Monday, February 1, 2010

Love is Blind

Or so it seems. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what Jake sees in Sausage (Vienna). I have tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. I try to ignore what the girls are saying about her. But she bugs. She is ditsy, she stares off into the distance when she talks, she thinks she is a princess and she is the least attractive of the women. I just don't get it. Someone enlighten me.

I guess what it boils down to is that everyone has different taste. We all know that couple where we have wondered "how did he get her?" or "how is she with him?" Everyone is looking for something different and what is attractive to one person isn't to someone else. But at the same time, I can understand why the girls are having such a hard time with Jake and Vienna. They just can't see how someone like him would keep her around.

With that said, Ali was so mean to sausage when Corrie pretended that the date card said that Ali and Vienna were going on a two-on-one date. Ali has a black heart. She needs to learn to be a little more diplomatic. I think she is too mean for Jake.

As for Corrie, I respect her for saving herself for marriage and I like how she said that part of the gift of marriage is getting to finally live together. I love that idea. But there was no chemistry between them and we all saw her demise coming. Further, she has been obnoxious on past dates--especially at the comedy club and I was glad to see her go.

Gia is gorgeous--of course, but I do think she is too worldly for Jake. I just think she would tire of his sweet, wholesome ways.

Other random thoughts: I couldn't believe that Jake thought Sausage looked sexy when she climbed into his bed in the castle. I thought he would be annoyed with her but he confessed that he had "dirty thoughts!" Once again, I don't see it!

I thought Ali looked so trashy straddling Jake in the park on their date. She was in that super short dress and sitting on his stomach. I also couldn't believe she ruined her suede boots running into the bay like that. Funny that would bother me but it did.

Tenley looked darling in her white coat and boots. Love her. She is a class act.

Ali needs to lose every claw clip she owns. Just sayin'....

Finally, I'm already wondering if Jake is going to use the fantasy suites on his exotic dates. I can't really see him doing that. What do you all think?

Looking forward to the hometown dates!

**I'm loving my new header. Thanks to my super talented friend Heather for cooking that up!


WHITE said...

ONE, you heading is great, adorable, and congrats on the soon to be new baby, I am so out out it!!!
TWO, everything you said I agree with.
THREE, what was Ali thinking going in the water in those boots...are you kidding me, no man could drag me into a pool of salt water with those on...No way No how! That was so offensive! Respect a good pair of boots!!!

Ashley said...

I'm laughing at Heidi . . .

First of all, I knew someone must have made that header for you. It's adorable and way beyond our technological know-how.

I still don't get to watch the show til tomorrow, but I was eagerly awaiting your post so I could get some details.

I'll be really surprised if Jake takes advantage of the fantasy suites.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: if "you're saving yourself" don't go on a TV show. End of story. Period.

Tyler said...

I love the anonymous post. As if that's something you don't want the world to know you said.

Elizabeth said...

The new blog header rocks...will you be able to add streaks to its hair as you go lighter?
We don't get the Batch... I know -so backward and unenlightened here.

jacey said...

If Jake picks Vienna, I'm boycotting the show. I'm with you, I really don't get it.

I've got my husband hooked on the show (don't tell anyone), and I said the same thing to him about Ali running in the water in her boots. Imagine the sloshiness after.

Jake said some really cute things on Tenley's date. Cori had it coming- how awkward on that canoe! Let's just stare and smile at each other because no one is going to make a move. E-gads!

Gia is extremely attractive to him, but I don't see anything else.

Amy M. said...

How fun is that personalized header?! LOVE it.
I cringed at the front straddling and the wet boots as well. I totally agree with losing the claw clips!
I don't know why Jake is attracted to Vienna. It's weird. I would have never put them together.
Is Corrie of our persuasion?
Maybe Jake actually will use those fantasy suites, after that dirty thoughts confession.
Dear Jake, Pleeeaasssee please pick Tenley in the end.

marta said...

the new header is super darling. really fun.

yes you said everything i was thinking, right down to the ali sitting on him and wearing the boots into the water. i wonder if she'll be around much longer.

tenley and vienna look like they're holding strong. and yes, he's totally going to use those romantic suites. but wait, what was with that teaser for next week??! no rose ceremony?? and you know how there is always a psycho family to meet, i wonder which family is gonna break it for him.

marta said...

p.s. brooke, are you ever tempted to google 'bachelor spoilers' to find out like i am?? i don't wanna know, but then again i'm dying to know. please advise. xo.

brooke said...

Marta--I do read Reality Steve and I think I know how the whole thing goes down. It ruins the suspense and I wish I hadn't read it. I try to be careful on my blog and not give away stuff but maybe I do!

Elizabeth--you must start watching the Bachelor on There is no reason that Aussies should be deprived of awesome tv.

Linde said...

Getting into the ocean with her suede boots????---I thought the same thing...why ruin a cute pair of boots...unless my man says he is going to purchase new ones for me (and that is if I can find some new ones I like) I woudn't do that.

Ashley said...

Just watched it. It always bugs me when the girls complain about Jake dating other women--do they not understand they signed up for the Bachelor? I'm also a little surprised that Ali just took Jake to a park instead of taking him cool places in her city--or maybe they just edited all that out. Corrie's date seemed painful. She's cute and I like her but not with Jake.

Jenn J. said...

I laughed when I read your comment about the boots because I thought the same thing. I wondered if she was going to be able to save them after dragging them through salt water. I doubt it. But that's ok because had she taken them off, we would all be criticizing her for being too vain.
It looks like next week someone dumps him before or during the rose ceremony. Someone leaves the show on their own and that's why he's heartbroken and why there is no rose ceremony. I don't read spoilers, so I could be totally off base, but that's my prediction.

Angie said...

I finally figured out why Vienna is still around! Jake is attracted to Vienna because she constantly strokes his man-ego. He told Ali he liked how Vienna makes is clear that she is there for him. She's always all, "He's MY boyfriend. I don't like him being with anyone else," right to his face instead of to the other girls, and it makes him feel important.

I stalk your blog, by the way.

sheryl said...

I can't wait to see your kitchen! Are you painting light or dark or just getting all new cabinets?

Go Sam! He's the man!

Boots...I thought, and how much do those girls make for going on the show? But I guess if she went barefoot she may have had cuts on her feet so she had no choice. New boots it is then.

If the saussage could just comb her hair! UGH! What a bad hair do she had for the ceremony.

Laura B. said...

Ugh. it pains me. the whole season pains me.

Dave & Kami said...

Sausage totally bugs. I loved how Jake was so concerned about what Gia was thinking that he made sausage leave his bed. PLeeeese don't pick sausage in the end Jake!

Linda said...

ditto, Laura!

Rachel said...

Hey, just sorta stumbled on your blog and have really enjoyed reading your recaps about the bachelor. I've never really watched it before this season, but I did watch "Farmer wants a Wife" (whenever that was). Anyway, I'm so mad at myself that I googled this and read what this reality Steve (never had heard of him before) says about the winner. It totally ruined this whole show for me; however, I'm holding out hope that he's wrong? We'll know soon enough . . I guess.

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