Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Hometown Dates

I always look forward to the hometown dates because you get a feel for who the girls really are. Jake may have said that exact thing on camera but it's true. Tenley's family was so sweet and classy--just like her. Ali's were what we expected, Gia's were a little less sophisticated than I thought they would be and Sausage's family were total rednecks.

I have to jump right to Sausage's hometown date for just a minute. Did anyone else think her relationship with her dad was a little weird? She just drives me crazy. I can't say it enough. How does Jake like her--especially coming straight from Tenley's house? Is he slumming?

Let's talk about Ali leaving for her job. C'mon producers. You just did this with Ed and Jillian. Give us viewers a little credit. The whole thing felt so staged. Ali is doing a good job of producing the water works. But I found that Jake was strangely unemotional. And we all know Jake is an emotional man. He forced up some tears when she left but he was all smiles moments later with the other girls. I just think he knew she wasn't the one.

This is what I don't understand: If you are really in love with a man, like Ali seemed like she was on the hometown date, why on earth would you ever pick a job over the guy? Even if I only had one chance in four, I would take it. Wouldn't you? Did she just know he wasn't going to pick her--or did the producers guarantee her they would fly her to St. Lucia to win him back? I don't know, but the whole thing smells fishy.

Did you notice Ali's hair at the rose ceremony? It looked like she was headed to the gym.

For the first time tonight, I started to wonder if Tenley is just too sugary sweet even for Jake. I love Tenley--she is still my first choice for him--but it does seem that he is more attracted to Vienna for whatever reason. Gia is still gorgeous but I just think their relationship lacks depth. I really liked Gia's relationship with her mother. However, did you see that snippet at the end when the mother read Jake's cards? Now Jake knows Gia's mother is crazy. That kind of thing always backfires. My prediction is that Gia is the next to go.

I can't wait until next week to see if Jake utilizes the fantasy suites. I am going to predict that he does with Gia and Sausage but that Tenley refuses. What do you think?


sarahw said...

Have you seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry asks George if he is confident he will get the "I love you" return? Ali said I love you to Jake, and all I heard was crickets chirping. That says it all. I'm glad she left, because he just wasn't totally into her.

Good review.

Melissa Walker said...

I could never be on this show knowing that I'm dating a guy who is "falling" for 3 other women as well as me. Sounds a lot like polygamy--which I know I wouldn't do well at!

Denise said...

Ok, I have never thought that using the suite equals sex. So, why wouldn't Tenley take the opportunity to spend more time with him?

Did you hear the leak in who wins by that blogger guy?

I think Ali's hair is what made it believable for me. I didn't really like her because she seemed too mean for him. I understand choosing the job. I actually did that because Jimmy was taking too long to make up his mind...and I was the only girl in the situation. However, I kind of felt like she was doing it to intentionally come back because that is what Ed did and he won.

As for Vienna, I really think she drags Jake down. He seems WAY too classy for her, but if he wants to end up living in a trailer catchin' gators...

Amy M. said...

I was dying at Ali's ultra messy hair. And yes, that whole thing smelled fishy. I would rather see her stay than Vienna for sure. I just don't see how she and Jake could work. So different. Yes the relationship with her dad was way over-the-top.
One thing you did not mention and maybe you didn't find it funny, but I literally laughed and laughed out loud while Tenley was dancing her solo for Jake. I was so embarrased for her. It wasn't that I didn't think she was a good dancer, but I just could have never done that (and been serious). I do still hope he picks her. I worry a little that they are both too sweet to be together.
I did see the Taro card snip. That ruined Gia's chances. Bad move, mother of Gia.

brooke said...


I agree with how uncomfortable the solo dance routine was. I still remember when Jenny did a solo dance routine for Brad Womack. I cringed then too.

I would pay lots of money to have legs that look like Tenley's but it is uber cheesy to make a guy sit down and watch you dance.

I saw Sam's cute mug at Naartji the other day! Luke was so jealous--it was funny.

Ashley said...

