gia over Tenley (since we all know he is going to end up with Vienna). Tenley just bored me tonight.

On Tenley's date, I felt like she just giggled and kept saying how special every was. I know that is who she is but it gets old for me. She is darling and I think she is genuine and would be the sweetest girl long term and really wants to find love but for me, I just can't take all the syrupy sweetness. It was funny when Jake told her how special he thought her solo dance was back on the hometown date. (Imagine me gagging myself.) And then she replied that she feels so special that he thought it was special or something stupid like that.

Oh Sausage. Where do I start. Oh yeah, with that ridiculous pirate ship escapade. Sam and I were laughing so hard when she put the eye patch on Jake and he kept the uncovered eye shut as well. He was like "I can't see!" She had to tell him to open the good eye. Duh!

Since Sam hadn't seen the show, it was funny to get his impression of Sausage. He just kept saying how trashy she was and how he couldn't believe she was there. The brassy, fake blond hair and crazy eyes...But with that said, I can tell Jake loves being around her. He feels free to be immature and stupid with her. And to be honest, I think they have more chemistry than Jake does with Tenley.

At the end, Tenley looked adorable standing there in her cute beachy dress and little flower in her hair. Sausage looked ridiculous in that long, heavy, satin, Burgundy number. They couldn't be more different but apparently, he's in love with both of them. Did you notice how Vienna was the only one he asked about rings?

The Ali thing was so staged. I can't even waste another sentence talking about it. Good for Jake for not bringing her back.

I can't wait for Jake's family to meet the two girls and to see them fall all over Tenley and tell Jake he is crazy for liking Vienna and then watch Jake pick Vienna anyway. This show is so easy to predict.

Tune in next week for the "Girls Tell All." It should be a cat fight.


Denise said...

Tenely does seem to be the perfect match for him, but she kind of bored me too. I think any chemistry (which I don't see) will fizzle up quickly. Jake does seem to have fun with Vienna which is so important. It is just too bad that he will have to become a hick to survive with her.

GWACK said...

I'm a bit of a blog stalker but I love your blog and just had to comment. I was watching the show and called my husband in a few times to see different things and when I asked him about Vienna, his comment was, "Jake likes her because of her boobs." He said she has a butter-face....everything looks good but her face. Although Tenley is sugary sweet, she's just so much more refined than Vienna. And when Vienna came out in that lingerie on their fantasy date...I almost threw up a little in my mouth. I just don't like her.

jacey said...

Tenley is too good for Jake. Sausage seriously makes me gag. Jake is disappointing- I like him less each week. Can't believe Tenley participated in the fantasy suite; This was a huge step for her and Jake didn't seem to appreciate it as such. Jake likes Vienna because he can have his high school romance life that he never had. I seriously don't know if I can watch the last episode for fear of barfing when he picks Vienna.

LAURA said...

I look forward to your bachelor reviews every week. I wish we could just skip the tell-all and go right to the finale. I agree, I am so excited to see how his family reacts to the two girls.

Em said...

What I'm learning by reading your reviews is that the thing about the Bachelor is that everyone assumes he is normal. The girls get bagged on because, let's face it, they're psycho. But I think Jake and most of the other Bachelors (Hello, Jason) are just as abnormal. I think you'd have to be to actually believe you'll find true, never-ending love in a fantasy suite. I say to Jake: pick the Sausage and live and let live. :)

Linde said...

Jake also said (in the bedroom) to Vienna, "I'm crazy about you." He never said that to Tenly even though she told him she loved him too. I'm glad he didn't bring back Ali also. She is too anguished over him at this point and he has moved on.

Dave & Kami said...

I can't believe he is going to pick the white trash sausage! It's hard to even watch. Tenley's voice gets higher each week, but i feel bad that he keeps dragging her along after all she's been through!

Ashley said...

Here's my thing, I don't see why Vienna is into Jake. I get it for the show/publicity/competition thing. But when that's over and she's left with a classy, boring, professional guy she's not going to know what to do with herself. She needs a thug. Jake is into her, it's impossible to understand, but painfully obvious. It will never last. It's just sad bc Tenley would adore Jake forever and they'd be happily married forever. But, I can't blame Jake for not picking Tenley if he's more into someone else. I just wish he's pull a Womack. At this point I really just want the season over so we can move on the Bachelorette.

Ashley said...

P.S. I can't stand the "tell-all" shows.

Mr. Anonymous said...

If he didn't pick Gia, he must be saving the final rose for chris harrison. Gia was the only attractive one left.

Ashley said...

Ahh, the old "saving the final rose for Chris" bit. It's a classic!

Amy M. said...

Fun that Sam watched.
I'm sad to admit this, but there is indeed a lack of chemistry between Tenley and Jake. And please, no more of her talking about her ex. She TOTALLY giggled and kept saying how special everything was.
I reeeeallllly want Vienna to darken her hair and snip it. What about her lingerie?
I thought Gia left with class and dignity too. Her body is killer, by the way.
Ali, yes, so staged.