The hometowns are always good. I liked this time bc no one's family tried too hard to be zaney for the camera. (Except the tarot cards, but those seemed to fit Gia's mom's personality.)

The dance pained me but I think Jake actually liked it. It also reminded me of Jenny and Brad.

I can't wait for St. Lucia! The island ones are always the best!

nic said...

I was so bugged that Ali chose the job. Lame I would choose the guy. Her hair was dog and it kept on falling out. Why was she still putting her legs up on Jake at the end if she wanted to go home. Why is it the same as last season. I still am hoping for Tenley. Sausage and her dad are gross.

Aaron + Mandee said...

Sorry Brooke, but I would definitely choose the job over the guy who was keeping "Trashy" around. Especially if there was a chance to be the next Bachelorette. I say smart move by Ali.

And we were DYING over Tenley's dance solo. It made me not like her. I really want her and Gia to quit with the baby talk. It's driving me (and Aaron) crazy.

Hope you're feeling better!

The Raderstorf's Rock said...

Heeey...are you saying Viennas family seemed rednecky cause they are from Florida?? Florida is beautiful..Moldy Double Wides next to the Million Dollar Mansions on the water, Customer Service Providers with no teeth, Parents with their snotty nose crying children at Walmart at 11:30 pm...wait, wait just a minute y'all are right it is pretty rednecky.

Jenn J. said...

With the loss of Ali (who may or may not come back at this point) I say if he doesn't pick Tenley, he's pretty much sunk. Gia's family = crazy and too rough around the edges for Jake. And Sausages family = redneck. Plus, who wants to be compared to a girl's dad their whole life? Jakes only hope at this point is Ali or Tenley and I've gotta say things aren't looking good.

Heather said...

I would like all the single guys out there watching this show to know that not all girls are like the ones you see here. Wait...no single guys watch this show. Never mind.

I should start doing more solo dance routines to catch a man. Jake seemed to like it, no matter how embarassed all of America was.

Em said...

Okay, so I still don't watch the show because I really just love reading your recaps. But I did watch a quick hulu segment of Ali telling Jake about the possibility of going back to her job (before the rose ceremony). I laughed for about 5 minutes when Ali basically asks what he thinks she should do and he's sitting there looking all upset/sad/mopey for a good while and then asks "...What are you asking me?" He's an idiot. My heart hurts for all the people on that show. It really does. :)

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...

Stephanie said...
Okay, I love how many people are into this show...my hubby probably wouldn't admit it but he's as addicted to it as the rest of us. :)

Watching the show this past week put my stomach in knots--I was so stressed out! I feel like I'm getting to know each of the girls too much. I'm not sold on any of them anymore--I still think that Corrie was the best catch--just a bit slow to open up. :( However, that said, Jake is only human--if he likes Vienna than maybe he isn't as great as I give him credit for. (Ooh, I am so bad) I don't get what he sees in Vienna but maybe she's his type. I agree about the whole bit with Alli feeling staged--how stupid could you be to give up the potential love of your life, especially after putting your life on pause for that long already. Crazy...and um, could you fix your hair? She knows she's being filmed right? ;)She looked like a wreck--poor girl...but she was not the sweet girl she pretended to be with Jake. Alli's relationship with Jake seemed so forced--like when they were playing with the leaves. Tenley is soooo sweet, but I have to wonder what is wrong with her. Is there more we don't know? Her mom added some doubt. Jake's smile after Tenley danced almost reminded me of the courteous smile he gave Michelle after he kissed her-- just an awkward moment. Tenley is definitely the cutest of the girls that are left. Her family seemed like the most comfortable ones to be around. Vienna's relationship with her dad was just creepy--like she was one of his wives or something. Ew. We were waiting for the dad to bring out a chainsaw or something--scary guy. Gia is a cute girl but she has to be the next one leaving--especially after seing her mom give Jake a "reading." I loved his response-- No, that's not it at all. Ha.

The way Jake, "the hatchet man," has been dumping girls I thought this past week could be the finally! ;) He's been such a fun, unpredictable, Bachelor to watch!